Bar Cart Styling: 10 Father’s Day DIY Bar Cart Ideas for Dad

Bar Cart Styling: 10 Father’s Day DIY Bar Cart Ideas

Set up a corner for dad with some bar cart styling ideas. These cool and creative DIY bar cart styling ideas will help you create a perfect corner or nook for dad. His own spot where he can relax and enjoy! It’s the ultimate Father’s Day gift that he will surely treasure!

1. Roll With It

Bar Cart Styling

Choosing a bar cart for dad? A bar trolley cart is perfect! Let him pick a spot where can enjoy his favourite drinks. 

2. It’s A Sign

Bar Cart Styling

Create a personalised mobile bar cart with a funny or witty quote on a chalkboard sign for Dad’s coffee station at home. 

3. Take A Shot 

Bar Cart Styling

One of the bar cart ideas that you could design is by hanging your favourite portrait of Dad above a small table. Gather his collection of books and have a tray of his selected spirits with some glasses. 

4. Grill Drill

Bar Cart Styling

Does Dad love to grill? This Outdoor Bar Cart is perfect for when he’s out grilling so he can drink and chill while cooking some barbeque.

5. Move To The Groove

Bar Cart Styling

If Dad loves music, he’ll love a record player on this small bar cart. Style with a lighted letter sign and disco ball. This will surely make him groove!

6.  Pop ‘N Chill

Bar Cart Styling

Always have snacks and juice ready with this DIY Bar Cart. Add a “Now Showing” sign using a letter board perfect for movie nights with the whole family. 

7. The Quiet Spot

Bar Cart Styling

How about a library cart for Dad? Gather his favourite reads, and serve him a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink while he lounges in this corner. 

8. Retro Gaming

Bar Cart Styling

One of the creative bar cart ideas we’ve seen is this arcade-themed bar. It’s such a unique and fun idea that’s definitely one for the books!

9. Call It Old-Fashioned

Bar Cart Styling

Nothing beats a fully stocked bar cart and a super comfy chair beside it. It’s all that he needs and even more! Feel free to add more personalised items and collectible into his cart.

10. Open Bar

Bar Cart Styling

Get into that Bar Cart Checklist and create a fun bar for Dad. It’s perfect for when he has some friends over. He’ll be super proud about this bar and brag about your DIY Father’s Day gift. You’ve just set the bar high!

Try these bar cart styling for Father’s Day and share with us a photo. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to see how you’ve created the best Dad corner using these bar cart styling ideas!

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Looking For Gifts and Labels To Personalise For Dad?

We’ve got personalised gifts that you can add to your bar carts like custom beer labels and stubby holders. The best part? These are all made for you in Australia! Dads love them!