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  • Daycare Name Labels.
  • Daycare Name Labels.
  • Daycare Name Labels.
  • Daycare Name Labels.
  • Daycare Name Labels.
  • Daycare Name Labels.

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Customer Reviews

This product has 322 reviews

Average Rating 4.9:

Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

Type a Name (or Word)
This is perfect for adding a telephone number to your labels
This will be reversed and is perfect for applying to the inside of shop windows

Choose a Colour

Choose an Iron On Colour

Choose Font Style

Choose Size

Choose an Icon

If you choose No Icon the shape of the label will become a rectangle shape, similar to the preview. Perfect for older kids and adults.

    • Surfy Flower

    • Spider

    • Babuska Doll

    • Cupcake

    • Love Heart

    • Made With Love

    • Retro Tape

    • Handbag

    • Dove Bird

    • Moustache

    • Apple

    • Frangipani Flower

    • Musical Notes

    • Paris

    • Don't Touch

    • Hands Off

    • Dotty Heart

    • Button

    • Hello!

    • Kombi Van

    • Strawberry

    • Cherries

    • Smiley Face

    • Ice-Cream Cone

    • I Love Lollies

    • Peace & Love

    • Mobile Phone

    • Shoes

    • Sweet

    • Groovy Girl

    • Bird on a Wire

    • Parrot

    • Drums

    • Camera

    • Telephone

    • Spiderweb

    • Knitting

    • Tree

    • Guitar

    • Winking Face

    • Sun

    • Cross

    • Home Sweet Home

    • Cactus

    • House

    • Apartment

Preview & Buy Your Labels

View a Video on How to Use Stick On Labels & Iron On Labels (plus find out lots of great application hints)

Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit 4.9 5 322

Recent Customer Reviews - 5 Reviews Total

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  • Date: 15/09/2014 4:54 PM
  • Reviewer: Anonymous
  • Overall rating:
    Great quality stickers

Great value as there are plenty of stickers in different sizes. I stick some of these labels to my child's milk bottles and they are still intact after I sterilized them... several time! Highly recommend them to anyone

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  • Date: 09/09/2014 9:57 PM
  • Reviewer: Katrina Guest, NSW
  • Overall rating:
    Great lasting quality

Second purchase for second child and still amazed by the quality and fast turn around. I still have plenty of stickers left from my first child too, so they last a while... Highly recommend

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  • Date: 29/08/2014 1:16 PM
  • Reviewer: Anonymous
  • Overall rating:
    Fantastic product

I purchased this pack for my son who was starting kindergarten. The labels (both iron on and stick on) are still going strong more than halfway into the school year! They not only look great, but are highly practical.
There are enough labels left over that I will be able to use them next year as well.
I have since ordered the same pack for my nephew who is in preschool.
Would highly recommend this product to anyone!!

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  • Date: 28/08/2014 1:55 PM
  • Reviewer: Barbara Brissett, NSW
  • Overall rating:

I bought this package for my Granddaughter (starting Day Care) Seem to be good quality and value for money. Will see how durable they are SOON!!!! Very GOOD DELIVERY SERVICE

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  • Date: 27/08/2014 8:02 AM
  • Reviewer: Anonymous
  • Overall rating:

Great kit, great quality, great colours, great durability! I am so in love with these labels! I am a very happy return customer!

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Basic Product Guide

$39.95 - Daycare Labels

SAVE* Over 35%!

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160 Labels are in this kit:

Label Type: Stick On & Iron On Clothing

Safe to use Stick-on Labels on containers that go in:

  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • Sterilisers
  • Freezers

Safe to use Clothing Labels on clothing that goes in:

  • Washing Machines
  • Tumble Driers

Super Fast Turn Around

We print & dispatch your order within 2 working days, so all you'll have to wait for is delivery!

Customer Testimonial

These fabric stickers are great. Not only are the animals very cute and a fantastic size for wall art the material they are printed on is strong, thin, flexible and best of all - they stick!!

Thanks for the fantastic customer service, staff are polite, friendly and have gone more than above and beyond for me - one word - AWESOME!
Natalie Rule