How To Use Bright Star Kids’ Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels

Not a fan of Iron On Labels? That’s okay! They’re simply not for everyone. That’s exactly the reason why we designed these fuss-free & time-saving Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels. With these, you can label your kid’s clothes faster than ever before. As an added bonus, they’re washer and dryer friendly, guaranteeing they stay vibrant for years to come!

To use our Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels, simply peel, wrap and stick the labels to the clothes’ care tags and that’s it! No ironing needed. You can follow along with the Instructional Video below in real time to see how it’s done!

Watch how easy it is to use our Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels

As easy as one, two, three! To apply just…

Have you got any questions? Check out these FAQs.

What fabrics can Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels be used on?

These labels are designed to stick to clothing tags. Tags with a nylon or polyester base work best! They’re perfect for school uniforms and hats, no iron needed! They are also perfect for brands or size labels that have a loop to thread these labels through.

How do I apply these Labels?

Applying these Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels is a breeze. You can follow along in real-time with the video at the top of this post! 

They apply easily to the care tags inside most clothing items. Simply sit the Wrap & Stick Clothing Label flat on the clothing’s care tag & fold the two outer sides behind, sticking them firmly on top of each other… kind of like our Wrap & Stick Clothing Label is giving your care tag a bear hug!

Can these Labels be used in my washing machine and clothes dryer?

Yes! Once they’ve been applied correctly, they can be put through washing machines and clothes dryers without peeling off, even industrial-style machines that are used in places like boarding schools.

How long will these Labels last?

These Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels are semi-permanent. When applied correctly, they will last for ages!

If you’re looking for a cotton or permanent clothing label, you’ll love our Iron On Labels that come in a variety of coordinated designs & match beautifully with our personalised school & daycare supplies. These can be found in almost all our Label Combo Packs!

What materials are the Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels made from?

Our Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels are produced on high-quality vinyl. They are waterproof and when the label is folded over itself around your care tag, they stay stuck. The adhesive on the back of these tags is designed to last in the washer & dryer.

If you’re looking for a cotton clothing label, you’ll love our Iron On Labels that come in a variety of coordinated designs & match beautifully with our Label Combo Packs!

I have an extra-large care tag, what can I do?

We now have Large Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels for extra large care tags! 

Alternatively, you can fold the clothing’s care tag in half, securing the label around like normal. As a third option, you can use 2 of the Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels, one on the back of the other so that there’s a good amount of vinyl adhering the 2 labels together. 

To follow along with these methods you can watch Instructional Video at the top of this blog post!  

How can I resize these Labels? 

For younger kids or smaller tags, these Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels can be easily cut to fit any sized care tags. You can watch our Instructional Video to see how to resize these labels.

Simply stick your Wrap & Stick Clothing Label to the care tag like normal, then trim the ends just a little to fit the tag. Make sure that the two sides still fold over each other & adhere to themselves before you cut. If you cut them too short, they may not have enough vinyl to adhere to on the other side.

Are these okay for kids with sensitive skin?  

If your child’s skin is sensitive to tags, you might like to try our Iron On Clothing Labels which merge with the fabric and are great for kids with sensitive skin.

Can these be applied straight to the clothing?      

These Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels are designed for clothing with tags. If your little ones don’t like tags or for items without clothing tags like socks, you will love our Iron On Clothing Labels instead.

Where can I buy Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels?

The Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels are featured in most of our Label Value Kits, or you can get them by themselves in single-label packs, great if you want to label a lot of clothing!