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FAQ's & Instructions for Bag Tags

What materials are Bag Tags made from? Bright Star Kids Bag Tags are made from a sturdy, yet flexible plastic. This means that your bag tags will sit straight on your kids bags, rather than curl around. The Bag Tags have a matte finish, with a space on the back to allow for you to stick a label (see below image) or write with a permanent black marker.

How do I open the Bag Tag chain?
Our Bag Tags use a simple plastic tag, which is extremely durable and hard for kids to remove. See the photos and instructions on how easy it is to attach these Bag Tags to any size handle.

What Bag Tag designs can I choose from?
Bright Star Kids have a great range of Bag Tags that you can choose from, with our Butterfly, Cupcake, Digger and Pirate Bag Tags being the most popular. View the entire range of Bag Tags.

Why would I need Bag Tags?
If your child is starting kindy or big school, they may have a bag that looks exactly the same or very similar to lots of other kids. You don't want your child to get confused and not know which bag belongs to them.

Using Bag Tags eliminates this problem by attaching a fun and colourful character to the bag's strap. You can also put their name on the back so they can be 100% secure in knowing they've got the right bag.

Can adults use Bag Tags?
Yes definitely. Lots of adults love to use the Bag Tags on their fitness bags or luggage. It's a cheap and easy way to quickly spot your bag from the crowd. Adults like our Cupcakes, Ladybug, Soccerball and Butterfly Bag Tag designs.

What other uses are there for Bag Tags?
Some of our customers love to use Bag Tags as fun and practical party favors.

Add each child's name to the back of the Bag Tag to identify each party bag, which will make each child feel very special.

Or you can put the party girl or boy's name on the back of each Bag Tag to thank the kids for coming to their party.

Do you take returns on Bag Tags? If you're not 100% satisfied with your Bag Tag or you've just changed your mind, that's no problem.

Simply send it back unused within 30 days and we can either send you out a different Bag Tag or give you your money back.

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Some of our most popular designs include:

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How To Attach Bag Tags

Step 1: Push the plastic tag through the hole in the Bag Tag.

Step 2: Thread the other end back through.

Step 3: Pull the plastic tag tight to lock firmly in place.

Step 4: Loop the plastic tag through the bag handle with the design facing forwards.

Step 5: Pull the plastic tag over the Bag Tag

Step 6: Pull the Bag Tag through the plastic tag and pull tight to lock in place on the bag handle