Kids Name Labels: Which One Should You Get? Tiny, Small, or Mini?

What’s The Difference With These Kids Name Labels?

How small or tiny do you want your kids name labels to be? No matter the size you like or need, we’ve got them all! Check out which one fits your kids’ needs the best.

Tiny Pencil Labels

They’re perfectly sized for pencils and can be personalised with fun colours that boys and girls will love! And even if they’re tiny, they’re super easy to peel and stick. Buy them in bulk and you’ll save heaps. It’s super practical and versatile that you can stick them anywhere you need them. And don’t worry, they’re 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe, too!

You can use them for other things than just pencils. And because they come in sheets of 40, these tiny pencil labels can be used on other things! Here are a few ideas that will blow your mind:

Small Name Labels

These small adhesive labels are a great size for labelling all of your kids’ belongings. Stick a little label to their drink bottle and lunch container, and they’ll return home safely. Not to mention, they’ll stay stuck for years to come!

Our small name labels can be personalised with little designs apart from having your kid’s names. Choose from our fun range of designs, and stick them to a variety of smooth surfaces including plastic, metal, and glass. 

Mini Name Labels

Got tinier things to label? These mini name labels are perfect! The bright colours and clear text make them super easy to spot even in this mini size. They’re made tough, so they’ll stay stuck for years, even through dishwasher and steriliser use. 

These tiny custom stickers can be used to label household containers and utensils making them perfect for identifying your things when you go to family gatherings, parties, or school events. 

At the end of the day, we all want our kids’ belongings to not get lost or mixed up. All these labels come super handy not just for school, so they’re great to have a staple supply, making labelling anything and everything you like a walk in the park. No matter how small it is, you’re sure to find them easily with these sticky labels!

Love All Our Kids Small Name Labels in all our tiny, small and mini sizes?

Grab them all or check out our Label Kits and find out which suits your kids’ school essentials. And while you’re shopping for school items, be sure to read about What To Pack In Your Kids Backpack, too!

Looking for Personalised Kids School Supplies?

We’ve got a range of school supplies you can personalise and coordinate. Create a fun theme of colours and designs not just for school essential items but also for name labels!