De-cluttering before Christmas & Teaching your Kids Life Skills


By Dr Rosina McAlpine (Parenting Expert to offer you support)

The holiday period can be a fabulous time to support your child to learn about giving and gifting. In my conversations with many mums and dad over the years, it’s clear that parents can see the downside when children receive too many gifts – including becoming expectant and unappreciative.

And it’s not just that, when children receive gift after gift after gift – it takes away the “excitement” and the “specialness” of receiving a gift. We don’t certainly want to rob our children of that!

Today, families understand the importance of raising well-rounded children who are socially aware and have empathy and care for others. As parents, we need to lead the way role modelling caring and kindness by involving our children in family gift giving and helping others. If learning about altruism doesn’t come from home, where will it come from? It’s not just about having the conversations but actually experiencing the joy of giving with our children. Here are some of our personal examples we’ve enjoyed over the years. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

And it doesn’t have to be about gift giving or donations, we also all help out as a family when others need our support – for example, we helped Cameron’s grandparents pack their books, CD’s and DVD’s as they’re moving house – Cameron felt fabulous being able to help.

This way our son is experiencing the benefits of helping others – how good it feels – with the aim of it becoming an integral part of who he is as a person in adulthood. My aim is to support Cameron to be a caring, empathetic and generous person as an adult.

What kinds of giving and support for others do you enjoy with your child? We’d love to hear your ideas and stories.

Hugs, Rosina


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