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Texta Liquid Chalk Marker


Make a big impact on your chalkboard wall stickers or labels with these bright and colourful Chalk Markers. There are 4 vibrant colours to choose from that make personalising our chalkboard products fun and easy to read.

Water-based liquid ink that can be used on:
  • Chalkboard Labels & Stickers
  • Whiteboards
  • Windows
  • Glossy tiles

These Texta Chalk Markers are great for kids to use, but they're also ideal for adults to use around the home, in the office or in small businesses, such as cafes or florists. They work similar to a regular marker, but when used with chalkboard they are easily wiped off.

You can also use these Texta Liquid Chalk Markers on any non-porous surfaces, such as whiteboards, windows, glossy tiles, so they offer a great deal of flexibility.

How to Use: When you first use it, you'll need to press down a number of times to get the ink to start flowing through the nib. To remove Liquid Chalk simply get a damp cloth and rub over the surface to make it look like new again.

1 Text Liquid Chalk Marker: 1.5cm (0.5") wide x 14cm (5.5") high with a thick 0.5cm (0.02") bullet point nib. Choose from white, pink, violet or blue coloured ink.

Please note that we don't recommend using these markers on traditional chalkboard surfaces as the higher permanency of this material makes the texta more difficult to remove.

How do I use the Texta Marker?

When you first use it, you'll need to press down a number of times to get the ink to start flowing through the nib. You’ll notice the colour changing when the ink has come through.

How do I remove the Texta Marker?

To remove Liquid Chalk simply get a damp cloth and rub over the surface to make it look like new again.


Date: Tuesday, 25th August

Love them!!!


My kids love these - and so do I!!!

Date: Tuesday, 28th July

Very handy


Very useful for general items which require labels to be altered occasionally

Date: Thursday, 2nd April

Great product


Very easy to use and looks great on the chalkboard labels.

Date: Monday, 16th March

Better than other brands


Easy and clean and much better than other cheaper brands.

Date: Thursday, 5th February

Great item!


This marker is so easy to use, mess free and looks great on the chalkboard stickers!!

Date: Monday, 2nd February

So easy to use


So easy to use

Date: Sunday, 1st February



Got the pink one and love it! Easy to write on chalkboard and wipe off!

Date: Tuesday, 27th January

So much easier than chalk


Chalk is so messy! These pens are easy to use & easy to clean - much better than conventional chalk.

Date: Sunday, 18th January

Work great


Easy to use.

Date: Friday, 9th January

These are great for the chalk labels


I love them! I have used them to label my pantry jars.

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Diana O'Sullivan

So easy to use & so pretty!!! LOVE these

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Love this, so pretty!

Ruby Wong

Bought a white one to try, love it! So sharp and clean. Buying other colours now :)

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Love It!!!?

Kylie Wilson

I have bought the chalkboard labels for my pantry and LOVE these pens with it against the black labels they really pop and stand out! They dry quickly and so easy to wash off if you want to change. So many great ideas, think I might do a big chalkboard in the kitchen :-)

Date: Thursday, 16th October

love it!!

Vicky Hsu

Very easy to use, no mess & very colourful.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Easy to Use!

Trina Bassula

These textas are great! They take a little while to prime, but after that they are really easy to write with and dry quite quickly. The nib is quite thick, so I found it best suited to the medium and larger sized blackboard labels.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Wonderful Textas

Michele Riddle

What a fabulous idea! They write so neat and are so colourful and wipe off the chalk stickers really well with a baby wipe, and they're ready to go again!

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Kylie Hoare

These texta chalks are great to add that little bit of extra colour to the chalkboard wall stickers. Easy to use and remove

Texta Liquid Chalk Marker

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