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Wall Letters


Get your child's name or favourite quote custom made from our removable Wall Letter vinyl. It's an easy and affordable way to personalise a space that will look like it's been hand painted by a professional!

Preview your wall letters before you buy in lots of different font styles, colours and sizes.

3 Letter Size Options:

  • Jumbo 15cm (6")
  • Large 10cm (4")
  • Small 5cm (2")


Wall Letters are made from a removable vinyl, which will adhere to most smooth surfaces, such as plasterboard. Each word or phrase comes pre-spaced, with application tape, making it easy to apply to any wall, door or furniture.

The Wall Letter name or quote will be scaled down to fit into panels that are 15cm/10cm/5cm high. The price will be calculated depending on the amount of characters typed in and the chosen size.

We will aim to make sure that all the names or words in each order will be similar in height. This may mean that we need to scale down some names or words to make them work alongside the other names.

Please Note: Wall Letters are made from a different material to our full colour fabric wall stickers range, so there will be a difference in finish and colour.

We recommend avoiding wash & wear types of paint that are designed to repel dirt, as this can also cause vinyl to not adhere correctly. If you would like to try a sample before you buy, please contact us.

What are the sizes and prices of Wall Letters?

The price will be calculated based on the number of characters you enter along with the size of the font chosen. You can choose from 3 different size letters – Jumbo (15cm/6"), Large (10cm/4") & Small (5cm/2").

You can view more details on pricing in the Size & Price Guide in the main description tab.

What length will my Wall Letters be?

The length of your Wall Letters will all depend on the font chosen, the selected height size (Jumbo, Large or Small) and characters entered. Please get in touch with our friendly customer service team if you need the Wall Letters to fit into a restricted space.

How do I apply the Wall Letters?

They come pre-spaced with transfer tape, which makes it quick and easy to apply to most smooth surfaces, ideal to use on painted plasterboard walls, smooth furniture or doors. You can watch a video tutorial on this product page to see how easy it is to apply Wall Letters.

Matching Wall Letters to previous orders

If you've ordered Wall Letters in the past, and would like to match the size of your current order to the last one, simply add a note in the Comments section of the checkout letting us know what you'd like and what your previous order number is. We'll be able to make sure your new Wall Letters match up perfectly in size & style to your previous batch.

Can I remove Wall Letters?

Yes as long as they’ve been applied to a well-prepared surface, you can easily remove them without damaging the surface.

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Date: Thursday, 19th February

Love them!


I purchased the jumbo letters for my eldest daughters room and they look amazing. When daughter number 2 came along I moved the letters to my eldests new bedroom and I had no trouble getting them off and re-sticking them. I have also purchased them for my youngest and they're perfect!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Wall Letters

Samieko Linke

I had a sticker made with my daughter's name - I love it. It looks fantastic and was easy to adhere to the wall. Prompt & fast service & delivery.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great for insprirational words

Sarah Gray

We purchased my daughter's inspirational motto 'NEVER GIVE UP'. It looks awesome above the mirror in her bedroom and it was super easy to apply.

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Jennifer Crawford

Excellent for decorating room

Date: Thursday, 16th October

A child would want one

Aisah Edubos

Any child's room would want one of these as they love decorating it aside from you. Great for all types of ages.

Date: Thursday, 16th October


yasmin taleb

Ordered some letters for my boy's bedroom, they look fantastic, stick great and were delivered in record time!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great for names!

Anna Mitchell

We have these on the bedroom doors for our kids - they love that their name is on their door (and its great for learning to write too!).

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great stickers!

Cassandra Crane

We are preparing to move house after 2 years in which i have had my daughters name in stickers on the wall of her bedroom. The stickers came down easily and didnt leave a single mark! We rent so we were very pleased!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

wall letters

katrina westwood

These are a fabulous idea to use on your child's bedroom door :)

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Learning his name

Simone Smith

My little 4 year old is learning to write his name and couldn't believe it was now on his bedroom wall for all to see. Bright red and surrounded by the amazing Spots & Dots, his room looks fantastic

Date: Thursday, 16th October

? Chelsea ?

Tegan Pateman

Love our baby girls wall letters. Really finishes off her nursery and saved me painting her name on!

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Jenna Lambert

I am very happy with the two room stickers we bought for our kids doors, my only query was the slight size difference between them even though we picked the same size. This occurred because one name had a lower case 'g' and the other room didn't.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

My son loves reading me the letters in his name

Amy Ireland

My sons name is above his bed and he loves to point to each letter in his name. I've just ordered some for his baby brother so he can learn those letters now too! My son changed rooms when his baby brother was born and his name moved easily with him!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Love these!

Sabrina Smith

These labels look so cute in our playroom - my little boy loves them and I love that they make us organised.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great Product if you are renting

Carina Kamholtz

Great idea to personalise your kids rooms without damaging the walls. These stickers have been a priceless addition to our home, as we are renting and cannot damage the walls etc. Looking forward to my next purchase.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great for renters

Jodie Bower

I have just got these letters to go on my son's bedroom doors and they look great and they love them. Even better if we ever move they can come with us. Saves holes and hooks!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great product!

Katherine Pescud

These wall letters are a great product! Good quality, easy to use and love that you can choose size, colour, font etc! I have twins and have their names above their own cots! Love!! Thanks BSK!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Love the Wall Letters!

Tina Lucas

Thank you so much! Easy to apply (and move) and they look super cute. My daughter loves her name on the wall... We read and spell it out after every nappy change!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great on Toyboxes

Emma Joseph

Great on the kids toyboxes. They now know which one is which.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great Quality!

Alison Fraser

These wall stickers have been the best I have ever used! Great colours and different sizes to choose from, and I can get whatever name printed. As my kids are allergic to certain plastics in wall stickers, the wall stickers we bought have given them NO reaction what so ever! Thanks again, the kids love them and we can change their bedrooms around as often as we like.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Wall letters

Lorin Ward

Thank you, these wall stickers look fantastic on my Son's wall, they really brought together the whole theme of the room. They were also easy to apply and great quality, not to mention speedy delivery and excellent customer service! Thanks so much.

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Shelley Soden

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I absolutley love this product. It looks amazing on Kobi's door. It was so easy to put on and delivery was super fast. I will be purchasing some more of these for sure. Thanks heaps for a great product!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Their name 'Up in lights' !!

Nicole Mackey

It's so lovely to see your child's name 'Up in lights' so to speak, and they love it too! It also combines really well with removable wall stickers. Keep their name, but change the stickers when you want a new look. Fabo!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

You name it !

Nicole Pfeiffer

I used the wall letter from Bright Star Kids to spell out my boys names on their bedroom wall. They were so easy to apply and the bright colours really stand out and maeke their room fun.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Wall Stickers!

Breeha, Josh, Kayden & Layla Sinnamon

We have my son's name up on his wall in his nursery as well as the star stickers! We put them all over the house and he loves looking at them and smiles at them all the time! We have many visitors comment on the name sticker and have even started buying these as gifts for friends who have little ones too! :) Wonderful product!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

We love BSK

Chantal Williams

We have BSK Wall Letters in the kids bedrooms. Not only do they look great the kids love seeing their own names on their wall. They are easy to apply, remove, reuse and look fabulous in any decor!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

wall letters

Sally Nevill

Fantastic, my girls love seeing their names on the wall above their beds, a great way to brighten up the room too.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great for bedroom doors!

Kirsten Simm

I have used these wall letters to put my children's names on their own bedroom door and then put other stickers around them to personalise them. Kids love them and all visitors comment on them.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

wall letters

nicole rowe

these have been moved 3 or 4 times.. so easy to get on and off! and they add such a personal touch to any room.. ( especially bub's room ) !

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Easy Learning

Penelope Azzopardi

I have my kids names up in their rooms and it was a very easy way to teach them to recognise and say their names.


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