10 Creative Dinosaur Party Ideas for Kids


Is your kid obsessively asking for a dinosaur party for their birthday? You are in luck because we have compiled ten ideas to make sure that this will be one dinosaur party for the books!

1. Dinosaur Invitations

What’s a party without a killer invite? Make your guests ROAR with delight with these fantastic party invitations. You can even have matching thank you cards!

dinosaur party

2. Dinosaur Onesie

Want to see your little one flip out in excitement come birthday morning? Giving this dinosaur onesie to wear for the big day will definitely do the job! Make sure you have a camera ready to capture the special moment!

dinosaur party

3. Dinosaur Cake

One of the highlights of a birthday party is blowing the cake. So why not pair the design of your cake with the party’s motif? This delicious dinosaur cake is a worthy centrepiece for your little one’s party and will make any fan of The Good Dinosaur very happy!

dinosaur party

4. Dinosaur Placemats

Out of ideas when it comes to party decorations? These placemats will save your decoration woes! Not only are they perfect for decorating your party tables, but they can even be used as party favours.

dinosaur party

5. Dinosaur Cupcakes

If birthday cakes aren’t really your thing, why not give these adorable cupcakes a try? They taste just as good as they look but are so much easier to make. You can even ask your child to decorate them with you on the day before.

dinosaur party

6. Dinosaur Party Sandpit

Nurture your little one’s palaeontologist dreams by adding this fossil sandpit for one of his birthday activities. You can bury “dinosaur bones” or even “eggs” that the kids can dig up and examine. You can even ask your husband for fun by giving a short story or lesson about dinosaurs with the kids.

dinosaur party

7. Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be the most exciting activity of the party! The best part is that they are so easy to personalise! You can even ask the other parents to join in on the fun as the clue masters who help the kids when they get stumped.

dinosaur party

8. Dinosaur Footprint Cookies

Your guests will have a dinosaur-sized appetite after all these party activities, so make sure you have some of these dino cookies on hand. Your guests (and their cute little growling tummies) will thank you!

dinosaur party

9. Dinosaur Birthday Mini Gift Bag

No party is complete without the party gift bag! Filled with dinosaur toys, chocolate dino eggs, and other fun treats, you can personalise them with all of the little guests’ names so they can re-use them in the future. They are really great for storing small toys like Lego bricks!

dinosaur party

10. Dinosaur Gummies

These dinosaur gummies are one of the treats that you can add to your gift bags. The fact that you can reuse the jars as storage is such a clever touch!         dinosaur party

We hope you were able to learn a trick or two from this dinosaur party-themed list. Be sure to tag us in our socials when you post pictures so we can check them out.

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