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Sky High Height Chart


Watch your little boy grow and keep track of his height with this cute Sky High Height Chart. Boys will love getting measured and finding out which plane or balloon they've managed to reach.

Gentle on walls, this wall sticker kit is perfect for renters or people who like to change their minds.

Made from fabric wall sticker material, this kit is:
  • 100% guaranteed to work on all household walls
  • Removable and reusable
  • Gentle on walls so won't cause any damage or leave sticky residue
  • Long lasting, so it'll look great for years to come

What’s in this kit?
It comes as a jumbo wall sticker that applies easily in one piece to your wall measuring 24cm (9.4") wide x 116cm (45.6") high. The chart includes both centimetres and inches on either side measuring from 60cm (23.6") to 171cm (67.3") in height range. The best part is that each kit comes with 9 height markers, so no more marking walls with pencil.

Want to personalise this kit?
Wall Letters let you add your child’s name to this Wall Sticker kit. An easy way to personalise your kid's room.

Will they work on my walls?

Our amazing removable and reusable Wall Stickers use a breathable fabric material that can be used on most kinds of smooth household surfaces, including plasterboard, cement render, painted brick, tongue & groove, glass and furniture. We’re so sure these wall stickers will work on your wall, we’ll give you a full refund or an exchange if you run into any problems adhering them to your surface.

Can I easily remove them without damaging the paint?

Yes, they're completely removable and reusable, so if you want to change them around you can easily peel them off and reapply to a different area without any damage. Perfect for renters or kids who like to change their mind.

Can I bring them to my new home?

Yes, you can easily remove them and transfer them to a new room or home. Simply peel them off and stick them back on to your clean backing sheet that they originally came on. Then bring them to your new home and stick them back on the wall. If you have lost your original backing sheet you can place them on baking paper and transfer them on that instead.


Date: Monday, 25th May

Great quality product


Great quality product, easy to apply. Perfect gift idea for first birthdays

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Fun to be measured

Sabrina Smith

My little boy was given this height chart as a gift - he hated to be measured before but now loves it! Good product.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Sky High height chart

Samone Gibson

The product looks even better in person!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Height Charts

danielle anspach

What a great way to keep those precious milestones with you! Marking th door or wall isnt always practical so these are great for rental propertiestoo! Not to mention the gorgeous graphics :) Will be buying more for birthday presents!

Sky High Height Chart

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