Personalised Wine for Your Favourite Teacher


Personalised wine bottles are a great gift to celebrate the end of the school year with your children’s teachers.  You can choose from a variety of cool designs so make your teacher gifts extra special with a personalised wine bottle that he or she will surely remember!

Removing Wine Labels Instructions from Bright Star Kids on Vimeo.


Fill a tub or sink with enough water to cover the entire wine bottle.

Add a good few heaped tablespoons of bi-carb soda. The more, the better.

Submerge the wine bottle into the water and make sure the label is covered.

Soak for a few hours or overnight if possible.

Scrap the label and it should come off easily. If not, leave for a few more hours or add more bi-carb soda.

Dry the bottle and apply a new wine label over the top.