What’s In Each Bright Star Kids Name Labels Kit?

Check Out What’s In Each Bright Star Kids Name Labels Kit

Our Name Labels Kit is super awesome. It’s so awesome that you would want them all! But if you’d like to know what’s the difference between each kit and what it includes, we got you! Here are our six Labels Value Kits:

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Top Up Labels Value Kit

Essentials Label Value Kit

Day Care Labels Value Kit

Pre-School and Kindy Labels Value Kit

School Labels Value Kit

Ultimate Sticker Labels Kit

Click on each one to find out which kit perfectly fits your kids’ school needs. Or go ahead and shop now by clicking the button below:

Want a quick rundown to compare all those kits? No worries! We’ve organised this easy Labels Value Kit guide, so you can choose among our fun range of personalised kids name labels. Check it out:

Each Label Value Kit includes the total number of sheets and the total number of labels you’ll be getting. It also shows you how many labels of each kind you’ll have when you buy a particular kit. 

Whether your kids are in daycare, kindy, or you just want to organise all their things in school and at home, we’ve just got every kind of label you can possibly imagine. All ready and easy for you to personalise and even coordinate with all their other essentials! 

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We’ve got a fun range of designs that boys and girls love! You and your kids can personalise their labels by choosing together a fun design and font. It’s a joy to have these labels around, so you can just label anything and everything. Theyre so easy to apply and will stay stuck for years! Saving you heaps of time, effort, and money. Talk about value for money indeed! 

Need to Label Your Kids’ School Essentials And Other Belongings?

Make sure to read about our School Labels Kit article to learn more about why parents trust our name labels and why kids absolutely go crazy about them! 

Want To Grab Our Name Labels?

You’ll love all our Name Labels! We’ve got just about every kit you’ll need for your kids. Shop now and get labelling done real quick! The best part? These are all made in Australia and shipped super fast! Mums and kids love them!