The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Makeover


On December 21st 2017, a team from Bright Star Kids went to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead to help decorate 2 Imaging Rooms that were in need of a makeover.

We loved being able to help make the rooms a brighter place for the children that have to undergo these procedures.


The best reward was hearing feedback from staff who work there & daily deal with the children.

“I witnessed a very frightened 4 yr old boy last week be coaxed into the room by getting him to look for the police car, helicopter etc and before he knew it he was in the room, very much more relaxed. The technician was then able to “take his photo”. The room has been transformed from a stark, scary room to a busy, colourful adventure.”


In this room, we used our Construction, Transport, Transport Add-On, Sky High & Create A Road Wall Stickers.

We look forward to doing more rooms, are there any themes you think we can do from our range? Would love to know your opinion!