Bright Star Kids Drink Bottles: Metal Drink Bottle Vs Small Drink Bottle

Bright Star Kids Drink Bottles

Is it time to get kids new drink bottles? You’ll love ours! We’ve got 2 drink bottles for you to choose from. We’ll tell you what’s awesome about each one and why both parents and kids love them! 

Metal Drink Bottles

Perfect for kids who are active and spend a whole day in school. Even adults can use them, too! Here’s why:

And because it’s Bright Star Kids, you get to personalise these metal drink bottles for FREE! Choose from our fun range of designs for boys and girls.

Image Credits (R): IG @and_then_there_were_four

You’ll also be happy to know that these super cute designs wrap around the bottle. The whole design is printed directly on the bottle, too!

Image Credits: IG @and_then_there_were_four

Let’s talk about the lid. This is where it makes the metal drink bottle even more awesome! The screwtop stays attached. It’s also got a handle, so it’s easy to carry around. 

Image Credits (L): IG @and_then_there_were_four

Small Drink Bottles

Now, how about the small drink bottles, you ask? They’re equally awesome, of course! Perfect for smaller kids. They’re smaller and it’s a hard plastic bottle that’s BPA-free, Phthalate-Free, and PVC-Free. Comes with a soft silicone straw, so they’re perfect for kids transitioning from sippy cups to drink bottles. 

Protect your kids from any germy mix-ups! Personalise and coordinate their small drink bottles with their other school supplies too! 

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Aaaand, the best thing about the small drink bottle? You can easily slip them into our backpacks!

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Love our Drink Bottles?

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