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  • Princess Wall Stickers
  • Princess Wall Stickers
  • Princess Wall Stickers
  • Princess Wall Stickers

Princess Wall Stickers

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Save 50% on this kit! Price is as marked. Only until stock sells out.

Does your little girl dream of being a princess? Help make it a reality with this beautiful Princess Wall Sticker kit inspired by the classic Cinderella fairytale. 

Arrange the stunning princess in her pink ballgown, her fairy godmother, prince charming, golden palace, magical pony and more into a scene that will inspire and delight your child for years to come. These magical images will transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary.

What’s in this kit?

1 large sheet that contains 33 wall stickers including a beautiful princess, her fairy godmother and prince charming. These work perfectly alongside her fabulous castle, horse and carriage.

If you spread this kit over one wall, as shown in the photo, it will take up approx 1.5 x 1 metres (60" x 42") of space on your wall.

Want to personalise this kit?

Wall Letters let you add your child’s name to this Wall Sticker kit. An easy way to personalise your kids room.

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