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Stabilo Chalk Pencil


Stabilo Pencils are a great alternative to regular chalk. You can use them just like a regular pencil, except with these you'll be able to write on Chalkboard. Perfect to match with our Chalkboard Wall Stickers range.

Sold individually in white, red or yellow or in a value pack saving yourself over 15%. This pencil has a wax chalk substance that works brilliantly on all of our Chalkboard Stickers & Labels.

You won't get any smudging or chalk dust on your floor, so it's a much cleaner alternative to regular chalk! It also is easier to handle and write with than regular chalk, and can be sharpened just like a regular pencil.

How to Use: Using a Stabilo Pencil is just like using any other kind of pencil. You simply need to write on our Chalkboard Stickers or Labels to see it.

How to Remove: To remove the writing from a Stabilo Pencil get a damp cloth and rub over to make it look like new. The great thing about using this wax chalk is that it won't easily rub off like regular chalk, so there won't be any smudging when you're grabbing your jars from the cupboard.

Individual Pencil Size: Each pencil is 18cm (7”) long x 1cm (0.4”) wide


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How do I use the Stabilo Pencil?

Using a Stabilo Pencil is just like using any other kind of pencil. You simply need to write on our Chalkboard Stickers or Chalk Labels to see it.

How do I remove the Stabilo Pencil writing?

To remove the writing from a Stabilo Pencil get a damp cloth and rub over to make it look like new. The great thing about using this wax chalk is that it won't easily rub off like regular chalk, so there won't be any smudging when you're grabbing your jars from the cupboard.


Date: Monday, 29th May

Great for labelling


Bought a white pencil to use on the chalkboard labels and so far it's working really well. I haven't sharpened it yet but it has definitely made labelling all my containers far easier than it used to be!

Date: Monday, 24th April

Handly little product!


My daughter loves these pencils!

Date: Wednesday, 2nd November

Great no mess


Little bit pricy but definitely mess free compared to chalk.
Hope it will last and not break too badly when it's time sharpen it.

Date: Saturday, 27th August

Works well


Pencil writes well on both my black board labels & when marking out my fabric for cutting. I hate the feel of chalk, this pencil is great

Date: Tuesday, 28th June



Works well on chalk board stickers

Date: Sunday, 12th June

Great to use with chalkboard labels


These work great with the chalkboard labels. Stays on well and usually needs moisture to effectively remove. Very happy.

Date: Tuesday, 16th February

Great product


Works great with the chalkboard labels. Will get lots of use of these.

Date: Saturday, 6th February

Better than a big piece of chalk


Better than a piece of chalk to use on blackboard labels

Date: Monday, 25th January

Great value


Very handy that I can buy these here. These pencils are very difficult to locate elsewhere and I love it that you sell them as a colour set of three.

Date: Friday, 22nd January

Easy to use


These have been great to use in all kinds of projects & is so easy to use! Who knew a chalk pencil could be so handy for many different things.

Date: Monday, 18th January

Easy to use


Had bought a white chalked pencil and it had worked great on the chalk sticker.
Easy to use, much better and cleaner than using a chalker

Date: Sunday, 10th January

Great idea


These have been great to use in all kinds of projects including my sewing. Who new a chalk pencil could be so handy.

Date: Tuesday, 22nd December

Wrote well


Wrote well on chalkboard stickers! Easy for kids to use

Date: Tuesday, 22nd December



I ordered the value pack with 1 white, red and yellow pencil. They write very well.

Date: Monday, 16th November

Writes Neater than Regular Chalk


Good alternative to regularly chalk. Writes very neatly.

Date: Thursday, 5th November

Writes really well on Chalkboard Stickers


These pencils write really well, and very neatly, on the Chalkboard stickers. They are a little pricey, but they are much less cumbersome than standard chalk.

Date: Wednesday, 26th August

Good quality


Easy to use and good quality too. Sharpens easily with a regular pencil sharpener.

Date: Monday, 4th May



These chalk pencils are so easy to write with. It stands out well and is easy to read on the chalk board stickers.

Date: Monday, 6th April



Works really well.

Date: Wednesday, 18th February



Great to use

Date: Wednesday, 18th February

Not quite what I expected


Although this wasn't quite what I expected I'm happy with the pencil and I'd buy more. I thought that the pencil would write with a softer, chalkier feel but it doesn't. Depending on which chalk board it's used on the pencil is hard to rub off but it wipes off with a damp cloth easily. My kids have been using it on a slate when they practice their spelling words.

Date: Sunday, 1st February

Easy to write with


Very easy to write with and I use it with the chalkboard labels I bought.

Date: Sunday, 1st February

Just what you need...


...for blackboard labels and blackboard wall decals! Much easier to write with than chalk or chalk pens, they don't smudge easily but wipe off with a damp cloth without a fuss.

Date: Friday, 9th January



I got them in white. Way better than chalk. Can't wait to try other colours

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Use them with the chalkboard labels

Deniz Ahishali

I bought these to use with my chalkboard labels. Nothing else works I've tried regular chalk (too thick), dressmakers pencils (too light and doesn't wash off easily), but these are made for those labels!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Chalk pencil

Bronwyn Griffiths

I love the idea of these pencils, I recently ordered the chalkboard stickers for my daughters lunch boxes and these pencils make it much easier to write on them.

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Marie Latham

These are so much better than chalk, they don't rub off, you can write beautifully.

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Alyssa Poulos

I just received the white chalk pencil for my chalkboard labels & loved how it looks & is as easy as writing with a normal 'pencil' but its a special chalk that won't rub of till needed. Can't wait to buy the other colours now. Thanks

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Chalk Pencil

Michelle Menezes

Love this product, works briliantly!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Chalk Pencils

kristy Dinning

I got these in varying colours, for my kids to use on their indoor chalkboard. No chalk dust what so ever, so I am a happy Mummy! And they write and draw beautifully too :)

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Writing with Chalk is so Precise!

Trina Bassula

These pencils are so simple to use - the writing is really fine and precise so they really suit the smaller labels - or the larger ones if you have a lot of information to squeeze in :) The writing doesn't smudge like chalk, and if you can keep them away from the kids, they last forever!!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Stabilo Chalk Pencil

Katherine Thompson

I love these pencils. Been looking for something suitable to write on a blackboard calendar and tried the traditional chalk, even those chalk textas etc. Nothing worked and were all too bulky to fit information on the calendar. This item was perfect! It doesn't smudge or drop chalk dust!!! I purchased 2 (in case the kids decided to lose one). Will definitely be back for more in the future. I can't live without them now ;)

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Fantastic product

Christine Tusch

I love this chalk pencil's - It's perfect for writing on blackboard labels and washes off easily. So much better than chalk!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

chalk pencil

Felicity Anderson

My order came quickly and Im very impressed with the chalk pencil. Its smooth and easy to write with, looks much neater than chalk!

Date: Thursday, 16th October


Dimitra Gouvoussis

Fantastic product. Very easy to use. Works exceptionally well on the dots.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Great Product !!!

Emma Joseph

I used these with the Chalkboard Household Labels. Chalk does not wipe off, only when wiped off with water. Great to use.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Best ever!

Carol Hillin

Will be getting more!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Just like a normal pencil

Kylie Hoare

This chalk pencil is so easy to use. It is just like writing with a normal pencil. It stays on too unlike normal chalk that can easily be rubbed off.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Chalk Pencil Great Idea

Michele Riddle

Writes just like a pencil fantastic that it leaves no mess like chalk especially when using it on Mini Blackboards on a Market Stall

Stabilo Chalk Pencil

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