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So you've got your kid a Bento Lunch Box. Now, what? 🍱

If you're looking for bento lunch ideas, you've come to the right place. Check out our blog for some easy & delicious lunch box recipes 🤤

📸 @justonecookbook

It's a whole new level of crazy when you're a parent 🤪

Please tell me I'm not the only one?


Peyton excited for school with her super cute Kids' Backpack in Ballerina design 🩰

Get the kids extra excited to go to school with this Kids' Backpack. Let them choose from heaps of designs & colours & personalise it with their name. Shop one for your little learner now via the link in our bio.

📸 @cheeky.little.cottees

Who says rewards have to involve chocolates & lollies? 🍭

Get the kids to practice good behaviour all the time with these Reward Chart Stickers ⭐ With lots of fun designs, your little one will be super stoked to achieve their next sticker. Shop now at the link in our bio.

In need of baby or kid photoshoot ideas?

We've rounded up 20 fun & quirky ideas for your little ones, asleep or wide awake. Check them out on the blog now 💡

📸 @jannnnnnvonholleben

Got some milestones to share with the world? 😍

Announce them in style with these super cute Baby Milestone Cards 🎴 Each pack comes with 26 cards to capture each of your baby's precious moments, from first steps to first words & more. Grab one for you or an expecting friend now at the link in our bio 🛒

📸 @calais_ryczak

Looking for a shoe label that stays stuck? Look no further 👀

These Round Shoe Labels come with a clear protective cover that helps them last & stops fading ✨ Perfect for school shoes, runners, & all types of shoes 👟 Grab some pairs for your little one today via the link in our bio!

It sometimes feel like I'm looking in the mirror 🪞

Is your kid your mini-me, too?


If Cinderella only had one of these... 💎

Help the little ones to spot their shoes easily with these adorable Round Shoe Labels. They're available in heaps of designs, they're super durable, & they come with a sheet of a clear protective cover that helps them last 💯 Shop now at the link in our bio!

Bindi enjoying her adorable daycare supplies in matching Fernly design 🍃

Avoid nasty germy mixups at school & daycare by coordinating & labeling your little one's belongings. Choose from heaps of designs & colours at the link in our bio.

📸 @being.bindi

Encourage good behaviour without involving sweet treats with these Rewards Charts ⭐

They work great for everything - from helping out in the house to eating their greens 🥦 Personalise your kid's chart now at the link in our bio.

Have you got a friend who's about to pop? 🤰

Give them the best gift any parents-to-be could ask for by organizing a super special baby shower party for them. Check out some ideas on the blog at the link in our bio💡

📸 @hwtm

Face mask but make it fun 🤸

Encourage your child to wear their mask in public places with this Face Mask that has their name & fave design on it ✨ Slashed to $9.95 from $19.95 so nab yours now at the link in bio.

Here at Bright Star Kids, we LOVE a birthday celebration 🥳

So let's make your little one's first birthday party fun & memorable with this Jungle Party Printable. Download for FREE on the blog now 💡 Link in our bio.

Yep, the definition has changed since having kids 🤪 Please tell me I'm not alone in this 😅


Attaching these Bag Tags is easy-breezy 💅

With just a few twists & pulls, you can make sure your kid can easily spot their bags at school 🏫 Check out super cute designs at the link in our bio.

Emilio making sure no one mistakes his food & drink for theirs 🙅

Personalise your little one's Bento Lunch Box & Drink Bottles with their name & a design they love 🍱 Browse through your design & colour options at the link in our bio.

📸 @jess_vella_x

Make it easy for your little ones to spot their own bags at school, sport practice or any public places with these super vibrant Bag Tags 🏷️

Slashed to $9.95 from $12.95 so snag yours now 💰 Link in our bio.

📸 @and_then_there_were_four

Make your kid smile every time they take out their lunch box at school with these super cute Lunch Box Labels 🍱

There are heaps of designs & colours to choose from, whether they're into unicorns, ninjas, dinosaurs and more. Shop now
at the link in our bio.

Isn't she the cutest little thing you've seen today? 🤗

Abigail is beaming with her matching Backpack & Lunch Bag 🌞 Make your little one's day brighter with brand new & personalised school & daycare items today. Link in bio.

📸 @samijai_andabigail_

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