Preschool & Kindy Labels Value Kit
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Preschool & Kindy Labels Value Kit

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WAS $93.70

Save 57%


For 152 Labels
We make your order in 1-3 days*

Is your little one heading to Preschool or Kindy? Get them ready with this labels value kit that has everything you'll need to easily identify their belongings.

Perfect for labelling lunch boxes, bottles and clothing. Best of all you'll save 55% when you buy these labels in this value kit.

  • 152 Name Labels
  • Save 55%*
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Stays Stuck all Year
  • Easy to Apply
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Washing Machine Safe*
  • Clothes Dryer Safe*

Easily personalise these labels with your child's name, favourite colour and icon design to help them easily identify their belongings at preschool or kindy. These labels are perfect to use on little one's items such as clothing, shoes, lunch boxes and books. There are enough labels in this kit to last most kids through an entire year, sometimes longer.

The Preschool & Kindy Labels Kit contains 152 Name Labels including:

*Save 55% when you buy these labels in this kit, in comparison to buying them in their own individual single label packs.

*The Iron On Clothing Labels are safe to use in washing machines & clothes dryers. The Stick On Labels are safe to use in dishwashers, microwaves, freezers & sterilisers.

Please Note: What you see in your preview is what you will get printed on your labels, please see our FAQ tab above for more information. If you have any concerns please get in touch and we'll be happy to help. If you would like to get labels to co-ordinate with our school supplies range, you might like to check out our Designer Labels

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Recent Reviews (563) Write a Review
  1. 20/05/2019
    Great kit!

    I love this Preschool & Kindy Labels Value Kit! It's super cute and easy to use!

    Trang Le
  2. 14/02/2019
    Amazing products that help keep things together

    Thank you so much. A great product that makes it easy to identify my daughter belongings quickly. Highly recommend these labels.

    Lauretta Byrne
  3. 12/02/2019
    Awesome and practical labels

    The Preschool and Kindy Value kit is great value for money, and a great quality product. The various labels suit all our needs. I would highly recommend to everyone! Thank you

    Melissa Proudfoot
  4. 29/01/2019
    Fantastic value bundle

    This package is fantastic for anyone! Not just for kinder, we use them for our primary school child as well. The labels are fantastic quality and wear really well. One of the best value bundles!

    Kerryn Gunningham
  5. 25/01/2019
    Money well spent

    These stickers made it easier to get everything names for my son starting prep this year. But not only just for him I also now labeled my two daughters drink bottles and snack containers for when we are out and about.

    Kristie Schwerin
  6. 6/01/2019
    Great Value!

    Bought these for my daughter starting prep, so easy to use and stick on items without them coming off in the wash. Great value for money with the amount of labels you get.

    Vanessa Murrihy
  7. 21/12/2018
    Worth the price

    These labels are great. Good time to get them when on special. My daughters first year of school next year so its good to be prepared. Getting a mix of iron on and stickers are great. And the stickers will last a while as there is heaps.

  8. 11/12/2018
    Great Value

    Wonderful stickers which are bright and easy to read!

    Carmen Bonner
  9. 6/12/2018
    Best value labels

    These are great, they look really good and perform well through washing and wear. Best label company we have come across!

    Amy McKenzie
  10. 21/11/2018
    Amazing Value

    These labels have lasted all year! Amazing value for the multi pack. Have just reordered for next year.

    Kathryn Burns
  11. 12/10/2018
    Quality labels

    The value pack really had a good variety of labels we needed, and they've stood the test of time. The first labels we used on my son's water bottles, clothes and shoes are still intact after 2 years!

    Jeanette Chen
  12. 8/10/2018
    Loved These

    I was skeptical when purchasing, but when arrived, applied and used proved all my worries wrong. Such great quality products

  13. 10/09/2018
    Value for money

    This is a good set to start with. It comes with all the necessary-sized labels. Would definitely recommend!

  14. 24/08/2018
    Time saver!

    Great value and time saving as well. Love it!

  15. 2/07/2018
    The best

    The absolute best labels I have tried!

    Stacey Ferlauto
  16. 17/05/2018
    Makes life easy

    These are the best thing ever!! Sharing with every parent I know

  17. 17/05/2018
    Great Value & gift that all kids and parents will love

    My friends twin boys loved seeing their names on the labels PLUS mummy loved it even more because no more getting things mixed up for daycare and she was sick of getting more toys as gifts!

  18. 12/05/2018
    Love the rocket design

    Love the rocket design with the dark navy background. Very striking and good looking. Bought two sets, one for my son and his friend - couldn't help myself when the sales are on... Fantastic value!

  19. 11/05/2018
    Super-convenient labels

    These labels are brilliant for sticking on any hard surface, and completely washable. The clothing labels were a little trickier to use than I expected - possibly I need to turn the heat further up on the iron (I was worried about burning the clothes...) Still great value.

  20. 5/03/2018
    Great Value and Great Product

    Great variety of labels, best labels on the market.

  21. 23/02/2018
    Great product. Great price. Exactly as described on the website.

    I have ordered these numerous times over the years as each child starts school. Great product. Exactly as described. Great for easy identification of all preschool items. Saved us losing water bottles, lunch boxes, clothes and hats!!!

  22. 21/02/2018
    Great value and variety options

    First time buying and bought this item based on reviews. Very happy with the purchase, variety of colour and design options. Will certainly order it again.

  23. 6/02/2018

    Great value for money, great range of colours and designs, and great quality and price! We love bright star kids!

  24. 23/01/2018
    Excellent quality

    I’ve never had any issues with the iron on labels and have continued to use bright star kids for 5 years now I think.
    Great quality. Excellent postage.

  25. 23/01/2018
    Value for money

    Love them. Bought them as a gift. Winner!

  26. 16/01/2018
    Great pack with so many labels!

    Wonderful quality pack with great selection of iron-on and stick-on labels perfect for school.

  27. 3/01/2018
    Perfect for daycare

    Had these made for my first son a few years ago and found them perfect so got them again for my second boy starting daycare soon - easy to use and great quality. The boys love them too.

  28. 27/12/2017
    best labels on the market

    these labels look great and actually last. They even tolerate being washed in the dishwasher!

  29. 13/12/2017

    Love these labels the quality is amazing, it actually sticks to my items and stays stuck, great value for money and awesome designs.

    Katie-Jane Lawrence
  30. 13/12/2017
    Great product

    Love these labels. So easy to apply. And long lasting!

  31. 12/12/2017

    Excellent quality and look awesome

  32. 11/12/2017
    great package

    Still have many labels a year later. Would be great if there were more iron on's for clothing but have found them to be great quality.

  33. 9/12/2017
    Great quality

    These are great quality and arrived in a speedy manner!

  34. 9/12/2017
    Another prompt delivery, great quality

    This order was for my youngest grand daughter. The site is so easy to use that she sat with me and chose her colour and butterfly.
    Order arrived earlier than exepted, great service as usual.

  35. 8/12/2017
    Christmas gift for my niece

    Perfect gift idea for a school starter. There will definitely be no lost property with these bright labels affixed to all my niece's stuff.

  36. 7/12/2017
    Love it

    Great quality, great value. Will shop again :)

  37. 7/12/2017
    Preschool Label

    I made my purchase during the sale and it was 75% off! Attractive discount. This is my 6th label from Bright Star Kids. Additionally, my son loves it too! Thank you.

  38. 7/12/2017

    Perfect set for kindy. Kids are able to easily recognise their unique colour/picture combo as they learn to recognise their name. Same great quality, stays stuck even after dishwashing!

  39. 7/12/2017
    Fantastic pack!

    This fabulous pack has all the labels you need to send your little one to childcare or kindy. Great value and great products!

  40. 6/12/2017
    Great quality and value

    These lables are fantastic. They have been through the dishwasher many times and still look new. Postage was fast too.

  41. 6/12/2017
    Good value for your money

    I brought this pack after it was recommended to me by my sister-in-law. I paid $19.95 for the pack and the value for money is amazing. I'm yet to use my packs (as waiting till closer to next year) but i had a look at the ones my sister-in-law had brought previously and i cannot wait to try mine. Love the colours and picture designs of the 2 packs i brought!

  42. 6/12/2017
    Great quality and very colourful

    Love these labels - great for my grandchildren - very impressed with the quality as well - will be ordering more in the future!

  43. 6/12/2017
    Great value!

    A friend recommended Bright Stars and I'm very happy with my order. Stickers that actually stick and look good too! Thanks :)

  44. 5/12/2017
    Great value

    Great product, washes/wears well, good value!

  45. 5/12/2017
    Lovely product !

    Love these name labels and it was very reasonable price too!

  46. 5/12/2017
    5 star

    Great quality, last all year without a problem.

  47. 5/12/2017
    Excellent product

    I searched around the net for different options and came across bright star kids as one of the cheapest and stylish labels. Once I received my labels I couldn’t believe how great quality they are 10/10 will definitely order again

  48. 5/12/2017
    Great Value

    Excellent quality and delivered within the advised time frame

  49. 3/12/2017

    I have bought from other companies but this company takes the CAKE! These labels actually stick on and stay on!

  50. 2/12/2017
    Great stickers

    I love the new design. I bought some of these 4 years ago and they are still on the drink bottle and lunch boxes. They go through the dishwasher daily. Even into the microwave.

  51. 26/11/2017
    Great value!

    Bright Star packs are great value for money. The labels are a real quality product, which means they last. I'll definitely be back.

  52. 23/11/2017
    Fantastic product

    Great value labels that last really well. I have tried a few brands now and these are definitely my favourite! The kids love them too

  53. 18/11/2017

    I bought these on sale for an excellent price, but would pay full price if i need to buy again. Easy to adhere to all items and great designs.

  54. 18/11/2017

    Easy to design

  55. 16/11/2017
    Strongly recommend these labels

    I purchased these for my son and I have had the same name label on his drink bottle for over 1 year now. The quality is worth the money. Good luck choosing the image.. this was the hardest part because there is a large variety to choose from

  56. 29/10/2017
    Great Value

    excellent product for my little preppie! great value and great product.

  57. 14/06/2017
    Great Kit!

    Excellent quality, all labels look great!
    This product exceeded all my expectations!

  58. 10/05/2017

    Great value and good selection of label types. I love the colours and designs too. I've found the labels to be very durable too in dishwasher and washing/drying machine.

  59. 8/05/2017

    Great quality product. Excellent package of stickers and iron on labels. Thanks.

  60. 15/03/2017
    great value & quality

    I love these labels. Goes through the dishwasher hundreds of times and never comes off.

  61. 7/03/2017
    Great labels, great value

    We got these for daycare - there so many of them in different sizes and lasted us for the 3 years ours was in daycare. Now he just started kindy, we got another set.

    mummy of two
  62. 1/03/2017
    Great quality and useful options

    Love this preschool pack - what would make it even better is more iron on labels and less stick on labels!

  63. 30/01/2017
    Great for School

    Very good quality, especially the Iron on clothing label.

  64. 27/01/2017
    Prompt Delivery & Great Quality

    Always happy with my purchases from Bright star kids. These labels were a gift for my friends baby, and she was so happy to receive something useful. I know how useful they are to me and thought it would make a great gift and it did!! :)

  65. 20/01/2017
    So many labels!

    What a great idea, I've labelled everything for my daughters pre-school with ease. Great quality and endless supply that will last a long time.

  66. 17/01/2017
    Fantastic kit for preschool

    This label pack was exactly what I needed for my twins to start Preschool. the iron labels are fantastic and easy to apply on the clothing. I also love the shoes labels. Great pack.

  67. 6/01/2017
    Love the labels

    They stay on my baby's bottles really well, even through the dishwasher.

  68. 17/12/2016
    Last a long time

    Have tried a different brand but they didn't last. Will stick with bright star!

  69. 11/12/2016
    Excellent value

    Excellent value and excellent product. And the labels stay on all year!

  70. 9/12/2016
    Great value for money!

    Great value & truly long lasting even after a year!

  71. 30/11/2016
    Great product, quick delivery

    Purchased for a gift for new mum. Great product, quick delivery.

  72. 22/11/2016
    Excellent value for money

    With a friendly price tag, this value pack is exactly that - fantastic value! These labels are durable and after many washes, still looking new. We have used these since our first baby 8 years ago and swear by them.

  73. 9/11/2016
    Fantastic products!!

    Fantastic products and fast delivery!!

  74. 7/11/2016
    great quality

    The lables are great. They have been put through the dishwasher many times and still look new.

  75. 7/11/2016

    Amazing value for money. Great quality and quick dispatch.

  76. 3/11/2016
    Great Quality

    I've just ordered my 4th batch of the Daycare Labels Kit. The labels that I ordered four and a half years ago are still going strong, they have outlived the items I've labeled with them. Just ordered more to top up for the start of school in the new year. Excellent Quality, can't fault them.

  77. 3/11/2016
    Excellent service

    So easy to order and super fast delivery!

  78. 3/11/2016
    Very good product

    Ordered a few times, the product is always perfect, delivery is very fast !

  79. 2/11/2016
    The best

    Time saver. Outlast the lifetime of clothes/toys/water bottles/dummies etc.

  80. 2/11/2016
    Great products

    Perfect for daycare. Labels stay on for ages!

  81. 2/11/2016

    Will definitely buy these again great value for great $$$

  82. 24/10/2016
    Great and fun way to personalise items

    Loving how I can personalise my kids items with these labels. Great quality too.

  83. 19/10/2016
    Great product

    Love the kit!

  84. 17/10/2016
    Excellent labels highly recommend!

    Excellent quality and value for money! Love all the colours and fun designs too!

  85. 17/10/2016
    Excellent labels highly recommend!

    Excellent quality and value for money! Love all the colours and fun designs too!

  86. 8/10/2016
    Best labels!

    I have been ordering Bright Star Kids labels for my children for more than three years now and absolutely love them! The designs are so cute and the quality is amazing. After daily dishwasher trips they still look perfect and no signs of peeling off! Highly recommended.

  87. 6/10/2016
    Love them

    Great price and exceptional quality, also arrived quickly. Would definitely buy them again.

  88. 30/09/2016
    Love them..

    The description was spot on and they are the cheapest labels I have found and they are the only labels i will use and buy...

  89. 28/09/2016
    Great starter kit

    Great starter kit that has a bit of everything you need to start childcare.

  90. 12/09/2016

    I absolutely love the childcare pack purchased for my daughter well worth the price great quality

  91. 30/08/2016
    Label kit

    Very handy!

  92. 15/08/2016

    I'm loving these, my son has just started going to Childcare and this set has everything you need. Great quality and love how much they can be personalised

  93. 7/08/2016
    Very happy

    Have bought these before and I must say they are fantastic and last. Between daycare use, dishwasher use and general toddler use they do not come off. Highly recommended.

  94. 17/06/2016
    Great value

    This kit is great for any kid starting day care. Labels last a long time and look great

  95. 13/06/2016
    Perfect kit

    Great variety of sizes. Colours and designs are of high quality.

  96. 30/05/2016

    Love them! So durable and look amazing!!! Very happy and perfect when first sending your child off to childcare and kinder.

  97. 10/05/2016
    Such a great product

    The labels stay put! Great range of sizes and styles and we really love the shoe labels. The shoes wore out before the labels did.

  98. 13/04/2016
    Great Product, Fast Delivery

    I loved this set so much when I got it 2yrs ago for my eldest as he started daycare that it was a no brainer to order it again for my daughter. I love the shoe stickers the best.

  99. 9/04/2016
    Happy with product

    These stickers are holding up well to daily washing and microwave use

  100. 31/03/2016
    Very happy customer

    Received the product very quickly. Great product. Very effective. Will definately stand out on my daughters items at daycare. Thank you

  101. 28/03/2016

    Product was here within days. My son loves them. Thank you

  102. 8/03/2016
    Preschool pack

    Brought the kindy/preschool pack and loved it very easy to stick - overall great quality

  103. 2/03/2016
    Great Product

    Love the ease of which I can use these - great quality

  104. 25/02/2016
    Outstanding quality

    Myself and my daughter absolutely love the labels, very easy to iron on and stick on. Long wearing as well, don't peel off after a wash under water.

  105. 8/02/2016
    Easy to apply iron on labels

    Love the easy to apply iron on clothing labels. All the labels are easy to apply and so useful.

  106. 5/02/2016
    Very useful

    Lovely colour and noticeable sign.
    My daughter love her labels and put on herself.
    Useful components for preschool start.

  107. 4/02/2016
    Great product

    Great sized labels for all our needs.

  108. 3/02/2016
    Great products

    I'm mostly happy with the products but the stickers won't stay stuck on my daughters library bag. It's made of nylon. Love to see this problem fixed!

    Karen Lindsey
  109. 27/01/2016

    Love this product

  110. 27/01/2016
    Excellent Label Bundle

    I purchased this bundle for my son who starts kindy this year. It has a fantastic variety of labels although I feel they don't require quite as many shoe labels as are provided and more iron on clothes labels would be a better substitute.

  111. 26/01/2016
    Great pack

    Great starter pack for everything you need for school. Very happy with my purchase

    Lisa Bradley
  112. 26/01/2016
    Great products, service and price!

    This is the 3rd year I've purchased from BSK and I'm always impressed with how easy they are to apply and their staying power! I recommend the products to everyone :)

  113. 26/01/2016
    Excellent product

    excellent product great quality

  114. 25/01/2016

    Great quality, perfect amount for my son starting kindergarten!

  115. 22/01/2016
    Value for money

    Couldn't ask for better value for money with this pack. Everything you need to start the kids at school. Thanks for another great product

  116. 22/01/2016
    Fantastic value in this kit.

    Great starter kit, has everything you need for your little one to start kindergarten or school. The labels are bright, funky and best of all they look great. Superior quality that lasts and lasts. Very Happy!!

    Lorelle Hunt
  117. 21/01/2016
    Fantastic product

    I ordered these after my sister recommended them because they stick well on plastics that are dishwasher washed and on clothing. I'm impressed with them too.

  118. 19/01/2016
    Fantastic products

    Totally love this pack. It has a great mixture of products to suit my children entering school.

  119. 18/01/2016
    Great Quality

    Have reordered these for 2nd child. Great quality, after one year of prep the shoe labels, dishwasher safe labels and clothing labels have all remained attached, intact and legible! Have even removed and reattached to a new drink bottle and lunchbox and still second time round holding on well!

  120. 18/01/2016
    Best Value for Money

    I love the longevity of all the labels including the shoe labels. the additional clear covering to ensure the name doesnt get worn off the shoe

  121. 17/01/2016
    Great value!

    This pack is great value for money and excellent quality, we are all set for bubs to start child care!

  122. 16/01/2016
    Amazing! wouldn't buy anywhere else

    Amazing! wouldn't buy anywhere else

  123. 11/01/2016
    Excellent value for money

    Excellent selection for Kindy, will last for ages!

  124. 11/01/2016
    Great product!

    This kit is fantastic! It covers all our labeling needs for daycare. The quality of the labels is great - long lasting through wash and wear.

  125. 10/01/2016
    Essential, versatile & quality labels

    I love these label values kits!! With the ever increasing costs of school stationery it is essential that each and every item gets labelled so that things are returned to their rightful owner! Love how the label stay on even in the dishwasher and survive in the microwave!

    Pia Anna
  126. 4/01/2016
    Versatile stickers for all occasions

    Love the versatility of the stickers - great for labelling everything but with twins I needed to order again to differentiate between the two sets of everything!

  127. 2/01/2016
    Great stickers

    Great idea, nice designs!

  128. 2/01/2016
    Great product

    Great selection of stickers, good quality!

  129. 1/01/2016
    Great value

    Fantastic product. Great value and last a long time.

  130. 26/12/2015
    Perfect pack for starting school

    We've ordered this pack multiple times for ourself and for gifts. Great quality, and a fabulous Aussie product!

  131. 22/12/2015
    Great product

    Great designs and are very effective...stick well and don't come off.

  132. 22/12/2015

    Great product. Sticks well to things and looks good.

  133. 20/12/2015
    Great range of name labels

    Great range for a fair price!

  134. 17/12/2015
    My second pack!

    I purchased one before and was very impressed with the value and products in the pack. I returned to purchase this pack for another child.

  135. 17/12/2015
    Great Value

    Great hardy labels

  136. 15/12/2015
    Love these labels

    This pack is so versatile and will more than cover all the items that need labels. I bought them during a sale and also used some rewards dollars, so they were very economical.

  137. 15/12/2015
    My niece is pleased!

    My niece has her first visit to daycare tomorrow and these arrived just in time to label all her gear. Her mum was very pleased with them and I am apparently the best Aunty ever! Great for a gift for children going to school for the first time, we don't want them to lose their belongings

  138. 13/12/2015
    Best pack on the market

    These are the best value pack I found on the market with great colours, icons and quality.

  139. 10/12/2015
    Perfect for starting prep

    Great variety of stickers. The kids loved picking their colour and picture. Excellent quality.

  140. 8/12/2015
    Everything You Need

    Fantastic set. Very happy customer here. All labels are of a great quality. This kit has everything you'll need.

  141. 6/12/2015
    Excellent for First year of School

    This is the third time I have ordered this set. It's bright and the kids recognise the picture on all their items before they knew how to read their name. Highly recommend it for first year of school.

  142. 5/12/2015
    Great label starter pack

    These labels were perfect to get my daughter and I started on her items being labelled for daycare. If you don't know how many you need, I would recommend this to get you started. You'll use them all on something! I now know that i need way more iron on labels so i'll buy extras since there are not enough in this pack. Great item!

  143. 2/12/2015
    Fantastic Product

    Love the quality of these labels. I bought my first kit when my son first started daycare at 4 months old. The labels are still sticking to bottles etc to this day and his now 3 years old! I've only needed more to replace drink bottles that have changed, new clothes etc. They handle being in the dishwasher. The iron on labels are easy to apply and still going strong!

  144. 1/12/2015

    I bought these for my son and they are great I love them and he loves that he can choose a little picture for the side of the labels. They stick really well and don't peel off in the wash

  145. 30/11/2015
    Great Pack

    Awesome value for money and great variety in the pack!

  146. 23/11/2015
    Excellent value

    Great quality and love the bright colours, I came back a 2nd time for a pack for my 2nd child!

  147. 13/11/2015
    Great Quality

    Stickers are great, they have been through the dishwasher numerous times and haven't faded or started to peel off.

  148. 9/11/2015
    Long Lasting, real value for money!

    I ordered this kit when my first child started Day Care and now, 3 years on, my second child has arrived and I'm wanting to change the name on all the bottles and containers. I just can't believe how long the labels have lasted. They've been through the wash and steriliser a thousand times over, and they still are sticking and looking as good as the day they arrived. So I've just ordered my second set for bubba no. 2 I highly recommend this pack because it' offers a great range of sizes for a really good price. Thanks Bright Star Kids!

  149. 9/11/2015
    Excellent Quality with Great Price

    My children love the design of those labels, how cute they are. The quality is great.

  150. 9/11/2015
    Love these

    Have purchased these before for our first child. Great way to label all the bottles for our second child heading off to daycare this year.

  151. 9/11/2015
    Perfect Pack

    Happy, excited and will definitely recommend this pack. Just what we needed to start daycare. Thankyou!!

  152. 9/11/2015
    Great Quality and Value

    This pack is outstanding value. The stickers are excellent quality. The first pack I bought 2 years ago and they are still going strong. I didn't hesitate to come back for more.

  153. 4/11/2015
    Covers all the basics.

    The labels are great quality and this package of labels covers everything.

  154. 3/11/2015
    Great product at a great price!

    I love the value packs through Bright Star Kids. I was sceptical at first but the labels are amazing! They are constantly being washed and are as good as new. I've already reordered and don't look elsewhere anymore as I trust the product, the price and more importantly the quick turn around time!
    Highly recommend Bright Star Kids for all your labelling needs!

  155. 3/11/2015
    Very Impressed

    These are great quality, long lasting and handy. This is the 3rd set I have ordered, I have come back for each of my children :-)

  156. 3/11/2015
    Love them!

    Got the $19.95 deal, great value and quality. Labels last forever, will outlast your Tupperware :)

  157. 2/11/2015
    School is incomplete without them!

    Just the easiest and best labels to keep everything sorted!

  158. 2/11/2015
    Love them!

    This is a great bundle! I have now ordered some for both of my kids. They are bright and fun and good quality.

  159. 1/11/2015
    Good glossy labels

    Nice glossy labels that stick well and stay on through numerous dishwasher cycles. Great pack with a little of each type of labels needed for daycare.

  160. 1/11/2015
    Labels kit is a great product

    Great product. This is the second time I've ordered this pack - I don't use the clothing labels that much but LOVE that the labels stick on well and don't come off.

  161. 1/11/2015
    Great quality

    Great quality labels, excellent deal

  162. 30/10/2015
    Fantastic product

    Fantastic product, great pack that includes everything you need.

  163. 29/10/2015

    This is the second time I've ordered this pack! Still have heaps left over after labelling for 3 year old kinder, 4 year kinder and prep!

  164. 29/10/2015

    Fantastic value and great quality labels

  165. 29/10/2015

    Amazing labels that I just can't go past! I am a returning customer for the third time and just wouldn't have any other labels! Quality, value, durability....Everything a Mum can ask for! Miss 5 and 3 loooove their 'stickers' xx

  166. 29/10/2015
    A little bit of everything

    A little bit of everything to get you started. I have bought this pack a couple of times so far. A great mix.

  167. 29/10/2015
    Great vaule bundle

    This bundle of labels has such a good range of the different sizes and types. They have been perfect for my child in school and my child in day care.
    Beautiful designs and really good wearing in dishwasher and clothing labels stand-up well in the washing machine.
    I will be buying this again when I need to restock my label supplies.

  168. 15/10/2015

    This is the second time I have purchased these. They are great!! Everything you could want is included without having too many. So cute too!!

  169. 10/10/2015

    Great quality, stays on well - looks great too.

  170. 8/10/2015
    Reliable and longlasting - back for more

    I purchased labels last year when my eldest started school. This year I'm back to buy more for my youngest and am impressed that all of my original labels have remained in tact. We use the dishwasher for labeled drink bottles and the labels haven't budged. They're great quality and an easy solution for naming your stuff.

  171. 7/10/2015
    Amazing Product!

    Best labels around! Can't fault the quality and durability! There are no other labels I would buy, Bright Star Kids are the best! Thank you xx

  172. 6/10/2015
    Definitely get them

    I love getting these for my kids every time I need more. The stickers don't come off their shoes, books, clothes, pencils or anything they are definitely worth getting & since ordering my first lot of stickers I haven't stopped buying off this site. Great quality for money.

  173. 6/10/2015
    All appreciate

    Both myself and the daycare staff gratefully appreciate these fantastic labels. They are made extremely well and are easy to apply to clothes and other possessions.

  174. 3/10/2015
    Great ever!

    Best product ever ..They stay on after many washes and have saved a lot of time.

    Siau Suang
  175. 23/09/2015
    Great value

    My only suggestion for this product is that the stick-on stickers could be a little more adhesive as they don't bind well to some synthetic materials. Otherwise, fantastic service and a must have for any family starting to take objects outside the nest. Will be re-stocking soon. Thank you.

  176. 17/09/2015
    Great product.

    I have these labels to be great. They stay on after many washes and have saved a lot of time. The value pack really is great value for your money.

  177. 15/09/2015
    Great value and quality!

    They were so easy to use and the different sizes have been so handy.

  178. 15/09/2015
    Great value for great products

    Love them! So useful and easy!

  179. 20/08/2015
    Good all round pack

    These are great! They are good quality and easy to apply. They really stay on. The clothing labels are great to and aren't ever coming off. This pack has a great assortment to get you going. Everything always comes back from day care now.

  180. 14/08/2015

    The perfect pack. More than enough labels to cover lunch boxes, drink bottles, hats, clothing, and shoes. Fast delivery and a quality sticker. I have put them through the dishwasher quite a few times and they are holding well.

  181. 14/08/2015
    Outstanding products and service

    Thank you once again for quality labels and outstanding service.

  182. 14/08/2015

    Love it, they look great.

  183. 9/08/2015
    Great product

    Great product and prompt delivery.

  184. 2/08/2015
    We've never lost stuff at Childcare

    This is the second time I've ordered this product. My younger son use to lose his container or mix up water bottle with other kids. Since I've used the stick on labels on his things, we never lost anything again! It's easy use and very convenient! Will buy again!

  185. 15/07/2015
    Great value and service

    This pack has been great value. We are really impressed. Was getting organised early for daycare for my son but the prompt service and delivery made things so easy as they arrived within days! Thanks so much!

  186. 13/07/2015
    Great Assortment

    The perfect assortment of labels to cover pretty much every kindy item!

  187. 13/07/2015
    Great Value

    This pack was great value and had labels suitable for everything that my son carries around.

  188. 11/07/2015
    Excellent Labels

    Great value, vibrant colours, labels stick and don't come off in the wash, highly recommended.

  189. 7/07/2015
    Great variety of stickers in pack.

    Great variety of different kinds of stickers all of which are very durable. Great product!!

  190. 2/07/2015
    Great value

    Love these labels. They are great for making sure everything comes home from daycare.

  191. 1/07/2015
    Must have for daycare

    This is an awesome starter pack for daycare/preschool. It is value for money and the quality is unbeatable!

  192. 25/06/2015
    Great starter pack

    This is a great starter pack for kindy, labels are fantastic quality as always.

  193. 3/06/2015

    I purchased these for my daughter and they're great. Easy to use.

  194. 2/06/2015
    Great quality

    Just want to put them everywhere. Labelling brings out the organiser in me.

  195. 25/05/2015
    Love these labels!!

    I bought a set for my little one for daycare. The icons are so cute and the sticker labels withstand dishwashers and the iron on stay on after wash after wash. I have recommended these to other mums and secretly wish I had my own set!

  196. 22/05/2015
    They wash so well!!!!

    As you can imagine how many times you wash bottles every day, they are awesome ten weeks in and I'm still using the first labels.

  197. 20/05/2015
    Fabulous product, super quick delivery, great value

    This kit is brilliant value for money. The stickers have been put to the test in the microwave, dishwasher, steriliser and washing machine. No issues whatsoever and they still look as good as new.

  198. 12/05/2015
    A+ Product

    Fantastic labels, great value for money! Will be a returning customer!

  199. 7/05/2015
    Starting Off

    Great quality and had everything needed to send our wee man to child care for the first time.

  200. 6/05/2015

    Great quality at reasonable price for number of labels received. Everything i need for daycare labelling.

  201. 29/04/2015
    Fantastic products

    I have purchased this not only for myself but as presents for friends. An essential for every family

  202. 25/04/2015
    These are great

    Soo many stickers!! Love them.. Now just need to find things to put the stickers on.

  203. 17/04/2015
    Excellent Quality

    They are perfect and so reliable, will definitely recommend to all.

  204. 15/04/2015
    Excellent quality and value

    These labels are by far better than any others on the market. We have labels on our daughters snack cups and water bottles that have been in constant use for the last 3 1/2 years. They haven't faded, worn or peeled. They are great value and I recommend them to anyone who asks.

  205. 2/04/2015

    Love all the labels, colours and pictures.

  206. 31/03/2015
    excellent value for money!

    I've ordered 4 or 5 packs - different value packs, but all great value, effective, dishwasher safe, kid safe and easy to use! Iron labels fantastic.

  207. 31/03/2015
    Exactly what I wanted and imaged them to be!

    The labels were exactly as they are on screen and the kit is the perfect set up for everything we need for day care

  208. 30/03/2015
    Great Value!

    These labels are an excellent variety, perfect for daycare, school, etc. They are beautiful, bright colours and designs that are easy to spot! We don't lose things at daycare anymore!

  209. 20/03/2015
    Highly recommend

    Excellent quality

  210. 20/03/2015
    Highly recommend

    Excellent quality

  211. 11/03/2015
    Great variety

    Great variety of sizes and good quality!

  212. 9/03/2015
    Best value and quality

    This is my second order and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the products, the service and the stress free ordering process. Well done Bright Star Kids!!

  213. 22/02/2015
    Quality Labels

    I have used labels from other companies and once I received and used the Bright Starts labels, I won't be purchasing any others! They are excellent quality and stick well and don't come off easily like previously used ones. They look great and I have even recommended them to friends. Thank you for a great product.

  214. 22/02/2015
    Quality Labels

    I have used labels from other companies and once I received and used the Bright Starts labels, I won't be purchasing any others! They are excellent quality and stick well and don't come off easily like previously used ones. They look great and I have even recommended them to friends. Thank you for a great product.

  215. 22/02/2015
    Quality Labels

    I have used labels from other companies and once I received and used the Bright Starts labels, I won't be purchasing any others! They are excellent quality and stick well and don't come off easily like previously used ones. They look great and I have even recommended them to friends. Thank you for a great product.

  216. 20/02/2015
    Preschool label pack

    Work great! Look great!

  217. 19/02/2015
    Great purchase

    Great starter pack, good quality even better price :)

  218. 19/02/2015
    Excellent quality and quantity

    They just keep going! No more arguments as to whose is what in our house anymore. We use them for everything. If it has their sticker on it the kids really show a sense of ownership toward the object. We first discovered this when naming their bikes.

  219. 19/02/2015
    Great lables

    Have ordered lots of these labels over the years for my grandchildren. The Preschool and Daycare pack is great value. The quality and staying power is impressive.

  220. 19/02/2015
    Overseas gift success

    Sent to youngest grandchild over in California starting daycare. Mum thrilled with the pack variety and choice of icon and colour.

  221. 18/02/2015
    Quality product

    These labels are the best available. I have purchased other brands and have found them too chunky and don't last on shaped items where they need to bend. Bright stars labels are much thinner plastic and actually almost become part of the containers, they don't budge in the dishwasher either. I just love them, they may not have all the colour of other brands but by far make up for it in quality. The different sizes are fantastic too. Thank you for such a great product.

  222. 18/02/2015
    Awesome Product

    These labels are great value & last forever. Years later and these are still on every thing I put them on

  223. 18/02/2015
    Must have for the little ones!

    This pack is fantastic. Perfect for the little ones when you need to label absolutely everything! Great colour range, kids love the pictures, durable and long lasting. Best place for labels!

  224. 18/02/2015
    Great pack

    Labels are great the last through washing and everyday use. Ive tried several others but none were as good as bright star. So I keep coming back!

  225. 18/02/2015
    Just perfect

    I LOVE these and so does my son. Every time we buy something new for daycare the first thing we have to do is tag it with these. Such a great product.

  226. 18/02/2015
    Good selection of labels

    This package has a good selection of different labels in various sizes. The shoe labels are particularly handy for kindy. I use other labels to name each of my son's lunch containers, lunch box, etc. I love the colours and designs available. My little man likes the car and motorbike designs, so we have both!

  227. 18/02/2015
    Budget Friendly!

    This set is perfect for school too. Durable, long lasting & bright, our kids love them, so everyone's happy!

  228. 18/02/2015

    Excellent value and quality. Really happy.

  229. 18/02/2015
    A good combination of stickers

    Although our little one didn't need the pencil labels for pencils at daycare, they did come in handy for lots of other little things. Little miss loved the shoe labels as the feet stickers were very cute. The vibrant colours and icons made it really easy to identify our belongings at a glance. We've had these a while now and most have worn very well but a small number (mostly the small sick on labels for some reason) have rolled at the edges or come off after repeated washes in the dishwasher.

  230. 18/02/2015
    Great products

    By far the best pack of stickers and labels out there. Great price and you get a lot of labels.
    I've been using these for 3 years now and won't shop anywhere else!
    My son loves to get out his labels and label all his preschool stuff every year!

  231. 18/02/2015
    Great value for money

    I'm very happy with this labels kit they look great! Good value for money. Having a variety of different sized labels is very handy.

  232. 17/02/2015
    Good quality!! Great support team

    I've used this product for over 4 years, also it is a customised item for gifts for my families and friends with new borns!!
    My kids love it, iron on last for couple years with no issue.
    Return and top up for the new school year already.
    Keep up with the good work.

  233. 17/02/2015
    fantastic labels

    my girls love there labels. fantastic variety and fit on anything and everything.

  234. 17/02/2015

    I have used these labels for the last 5 years now. They are long lasting, adhere well, and some have even survived regular washing in the dishwasher. My kids love that they can make stickers that match their personality.

  235. 15/02/2015
    What a bargain!

    Excellent range of stickers and labels. I'm super impressed with the labels as I have put them on my son's bottles and had them go through the steriliser many times, looks good as new and no peeling! The little ones make it perfect to label every part of the bottle individually for daycare. Love it!

  236. 14/02/2015
    Best quality labels

    The labels look nice and neat and they stay on if you follow instructions. Only thing with the bundle is the ratio of stick on Vs iron on labels. (I always need to buy small iron-on labels too.)

  237. 11/02/2015
    Good value, excellent product

    Labels are easy to apply and come in so many sizes there is something for everything that needs a label!

  238. 10/02/2015
    Perfect for Preschool

    Great for preschool as this pack includes labels for everything from shoes to sheets and my grandaughter loves them.

  239. 10/02/2015
    Great product..

    Very happy with these labels

  240. 4/02/2015

    Thanks for making a practical and user friendly pack to get us started. I look forward to trying other products

  241. 1/02/2015
    Great variety!

    Love love love these! I've already used a few of them and they stick on great as well as are easy to use (iron on labels). Instructions are simple and straight forward too and my little girl loves her purple labels!

  242. 30/01/2015
    Excellent product

    Have ordered this set for both my kids at daycare. The clothing labels stay on wash after wash, and the stickers stay stuck on for ages (especially if you hand wash).

  243. 29/01/2015

    Great labels and my daughter loved them!

  244. 29/01/2015
    Happy to go back for more!

    Very happy with this set that I ordered 3 years ago for my daughter and now purchasing it again for my son. Love them and they stay stuck on our plastic things.

  245. 28/01/2015
    Great first purchase

    Great starter pack and great quality

  246. 28/01/2015
    Great quality

    I've found these to be great for my kindy child. So clear and easy to use. Don't come off easy which is perfect

  247. 26/01/2015
    Kindy Pack

    Bought the Daycare/preschool pack for the first time this year and found that all of my labelling needs were covered in the one pack. Shoes, sheets, clothes, lunchbox, drink bottle and books all labeled. Will buy this again!

  248. 26/01/2015
    Great products

    Perfect sizes! Love them

  249. 26/01/2015
    Perfect assortment of labels for daycare

    Great selection of labels put together in one package. Happy with our purchase.

  250. 20/01/2015

    I brought this pack for my son and he absolutely loves his name labels. Thankyou :-)

  251. 19/01/2015
    Value for money

    A great assortment of labels for all your day care needs. There is a size for everything! Love this value pack.

  252. 19/01/2015

    Such a great product! Love this company, I have used them 5 times now and have never been disappointed. I have them on my kids bottles and they go through the sterilizer 8 times a day and have never come off. I will be buying for a long time to come :)

  253. 18/01/2015
    Long-lasting goodness

    I haven't had the chance to use them yet - I better get onto it soon! But my sister swears by the durability of the labels. They certainly are cute, and seem like they'll last for years.

  254. 18/01/2015

    Great starter pack for my child to begin daycare this year!

  255. 14/01/2015
    Great product

    Long lasting, great value. Purchase these from Bright Star for the kids books every year.

  256. 6/01/2015
    Great quality!!

    I'm coming back for a value pack after ordering some individual labels 2 years ago and finding the labels are such a great quality and long lasting. Impressed!!

  257. 5/01/2015
    Nice Quality

    I like their website design more than all others. It's very clear and user-friendly. This package almost contains what I need. Quality is fantastic, I will recommend to all mums I know.

  258. 1/01/2015
    Best value daycare label pack!

    These are a fantastic variety of labels to use when sending littlies to school or daycare with all the different sizes! We use these on everything from containers to toys to drink bottles and bags!

  259. 16/12/2014
    I will recommend this to my friend

    I will recommend this to my friend!

  260. 10/12/2014
    Perfect for day care!

    A great combination pack with an assortment of sizes which has been so useful for my son's stuff at daycare and general days out.

  261. 3/12/2014
    Quality Products

    A great introduction to the world of labelling kids stuff. Name label with phone number saved my daughters bunny from being lost forever! Moral of the story - label everything with good quality labels that stay stuck on forever!

  262. 30/10/2014
    Great value

    Buying these again for #2 baby. Really good quality adhesives mean that the stickers have never had to be replaced so far in 2.5 years.

  263. 24/10/2014
    Great value product

    Good quality product! I came back to buy 2 more packs when it was on sale.

  264. 16/10/2014
    Great quality stickers

    Great value as there are plenty of stickers in different sizes. I stick some of these labels to my child's milk bottles and they are still intact after I sterilized them... several time! Highly recommend them to anyone

    Eden So
  265. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic product

    I purchased this pack for my son who was starting kindergarten. The labels (both iron on and stick on) are still going strong more than halfway into the school year! They not only look great, but are highly practical. There are enough labels left over that I will be able to use them next year as well. I have since ordered the same pack for my nephew who is in preschool. Would highly recommend this product to anyone!!

    Brooke Carpenter
  266. 16/10/2014
    Great lasting quality

    Second purchase for second child and still amazed by the quality and fast turn around. I still have plenty of stickers left from my first child too, so they last a while... Highly recommend

    Katrina Guest
  267. 16/10/2014

    Great kit, great quality, great colours, great durability! I am so in love with these labels! I am a very happy return customer!

    Sharon Gohery
  268. 16/10/2014

    I bought this package for my Granddaughter (starting Day Care) Seem to be good quality and value for money. Will see how durable they are SOON!!!! Very GOOD DELIVERY SERVICE

    Barbara Brissett
  269. 16/10/2014

    I bought this pack for my eldest starting preschool. Amazing pack and great quality

    Sarah Squillace
  270. 16/10/2014
    fantastic pack!

    Love this pack everything we need for childcare all in one!

    Nora Chew
  271. 16/10/2014
    Happy customer

    Great product, speedy delivery. Thank you!

    Mark Morley
  272. 16/10/2014
    preschool pack

    Very happy with quality of stickers. This is the second value pack I have purchased due to demand for stickers! The first lot purchased over two yeas ago have not faded and most are still stuck on various items including containers that regularly go into dishwasher

    Rebecca Elliott
  273. 16/10/2014
    Everything I Need

    Brilliant, good quality, perfect for labelling everything for daycare.

    Jill Ray
  274. 16/10/2014

    Gave this label kit as a newborn gift. Parents were so pleased. The ordering was super easy and was in my letter box 3 days later. I will be definitely ordering again!

    cassie hose
  275. 16/10/2014
    Very Pleased

    I purchased these labels for my daughter when she first started daycare. Fell in love with the quality, so I ordered some for my niece and nephew now my sister is obsessed with labelling everything. I have since had to purchase more labels to name toys and storybooks. Very good value too.

    Paula Deery
  276. 16/10/2014
    Preschool / Daycare Labels Kit

    This pack included a great variety of labels and I especially loved the shoe labels! Website was easy to use, quick delivery & great communication. Would definitely recommend!

    Tania Harvey
  277. 16/10/2014

    So happy to find a product that sticks!!! I have all of bubs toys, bags, bottles labeled and the plus is regardless of the amount of times I steam, clean and rinse the bottles they still don't budge.

    Danielle Clarke
  278. 16/10/2014
    Awesome Product

    love the Pre-school/Day Care Kit is absolutely Fantastic love it. Super quick postage orded it on Tuesday and received it on Thursday.

    Laura Sultana
  279. 16/10/2014
    These labels are great!

    I'm so impressed with the stick on labels, they didn't come off in the steriliser or dishwasher :) The iron on labels are also great, have gone through the wash and still in one piece! Very pleased and will be back for more!

    Carina Campbell-Seal
  280. 16/10/2014
    Daycare label kit

    I love the foot shaped shoe labels!

    Laura Offerman
  281. 16/10/2014
    Iron on Labels

    Fantastic mix of labels in the pack, good quality last in the dishwasher and the washing machine.

    Kate Plumridge
  282. 16/10/2014
    Great Value

    Love the labels they stick to most containers and I have had some for 6 years and they haven't budged!!!! Highly recommend!

    Jodie Elisara
  283. 16/10/2014
    Ineke Cornish

    I am really impressed with the efficiency of this company- the website is easy to negotiate, ordering process is hassle free and most importantly the product is excellent and exactly as described and delivered promptly. Highly recommended!

    Ineke Cornish
  284. 16/10/2014
    Amazing time saver!!!!

    Before my twin boys started their day care, I realised I had so many stuff that I needed to label. I also bought extra cloth labels as well as this. I can not recommend enough that it saved so much time and hastle. It also looks so lovely!

    Mikiko Kato
  285. 16/10/2014
    Daycare kit

    I ordered this Sunday night and received them Tuesday morning!! What great quick turnaround! These stickers are everything I wanted and a few surprises. Love the shoe stickers shaped like a foot :) Thank you, the labels turned out great!

    Amy Bergan
  286. 16/10/2014

    Absolutely love this product! Comes with a great selection of different sizes, the designs are super cute and the postage was fast!

    Tara Dunshore
  287. 16/10/2014
    Great Starter Kit

    When my second little one started at daycare, I decided to try this kit out and it has met all my needs thus far. The iron-on labels are much easier to apply compared to others. And, the other labels look great and works really well.

    Rebecca Scrimshaw
  288. 16/10/2014
    Great selection of stick-on and iron-ons labels

    Great selection of stick-on and iron-ons labels of different sizes, which we used. Easy and quick to use. Great Designs. Shoe labels meant his $600 orthotics haven't got lost! Speedy delivery.

    Ruth Ford
  289. 16/10/2014
    Loved them!

    As a new mum, I wasn't sure what labels I would need when my son started child care. This pack was perfect :) Thank you!

    Kira Perry
  290. 16/10/2014
    Great product

    Very happy with my order, good quality stickers and my son loves the design. Fast delivery as well.

    Jeane Horas
  291. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Labels

    Happy with the delivery and product. I often purchase these labels for new babies as a gift when I know the Mums will be receiving lots of stuff, and they are very well received!

    Elaine Moore
  292. 16/10/2014
    Very impressive

    Great range of stickers and iron-ons. Very easy to use and great quality.

    Kym Forbes-Warner
  293. 16/10/2014
    Very Happy!

    Very happy with our day care package. Very quick postage and looked exactly as expected.

    melissa milich
  294. 16/10/2014
    Brilliant selection!!

    Fast delivery. Really useful selection/mix of labels in their designs, that I will be able to use for the next couple of years at least!! Great product, highly recommend!

    Louisa Frisby
  295. 16/10/2014
    Fabulous Product

    This product is fantastic for mums trying to work out how to label everything for the first daycare day.

    Jayne Pozzan
  296. 16/10/2014
    Great pack

    I was having trouble choosing between sizes of labels and saw this pack with a variety. They are nicely printed labels and handy sizes. They were delivered very quickly.

    Marnie Stilo
  297. 16/10/2014
    Great quality and easy to use

    I bought these labels for my baby at daycare. They are very pretty, so far they being durable, after a few washes they still look like new. They are very easy to apply, same with the name clothes labels. I'm very happy I bought this product.

    Eugenia A. Cuevas Monzon
  298. 16/10/2014
    A great range

    These labels arrived so quickly_ within a couple of days! There's a great range of sizes and they look really neat.

    Kylie Bolton
  299. 16/10/2014

    These labels really stay stuck and are easy to identify children's clothing.

    Katrina Brett
  300. 16/10/2014
    Great labels

    I love the bright designs. The labels stay on despite numerous washes through dishwasher, washing machine and hand washing.

    Kim Druve
  301. 16/10/2014
    Great labels

    Easy to use labels which come in numerous sizes perfect for labeling all my kids things they take to daycare.

    Paige Fleming
  302. 16/10/2014
    Very handy

    Great labels. Withstand the dishwasher no dramas!

    Amanda Rattigan
  303. 16/10/2014
    Great looking and tough labels!

    Fantastic labels that after many runs through the dishwasher and washing machine still look as great as the day I stuck them on.

    Blaise Porter
  304. 16/10/2014
    Daycare labels

    Shipping was super fast! Great service

    Lori Young
  305. 16/10/2014
    Great Labels

    These were perfect for my 3yo daughter at kindergarten. She knows her things have a blue label with a butterfly, which means all of her things now come home! Great fast delivery too.

    Krysty Green
  306. 16/10/2014
    Just what I was looking for

    This is the second time I've ordered this product and it's still a great product. The labels are clear to read and easy to use. I found there's lots of things for me to label and having the different sizes makes it perfect.

    Belinda Holst
  307. 16/10/2014
    Great service

    I received my order within a few days of placing it. The product is of great quality. The labels have been through the dishwasher and washing machine many times and look as good as new.

    Anita Rundle
  308. 16/10/2014
    Fast delivery, look great, and don't come off

    I ordered the Preschool and Daycare Labels Kit when my son started Daycare. The labels arrived super fast, and they look great! It's easy to use the iron-on labels, and I haven't had any problems with either the iron-on or stick-on labels coming off - even on his water bottle which is washed several times a day. I definitely recommend this product.

    Kathryn Morton
  309. 16/10/2014
    Great Product and Price

    Really useful and high quality products. I have washed the kids lunchboxes several times and they are still stuck on perfectly, will buy again!

    Melissa Lavery
  310. 16/10/2014
    Great Daycare Labels

    I love these sticky labels - they are easy to remove, but stay on well at the same time! The iron on labels are great, and the shoe labels handy. Great value.

    Eleisha Croot
  311. 16/10/2014
    Daycare labels

    Great range of labels and impressive delivery time. This will help make the transition to daycare so much easier!

    Louise Riches
  312. 16/10/2014
    Wonderful Product!

    I purchased this label kit when my child started Kindy. It arrived 2 days after I placed my order. The iron on labels were easy to apply and are still very well stuck to the garments after many washes. The stick on labels are also fantastic! When applied to plastic lunch containers they are stuck fast even after being washed up day after day.

    Kylie Marshall
  313. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Lables Kit

    Excellent I could not be happier with my purchase as my first daughter has just started preschool it has made my job so much easier. I will definitely buy again with my second child and have shared the link with my family and friends. I look forward to ordering again great quality at great prices. :)

    Tammy Lawrence
  314. 16/10/2014
    Love it!

    My daughter loves the labels! It's colours, fonts and icons are really catchy! The quality is really good, able to sterilize my daughter's milk bottle without problem. Sticks onto items well. Good Buy!

    Norashinta Mansoor
  315. 16/10/2014
    A great mix of labels

    The labels are all really useful - it is so handy to have the different sizes. I have bought a set for both my daughter and for my son over the last few years, the 2 year old labels are still going strong. I love the name labels, they are easy to use and last well.

    Emily Cameron
  316. 16/10/2014
    Pre-school and daycare labels

    This pack is really useful, and the iron on's and stickers are great quality. Not my first purchase from Bright Star and won't be my last, I'll definitely shop here again! Thanks for great quality and fast delivery!

    Michelle Ramirez
  317. 16/10/2014
    A bit of everything. A great starter pack

    We loved this pack. They have a little bit of everything with labels all different sizes including iron on for clothes. The labels don't come off in the dishwasher which is even better when sticking them to bottles

    Debbie Ng
  318. 16/10/2014
    Daycare labels

    I love the way these labels have held up, no sign of lifting or fading, and they have copped a beating! Very pleased.

    Chloe Halls
  319. 16/10/2014
    Daycare labels

    Love this pack, when my daughter started daycare I was told to label everything, but I had no idea how many labels or which sizes I would need. This pack offered the perfect assortment to get me organised. Plus I've had compliments on the gorgeous design!!

    Katerina Arnis
  320. 16/10/2014
    great product

    Bought these labels 4yrs ago for my daughter and they have outlasted most things they've been stuck to. Just ordered some more for my baby son.

    Lisa Yewers
  321. 16/10/2014
    Label Kits

    These are great. Labels for everything your child needs and they stay on through dishwasher and washing machine. The kids love choosing their own patterns and colours as well.

    Sarah Woodward
  322. 16/10/2014
    Great Starter Kit

    Such a great kit with every type of label you need for your little one to start school, preschool or daycare. Thanks so much. Great delivery time too. Really quick service.

    Kaysie Cordi
  323. 16/10/2014
    Daycare pack

    An ideal multipack of stickers and iron-on labels and once applied they stay stuck... Through the dish washer and washing machine. Order came very quickly in the post too.

    Anna Slattery
  324. 16/10/2014
    A Must Have in School

    Having a child in prep is so exciting! This is one of the things i need in school to help my child recognize her belongings! Can't wait to have one!

    Aisah Edubos
  325. 16/10/2014
    preschool labels for kids

    What a great starter kit for Kindy, very very happy.

    Emma Direen
  326. 16/10/2014
    Great pack of essential labels

    A great pack of labels for the daycare/preschool essentials. Easy to apply and so far very durable. A great product.

    Jen Shaw
  327. 16/10/2014
    Great Product

    These labels are excellent. They stand out and make items easier to find and they adhere well and don't come off. We are very happy.

    Catherine Hickey
  328. 16/10/2014
    Very good

    Love this product. The stickers survive dishwasher and hand washing on pre-school food containers and bottles. The iron on labels bond with the clothes, and are easy to apply. Would recommend them to anyone

    Jennifer Mitchell
  329. 16/10/2014
    Preschool and Daycare Labels Kit

    Really enjoying the labels so day. I ironed my first iron on one a little long but it is fine and still works. Price great. Don't really have any complaints!

    Kathryn Cross
  330. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare labels

    This is an excellent pack. It has everything you need for children going to kinder or daycare. So easy to use

    Melissa Butler
  331. 16/10/2014
    Soooooo Easy

    I ordered these labels for my grandson as he was beginning day care. My daughter found them so easy to apply to his clothing, shoes and all the other items which needed to be labelled. Thank you for a wonderful product

    Elizabeth Morgan
  332. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic kit

    I ordered this kit for my son starting day care. The labels are so durable and I have so many spare!

    Jessica Haagmans
  333. 16/10/2014
    Great start

    Perfect for little ones starting daycare. Plenty of labels to cover all your eating containers, bottles, drink cups, clothes & bag tags. Also very good if you are not sure what size labels to get when starting out as you can see what you use the most from this mixed bag.

    Lauren Yuen
  334. 16/10/2014
    Excellent starter pack

    I bought this pack and it is awesome for new kinder kids.

    Jenny Pinniger
  335. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    Ordered these for my first child for daycare and she is still using for kinder this year, very impressed with quantity and value that have ordered a pack for my son whom will be starting daycare soon!

    Yvette Atkins
  336. 16/10/2014
    Starter kit

    Great product to get started definitely will buy more.

    Lauren Hughes
  337. 16/10/2014
    Great Product.

    They arrived a lot quicker than I expected which was great and they are excellent quality. I'm impressed that they are still on after numerous times through the dishwasher.

    kristy hulme
  338. 16/10/2014
    Great pack

    Great kit for starting daycare or preschool. The labels last and a bright and fun. Customer service is excellent and the postage was fast for the last minute back to school rush.

    Tara Randall
  339. 16/10/2014
    Very quick service!

    The labels I received for my son were excellent exactly what I needed and was the right amount. I think the price was reasonable also. Definitely will be using Bright Star Kids again! Thanks again for a speedy delivery as well.

    Bahar Yalcin
  340. 16/10/2014
    great value

    Great value for money. Very good quality too.

    Kathryn Deans-Smith
  341. 16/10/2014
    Great customer service & great product

    The daycare pack was ace and covered all my needs. There was one small problem, however this was rectified within the hour and a replacement sent out express. Great service and great product!

    Melissa Alste
  342. 16/10/2014
    Great kit for daycare

    My son is about to start daycare and this kit is perfect. I have his shoes, clothes, bottles, hat and everything I can think of clearly identified with his label. The kit arrived within two days of ordering and I could not be happier with this product.

    Janelle Rowswell
  343. 16/10/2014

    I bought this pack for my daughter for kindy and was so happy with them. She picked out her colour and picture (light pink with a unicorn) and loves them! They wash well iron well and we haven't lost one yet!!

    Danielle Nolan
  344. 16/10/2014
    Great starter pack

    I bought this pack before my child started preschool. It was great in that it had a large variety of different labels- some of which I wouldn't have thought to purchase separately but which were very useful- such as shoe labels. This pack made labelling for preschool easy, and now I just order top ups of label types when they run out. All labels have worn well- I especially like the clothing labels- they look very neat and tidy and last!

    Rebecca Lance
  345. 16/10/2014

    Good quality labels and speedy delivery (even in January with the going back to school rush). Would have liked more iron on labels for childcare but will now just order these extra when I run out.

    Anna Robertson
  346. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic all rounder pack

    I got a set each for my daughter & son for daycare & was so impressed with speed of delivery & quality of products... Exactly what I had hoped for & my daughter loved choosing her favourite colour & animal. No more lost & found box for our belongings as they are easily identifiable now.

    Michele McKenna
  347. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels

    Excellent bundle of Labels, with labels for everything. I used the Labels for all the Kindy items, my little one can tell which are his items, Great for Mum too. Very Happy. Thanks Bright Star Kids.

    Jen Spring
  348. 16/10/2014
    Great set of labels!

    This kit was perfect for starting kinder this year. The labels are really cute and are good quality - they stayed on and are as good as new after a run through the diswasher. The clothing labels are easy to apply. Highly recommend!

    Elizabeth Harris
  349. 16/10/2014
    Great Value

    This is a really great pack with a good balance of different types of labels. I purchased this pack when my son started preschool. He is just about to start year 3 and only now am I having to reorder.

    Bernadette Devine
  350. 16/10/2014
    Great Value Bundle!

    This Daycare bundle of labels is fantastic value! My son has attended childcare for the last 3 years and these have been so useful in not losing all of his items. There were also enough labels in this bundle to last us the whole 3 years. Recommended to anyone with preschool children.

    Emma Molineux
  351. 16/10/2014

    This is the first time i have purchased these labels, they arrived quickly and i love them they were cute, thus far it has not come off any clothing a lunch boxes will be back for more for my second child.

    Marietta Dominello
  352. 16/10/2014
    Daycare/preschool kit

    This is a great product, and it arrived really quickly. The labels are surviving both the dishwasher and washing machine well. There are HEAPS of stick-on labels, which is great but I found it a little short on the clothing labels when you have a preschooler whose undies all need to be labeled! (I had to order more.) For my needs a few less stick-on labels and more clothing labels would have been ideal. Nonetheless a quality product.

    Emma Tomkins
  353. 16/10/2014
    Preschool pack

    First time I have ordered the preschool and daycare pack I thought they would be hard to use but I must say they are easy and such a great idea I highly recommend these labels.

    Rachelle Price
  354. 16/10/2014
    Fabulous products!

    Love these stickers! So many ways to personalise, lots of colours & logos. VERY sticky, have not yet come off any bottles or containers and had some for almost 12 months. Very satisfied, thanks!

    Rhonda Lockhart
  355. 16/10/2014
    Great look, quality and value!

    This is the second time I've ordered the Daycare Labels Kit, and I'm just as happy the second time around. Ordering the labels was super easy, and the speed in which I received them was again a pleasant surprise. I remember thinking that we got so many labels in the kit when I got them for my first child, perhaps because they came off and needed to be replaced. Well, 3 and a half years later, the stickers and iron-ons are still well stuck (and look as new!), even after so many washes and so much use. There's just a couple of labels that are coming up at the corners, but after all this time I can't complain. Other friends who have these BSK labels also love them, this is the kind of product I have no hesitation coming back for.

    Marcela Ramirez
  356. 16/10/2014
    Vicki Martin

    Fantastic! From easy ordering to fast delivery! Easy to use products that i am very impressed with!

    Vicki Martin
  357. 16/10/2014
    Always a pleasure

    I have purchased the daycare pack for each of my children (over the last 6 years), I am pleased to say that the labels are impressive when they first arrived (very quickly) and continue to be impressive years down the tracks, I still have my first borns labels (6 years on) handy and in use, no deterioration what so ever. I recommend these to any body who asks

    Sandra Vouch
  358. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Pack

    Great and useful pack with everything needed for starting preschool or day care, It takes the stress out of labelling everything and is great for tose of us that are time poor.

    Louise Bedford
  359. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Pack

    Fantastic product, highly recommended.

    Melinda Saragih
  360. 16/10/2014
    Excellent value for money

    This is the second purchase I have made with "Bright Star Kids" and I couldn't be happier. The labels are good quality, they don't fall off in the wash and they are excellent value for money.

    Kate Powell
  361. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Pack

    I purchased this pack for my daughter 3 years ago and I am still using them. I have now also purchased the same pack for my two sons, one who is starting kindy and the other just for when we are out and about. Love this product

    Aimee Martin
  362. 16/10/2014
    Daycare kit

    I have tested these labels for 6 months now and even with lots of washing, scrubbing and sterilizing they still look as good as new. Because the pack has 160 labels.. i feel like I've barely used any! Still lots left for the years to come!

    Dorothy Lim
  363. 16/10/2014
    Top quality labels

    I bought this pack for my son who has started day care. I received them in the mail VERY quickly, and they are exceptional quality, iron on labels stick on well, and beautiful colours and finish. I have told everyone about these!

    Quynh Goldsmith
  364. 16/10/2014
    Love them.

    I ordered a set of these for my youngest going into preschool. The postage was fast. The quality is high. They look great.

    Kirsty Cochrane
  365. 16/10/2014
    Sooo Easy!

    I love this preschool label kit. It was so easy to apply all the stickers to his preschool stuff. And there is a label for everything. I have washed it all a few times now and the labels are as good as new; the lunch box and drink bottle labels and the clothing labels. Thank you Bright Star Kids! I will definitely be ordering more!

    Gillian Glover
  366. 16/10/2014
    'great quality'

    this value pack is such great money spent! just bought my second child's and still think 'great quality'. still have plenty for my first child which did 3&4 yr old kinder and now school this year. fantastic!!!

    bianca crawford
  367. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic product

    I am so pleased with these stickers. The quality is excellent and they are easy to apply. Lovely designs and the customer service was excellent. I was kept up to date on my order and the delivery. Excellent product and service. I highly recommend Bright Star Kids stickers!

    Sue Piper
  368. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    I bought one of these for my eldest child over 4 years ago and the labels are still well attached on food containers that are used almost every day. I have recommended these kits to many of my friends and have just purchased a 2nd one for my youngest child starting daycare.

    Shena Dale
  369. 16/10/2014

    I bought this pack for my daughter starting prep. She is now in year 4 & the labels I put on her original lunch box & books are still going strong, no fading at all. I bought another pack for my son starting school last year. GREAT PRODUCT

    Emma Dalziell
  370. 16/10/2014
    Daycare value pack

    The daycare value pack was awesome...had exactly everything I needed to get my little girl to daycare for the first time. Daycare even commented on how it was great everything was labelled...

    Joanne Evans
  371. 16/10/2014
    Shelly B

    I love these value packs. This is my third year in a row to order these. Have extra stickers to use all year around. Also the stickers NEVER come off after lot's of washing in the dishwasher. Great product

    shelly bailey
  372. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Label Value Kit

    This pack is great as it covers everything that you need. I was going to buy a labelmaker, but now I don't need to as this had shoe labels, clothing labels, container labels as well as small labels. Will be back for more later in the year when season changes. They last for ages even with washing.

    Jacqui Trimnell
  373. 16/10/2014

    I love the stickers and the whole pack contains what it needs. My little one is so happy to have labels like this. Will definitely order again!

    Zuzana Ezekiel
  374. 16/10/2014
    Last for years!

    This kit has lasted me for years! I label everything that goes to kindy with my son, even food dishes for the Christmas party. Cute, practical stickers!

    Leonie Breen
  375. 16/10/2014

    Loved that the pack contains all the essential labels when starting daycare. Will definitely order again!

    Krista Brown
  376. 16/10/2014
    Great idea!

    Super happy with this product and now feel more ready for my little one's first day in care. Delivery was very quick and the labels are very good quality.

    Amy McKenzie
  377. 16/10/2014
    Love them!

    So pleased with the product, so glad I don't have to use texta to write on sons containers and clothes anymore.

    Jessica Rowe
  378. 16/10/2014
    Awesome labels.

    As a first time mum I was unsure about labels for my sons clothing and personal belongings for daycare. I was amazed at how great this kit was everything I needed was included in one convenient envelope. Super quick delivery and was so excited with the little dragon motive I picked for my little one labels so easy to tell them apart from all the other children as bright star kids had so many designs.

    Amber Watson
  379. 16/10/2014
    Great labels

    Bright, easy to use labels. Love these and will be buying more! The pack is fantastic as my son is just starting daycare and we now have everything beautifully labelled so hopefully we won't lose too many belongings!

    Natalie Cooper
  380. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic Useful & Thoughtful Product

    This pack is an awesome gift for a child of any age. I have ordered this over and over for a gift and people absolutely love it. It is useful and thoughtful. A quality product from BSK!

    Genevieve Esgate
  381. 16/10/2014
    Great variety of labels

    I bought this pack for my daughter as she is starting Kindergarten this year. She loved choosing the style and colour for the tags. Was posted the very next day! Awesome work BSK!

    Julie Rose
  382. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic bright and cute

    Such a breeze to use the cute labels in this kit. My daughter adores them and thinks there great and was even able to help me label some of her stationary. There bright and easy to read! Going to be getting more really soon!

    Ashleigh Schroeter
  383. 16/10/2014
    Best money spent

    I absolutely love these they are great for labelling everything I was so worried that my son would lose things when he went to kinder then I found these they are great value and every parent should have at least one set for their kids

    Robyn Delaney
  384. 16/10/2014
    Great Value!

    What great value. We got a set of these for my eldest when he started pre-school. The shoe stickers lasted longer than his shoes! We were so happy with this product we are about to order a second set for my youngest who starts pre school next year.

    Kylie Taylor
  385. 16/10/2014
    Pre-school & Daycare kit

    Loved the labels, very cute, definitely worth buying and perfect for my baby's stuff in daycare.

    Margaretha Salim
  386. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Label Kit

    I love this kit as they stick to everything that they need to and I love the bright colours. I first got them when my daughter started kindy and I have used them ever since.

    Vanessa Hobbs
  387. 16/10/2014
    Brilliant Quality & Colours!

    Bought these on the recommendation of a friend and could not be happier when they arrived! The colours are so vibrant and love that you can customise with different shapes and symbols. I would definitely recommend these labels!

    Claudine Smith
  388. 16/10/2014
    AMAZINGLY quick turnaround, quality product

    Amazing prompt service and turn around. Labels look fab. Finally an online shopping experience in Australia worth shouting about!

    Kristy Brown
  389. 16/10/2014
    Lovely little labels!

    Lovely, numerous and adorable. I bought this kit last year for my blue dinosaur loving nephew so he could comfortably go to day care and kinder. This year I bought another set for my niece with purple frogs. The shoe labels are extremely handy and the dinos got rave reviews. The clothes labels are neat and small and the different sizes are very useful. Thank you twice!

    Sarah Morey
  390. 16/10/2014

    Ordered this product more than once. Very happy with the service and the quality. Thank you

    Rachael Haney
  391. 16/10/2014
    Great service, great prices

    I have ordered these labels for all three of my kids now and we love them. The price is better than any competitors and being local they deliver so fast! The labels stick well and the kids love the different designs, it makes it easier for me to tell who's is who's with the drink bottles etc. The daycare centre loves them too. I recommend this product to anyone.

    Louisa Stewart
  392. 16/10/2014
    Preschool pack

    I loved this pack and my little boy loves it as well he cant wait to show his new stickers off to his teachers. thanks heaps.

    Aleisha Trewren
  393. 16/10/2014

    labels are great. I have them on my daughters bottles and drink cups. they have been through the dishwasher and bottle steamer and still looking like new on the bottle for a year now. they are a great way to label objects and I will continue to use them. also very quick to receive these in the post.

    natasha bolton
  394. 16/10/2014
    Quantity and Quality

    The amount of stickers you get in this pack is absolutely perfect, stickers are beautifully printed and last forever!

    yasmin taleb
  395. 16/10/2014
    Ideal solution!

    I ordered these labels for my son who was starting daycare and I am so happy with the quality. It has been six months now and all the labels on his clothes have stayed on and still look great. The labels on his lunch boxes and drink bottle have been through the dishwasher on almost a daily basis and they still look like new! Never come off or fade. These are honestly so much better than I expected and I will definitely be ordering some more for when my second child starts daycare. Thank you for a great product!

    elena nikolaou
  396. 16/10/2014
    Daycare labels

    I purchased the daycare labels and am very happy with them. Great colours and cute characters on them. I'm excited to use them for when my little one starts childcare. I have already started using them on her toys and bottles so we dont get them mixed up with her little friends.

    tracy abbott
  397. 16/10/2014
    Very nicely printed

    The labels are very nicely printed with excellent colors and icons, very pretty!

    Lin Hunter
  398. 16/10/2014
    Good value labels

    Very happy with this pack. I have purchased it for two of my three children and the labels have worn well at daycare! Will order for my third when she starts. The only downside is sometimes the labels come off after several washes through the dishwasher but considering the wear and tear I am not too worried about this aspect.

    Julie Willey
  399. 16/10/2014
    Clear, fun label set

    You can't miss your child's gear with this versatile label set. My son's daycare things always come back. His teacher now has a brochure on the notice board so that more parents will use them. Fun designs and perfect size.

    Cathy Cooper
  400. 16/10/2014
    Love it!!

    Love it! Love it! Love it!! Thank you. Will definitely be back.

    Melissa Mostyn
  401. 16/10/2014

    These labels are amazing. Since putting then on my daughters belongings we have never lost anything at daycare plus she loves the foot shaped shoe label.

    Julia Lackenby
  402. 16/10/2014
    Daycare value pack is good value

    Love love love them. My son starts childcare next week in the nursery and the labels are great. I had to label the bottles, caps, kids and all his clothes and I got great value out of this pack. I have so many spare labels for when I need to label food containers etc in the future. The pencil labels we were perfect for his bottle lids and caps. Great size for small things. So happy.

    Leeara Harley
  403. 16/10/2014
    Great Product

    Very happy with my labels that I am going to buy some more. Love the Tiny Pencil labels

    Kelly Barratt
  404. 16/10/2014
    Great start up kit

    Great start up kit for young ones starting at day care or school. Has everything to get you started with labelling your kids clothes, lunch box, shoes and other belongings. Very good quality too.

    Lorissa Dunne
  405. 16/10/2014
    great product

    Good value, good quality & fast delivery. Iron labels are easy to use & great for day care! Will be returning to purchase more!

    Annie McVerry
  406. 16/10/2014

    Ordered on Monday Night arrived Thursday, Excellent product and I am very happy with everything will be ordering more.

    Sharra Holborow
  407. 16/10/2014
    Preschool and daycare label kit

    I love it!!! The printing quality is great! The quality of the labels is excellent!!! Will definitely order from bright star kids again :)

    Liviu Romascanu
  408. 16/10/2014
    Good quality

    Good quality and fast delivery. Package is good as well. I will back again.

    Yu Fan
  409. 16/10/2014

    Great volume of labels and they are very tough against water and scratches.

    Ayako Makino
  410. 16/10/2014
    Preschool and daycare label kit

    I received this pack today and couldn't be happier. The delivery was super fast (received 2 days after placing order). The printing quality of the labels is excellent. Also included are easy to follow instructions. Will definitely purchase from Bright Star Kids again. Thank you!

    Belinda Naish
  411. 16/10/2014
    Excellent for Kindy

    Bought this for my son when he started Kindy and he loves them. Never loose anything with this kit as it covers everything possible

    Amanda Joseph
  412. 16/10/2014

    A three time returning customer. Great value and fantastic, high quality, long lasting labels. Brought for my two daughters and now recommended my sister to by for hers!

    Kathleen Smith
  413. 16/10/2014
    Everything you need

    Love the iron on clothing labels, and everything else is covered too.

    Sally MacFarlane
  414. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic Value for Price

    This value pack is excellent value for the price. I purchased this pack 4 years ago for my first born and am still using the labels - they stretch a long way as you get so many of them. I definitely recommend you purchase this pack, you will be extremely happy with the value of it!

    Alison Whitehead
  415. 16/10/2014
    Daycare Label Pack

    I actually used these for my daughter when she started Kindy, and am STILL using them now she's in pre-primary! MORE than enough labels included in this pack for uniforms, shoes, lunch containers etc. Ill be ordering the same pack for my next daughter when she starts Kindy next year, knowing I;ll get more than my money's worth!

    Marissa Williams
  416. 16/10/2014
    Great new designs!

    This is my 2nd order of the Daycare Labels and I'm loving the new designs! I was disappointed when I put in my last order as I really wanted a dragon design for my son who's born in the year of the dragon but there was no dragon design available. Imagine my joy and surprise when I found out that a dragon design is now available. I can't wait to start using the new labels!

    Adeline Wong
  417. 16/10/2014
    Good value!

    Everything looked very neat; the printing was of high quality. I had a bit of trouble with the first iron-on label I was using, but then I folded the transfer paper (baking paper) in half to make it thicker, and the label then attached to the fabric well.

    Kristiina Viirmann
  418. 16/10/2014
    Child Care Labels

    Very happy with these labels!I couldn't believe how fast these labels arrived in the mail.

    Bianca Martin
  419. 16/10/2014

    These were so easy to apply and seem to be lasting well. Although 30 iron on labels was not enough, amazingly! I am just placing an order for another 60 iron on labels. I would have appreciated a few more sheets of cut transfer paper but no big deal really.

    Amity McCarthy
  420. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic product

    Great pack for daycare, I have been using these for my son for over 12 months and have never had a problem with them. Just ordered them for my daughter starting daycare soon. Great value for money.

    Hayley Hanks
  421. 16/10/2014
    Childcare labels

    I was so impressed by how fast the labels had arrived, just ordered them and the next day they were here. It was my first time using the labels, so effective and so easy to use. The iron on labels are amazing, I have labeled all my kids clothes and they do stay on the clothes. I would recommend this to any parent. Love this product!

    Kim Elbanna
  422. 16/10/2014
    Daycare Labels

    I have ordered these labels previously and they are fantastic as they do not peel off. This kit is great value for money and has everything you need. Great service - my order arrived quickly.

    Sarah Fichera
  423. 16/10/2014
    Happy Customer

    This pack is great. So many labels included in different sizes and even labels for my daughter's shoes. Excellent value for money (especially when compared to other companies) The pony icon is really cute :) I would definitely reccommend these to anyone. So much nicer to have these pretty labels instead of using an ugly black marker. Quick shipping too :o)

    Melissa Heagney
  424. 16/10/2014

    i've now had 4 packs of these labels and they've been great, stuck really well, not peeled or washed off, super fast delivery & great customer service

  425. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Labels Kit

    I ordered the preschool kit as my son is starting pre prep/kindy this year. My son was so excited when they arrived in the mail today. The labels were exactly as shown on the website and ordering them was really easy. I will definitely order from here again as it was value for money and my order arrived very quickly.

    Amber Anderson
  426. 16/10/2014
    Daycare labels

    Bought these labels for my 3 year old starting daycare. They are awesome' everything you need in one pack.

    Sarah Sheppard
  427. 16/10/2014

    What can I say? Great value, great product and arrived within a few days after I placed my order! Really looking forward to using these and I will continue to purchase my labels from Bright Star Kids

    Suzie Mayne
  428. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    What a fantastic Pack, everything I needed in it and more....

    Marie Lewis
  429. 16/10/2014

    I recently purchased four of these packs for my children. The kids love there personal labels and I'm impressed with the price. So much value and great for all ages. No more lost items for my children at school this year :-)

    Rebecca Swalwell
  430. 16/10/2014
    Just what I need

    I used this pack for the whole year, I was never short of a label for the job.

    Michelle Hendriks
  431. 16/10/2014
    Great mix of labels for starting school

    I bought this pack as a Christmas present for my nephew who is starting 'big school' this year. His Mum was thrilled (he wasn't quite so excited because it wasn't a toy!). The mix of labels are perfect for kindy kids who don't have their own pencils etc to take to school just yet but need all their lunch boxes and clothes labelled.

    Melissa Plummer
  432. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    This is the third time I have purchased this pack and I love it. I have boys so everything gets washed and washed. The iron on labels have never come off (or even lifted) and the lunchbox/drink bottle labels have never peeled off. Even if they did, I had ample labels to replace. Excellent value for a quality product.

    Lil Paglia
  433. 16/10/2014
    Great Value

    Just got this pack and both my little girl and I love it all. She couldn't wait to stick her name on everything she owned ready for Kindy.

    Cassandra Kelly
  434. 16/10/2014

    Great they last for ages! I love finding things to stick them on for my three kids! Plus I've brought for two others!

    Aaron Fordham
  435. 16/10/2014
    great value for money!!

    I loved these items, i have tried other brands that just have not lasted, I brought these last yr and they were fantastic and 1 yr later they are still good as new, will continue to buy threw bright star kids and recommend to everyone, thanks again.

    Jade Bywaters
  436. 16/10/2014
    Childcare starts made easy

    My daughter starts childcare next year and unlike my son her special outfits, hand-knits, water bottle and hats will never disappear. I always intended to sew labels onto my sons stuff but never did. This time round I took the easy option and am very happy with the cute and bright labels.

    Heather Marsh
  437. 16/10/2014

    Love the stickers, kids love them and no more losing things

    hayley carter
  438. 16/10/2014
    Great Value

    I purchased the Preschool/Daycare pack & I am very happy with what I received. I received my order within 2 business day & this pack is perfect for my son who is starting preschool in the new year. It has every label you need, clothing, footwear & general items & the right quantities of each. Compared to other websites the price is great. Other websites charge more & you get a lot less. I will purchase from Bright Star Kids again.

    Cynthia Williams
  439. 16/10/2014
    Fun and fantastic.

    This is the right amount of labels for my son who is starting Kindy next year. He loves fire engines so he is very excited to have a fire engine icon next to his name. We are using them for all the usual things but have also found them great for things like books. We are impressed with the value and quality of the labels.

    Heidi Allen
  440. 16/10/2014
    Daycare label bundle

    Easy to use ordering system, great choices to custom labels & fantastic standard delivery service. Labels arrive and are exactly as they appeared on the website. Very impressed with the quality also, they survive wash after wash, highly recommended :)

    Jayde Lees
  441. 16/10/2014
    Great Value

    I bought this set when my little boy was starting daycare. So easy to label everything at once, and they arrived so quickly and are super easy to use. There were heaps of stickers and they last really well. I did run out of iron on labels (toddlers grow so fast!) before I used all the stickers, but I just bought a set of the iron on dots. Such a small investment to make (in money and time) for the peace of mind of keeping track of our belongings.

    Ann-Marie McQuire
  442. 16/10/2014

    I bought this for my son when he first started preschool and now he is about to start big school and I'm still using them. Very good value for money

    Kate Martin
  443. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    LOVE this package! My kids got a kit each, which they helped me create. Colours and designs are very attractive, I highly doubt my children, who will both be starting Preschool and Daycare next year, will get their belongings lost. This kit is definitely value for money and I recommend it to all families who have young children starting school! Will definitely be buying more in future! Thank you!

    Crizel Thorpe
  444. 16/10/2014

    Fast Delivery. Every label you would need for day care. Don't come off in the wash.

    Julie Cross
  445. 16/10/2014

    Best Labels by far! So easy to identify my childrens belongings and I can't use enough of them! Great colour choices make it easy to separate from other peoples belongings (a lot of people at the daycare use these as well)

    Helen Marshall
  446. 16/10/2014
    Pre-School and Day Care Labels

    Love Love Love! Just arrived only 3 days after I ordered them and exactly as they looked on screen. Cannot wait to get everything labeled so it all comes home :)

    Rachel Barnetet
  447. 16/10/2014
    Pre-School & Day Care labels

    This is a fantastic package and the labels are very durable. Have recommended the labels to my sister, my friends and my co-workers who are all repeat customers.

    Gwendolynn Chua
  448. 16/10/2014
    Melissa McKenzie

    I love this pack. It contains everything we needed to label all of Hamish's belongings for child care. Super fast delivery ensured that we had everything ready to go for his first day. The quality of all the products is fantastic, however I'm most impressed with the Iron On Labels. They are so easy to apply to the clothes and haven't deteriorated at all in the wash. I've just ordered some more as there weren't enough Iron On Labels in the pack and am eagerly awaiting their delivery.

    Melissa McKenzie
  449. 16/10/2014
    Awesome Kit!

    I love these labels and could not resist to order another label kit for my second child!

    Kylie Thornley
  450. 16/10/2014
    Preschool and Daycare Labels Kit

    Woot woo what fantastic, fast service! I LOVE LOVE the labels and putting them on was easy & my little girl loved them - her older sister has now just asked me to order some for school! Iron on labels are great sooo easy (I need easy!) Thank you for this great product!

    Tammy Brown
  451. 16/10/2014
    Daycare labels

    Value for money. Great pack. It has everything I need for my little girl who starts daycare this week.

    Linda Cornish
  452. 16/10/2014
    Great value for money

    I placed my order and got it within a couple of days. The final product was better than I expected. The main stickers are so cute (I picked the train image with blue background) and the iron-on stickers are so easy to put on. Would definitely recommend this pack as the perfect starter pack for daycare/pre-school

    Valentina Jovanovic
  453. 16/10/2014

    Fantastic product, even better than described. Super fast (and free) postage, amazingly helpful for this disorganised mother. So happy! Will be back again for sure!

    Carlin Lee
  454. 16/10/2014
    Great starter pack

    This pack is great value for money and the labels are wonderful quality. Has everything you need, although I did order more iron clothing labels as I ran out.

    Vanessa Car
  455. 16/10/2014
    Daycare labels

    I purchased this pack for my son for daycare and it was great. I used the stickers to label his water bottles and have used the iron on labels on all his clothes he wears to daycare and his hat. They have stayed on and the shoe labels are such a great idea I'm now confident that nothing will get lost.

    Sonia Giggins
  456. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    Fantastic, especially for steriliser.

    Rada Mulhere
  457. 16/10/2014
    Perfect for Childcare

    This set provided us with all the labels we needed for our little one to go to childcare! And childcare were very impressed as made their job so much easier as labels were so clear.

    Lynsey McCulloch
  458. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    OMG these labels are fantastic. My 17 month old just started child care and I have labelled her bottles, jackets, shoes, everything with these labels. I love that you can completely individualise the labels because there's so many different icons and colours to choose from. Now I need to wait until my 2 month old goes to child care too, so I can buy more!

    Kerry Downey
  459. 16/10/2014
    works well and lasts for ages

    Got this pack for my son when he was 9 months old and he is now 3 and I still havent run out. Put them on his bottles for child care. They even go well in the microwave. Just bought another pack for my daughter.

    Jessica Hall
  460. 16/10/2014
    Perfect set

    Exactly what you need for a starter kit. I have a 2yr old who started Daycare and so far everything I've labelled has come back to us. The range of sizes is great for labeling clothes, school bags, lunch boxes, shoes you name it. It's so affordable... Love love love it!!!

    Ngoc Chau Nguyen
  461. 16/10/2014
    daycare label pack

    These packs are great value, so many labels. I especially like the shoe labels, they stay stuck on and even after the shoes are worn out, the labels are still there.

    Helen Farmer
  462. 16/10/2014
    Perfect for kinder

    I purchased these stick on labels for my 4yr old starting kinder. She absolutely loves her "Butterfly name" and can easily identify which lunchbox and drink bottle is hers from the sticker. We haven't lost any clothing yet either. The stickers are bright and of excellent quality. Can't wait till my son starts kinder so we can choose his stickers. Thanks once again for a fabulous product and service.

    Tina Forgione
  463. 16/10/2014
    Fab daycare labels!

    These arrived so quickly, within 3 days to WA-an impressive feat! They are very cute and extremely good quality. I can't wait to use them.

    Victoria Brownlie
  464. 16/10/2014

    These are the best quality labels that I have used. My daughter absolutely loved them, expecially the foot shaped shoe label!! And the extremely fast delivery!! Thank you so much, I can't wait till the kids need new ones :D

    Dannielle Young
  465. 16/10/2014
    Excellent Value

    I bought these for my daughter when she was 4 and we are still using them now that she's 7! With free shipping they are the best value around. I'm now ordering for my second daughter who has just turned 4.

    Naomi Gigney
  466. 16/10/2014
    No more missing containers or clothes

    My little girl started daycare a few weeks back and within that time she came home without 3 food containers, a few spoons, 1 jumper and 2 pairs of socks. Very frustrating and expensive to replace. I love that these name stickers have great designs and colours, are value for money and best of all her items are now returning home. Thank you brightstarkids.

    Katherine Perks
  467. 16/10/2014
    Thank you!!!

    These are fantastic! Have had to buy more iron ons for the winter clothes she will be needing soon. Will be buying for my son when he needs some too.

    Erica Draper
  468. 16/10/2014
    Just love them

    I just got my 3 sets of labels for my kids and I love them. They are so bright, colorful and fun and the older kids enjoyed creating their own labels online and checking out the previews before making their decision. The labels arrived so fast and added to the excitement.

    Diane Phillips
  469. 16/10/2014

    The delivery was so quick and there were so many labels included in the pack. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    Sarah Phillips
  470. 16/10/2014

    The quality of the tags was amazing, they really do last. We are making good use of all the labels and have not lost any school items yet!

    Renee Pola-Kuras
  471. 16/10/2014

    This pack is not just for kids. I ordered these last year when my kids started school. My Dad has just moved into a nursing home and I've ordered a pack for him (and additional iron on clothing labels) to ensure all his personal items aren't lost. Thanks Bright Star Kids for making my life easy.

    Ingrid Rubino
  472. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic product!

    Thank you for your awesome product. I searched online at what felt like dozens of label companies but kept coming back to BSK because of the great range of products and the excellent prices. The day care pack is a fantastic selection of very useful, practical and stylish labels.They stay on perfectly through washing and sterilising, but come off without problem when needed. I have just ordered more of your products, and will continue to do so in the future.

    Lauren Surplice
  473. 16/10/2014
    Great product!

    I have been looking for labels for my Son as he's just about to start kindergarten, and I came across these kits from Bright Star Kids. They are awesome as the kits contain all the labels you'll ever need such as clothing and shoe labels and labels for lunch boxes. It means you can cover all your bases with one simple purchase. Super fast delivery too which is a bonus!

    Analia Shearer
  474. 16/10/2014
    Great Value!

    Did lots of research to find the best deal and Bright Star came out best. Great value for money, excellent product and very happy with the quick turnaround - ordered on a Friday afternoon and received a text on the Saturday to say that my order had been despatched! Will definitely buy again for school and recommend to others.

    Lauren Hunter
  475. 16/10/2014
    Daycare Labels

    I bought this pack for my daughter when she started playgroup - the stickers are still on ALL the containers, lunchbox, drink bottles, hats etc. 2 years later despite constant washing and use! This is much to the surprise of other Mums at playgroup who used other websites to get their labels. I have now happily bought the pack again for my son knowing that they will be the same high quality!

    Kate Dunlop
  476. 16/10/2014
    Good selection

    The perfect selection with a bit of everything to get you started. Great for my daughter's first year of school. Enough labels to last the whole year - and more! The shoe labels stay on really well too.

    Rawinia Gregory
  477. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic Value

    Great selection of good quality stickers and clothing labels. Arrived super quick in the post. Fantastic value. We used them for a variety of items- lunchbox, bottles, shoes, bags, clothes etc. My daughter thought they were fantastic - she's 4 - she loved the Butterfly motif. These stickers are fantastic for younger children learning to recognise their name. Due to the amount in the pack, we will definately have enough for at least one more year of school- making it even more economic.

    Kathryn Earley
  478. 16/10/2014
    Fast shipping, great product

    Thank you so much, I put my order in for the Day Care labels kit and received my order within 4 days. Can't believe how fast it came. The colours are bright and I'm looking forward to using them when my little boy starts childcare in 2 weeks. I ordered my daughter labels from another label company (ready to start school in 3 days), and I haven't received them yet - although I made the order 4 weeks ago. I really appreciate your prompt turn around. I'll be using BSK again!.

    Lucy Moore
  479. 16/10/2014
    This is so perfect

    I would urge every parent to get this label pack! Not only do you get everything you need to label everything your child will need for day care, it looks amazing and just adds character to otherwise boring labels...for me, it was even more special as a ladybird is the special creature we chose for our daughter, so it means even more to us. I would suggest also purchasing an extra 60 iron on labels, you're going to need them!

    Pete Murray
  480. 16/10/2014

    This pack is fantastic, especially since I didn't really know what I needed or how many! The range of colours and designs to choose from are great; it adds a personal touch to boring old labels.

    Katrina Munting
  481. 16/10/2014
    Great Product

    Great product and plenty of labels for what you need will buy more of these when I run out!

    Lana Jamieson
  482. 16/10/2014
    Great Value !

    The daycare label pack is great value. And you will definitely find a use for all of the labels in the pack. I have already used one pack and im now ordering a second one, they are great labels and excellent value.

    Courtney Nicholas
  483. 16/10/2014

    I ordered my labels on a Monday afternoon and it arrived Wednesday morning I was really pleased with the super fast postage. The labels are great my daugther and I enjoy putting labels on her school items. Just how we like it. Many thanks.

    Pauline Vandervalk
  484. 16/10/2014
    Preschool kit

    Great labels- bold colours & easy to read font (makes it clear & easy for kids to read their name). Excellent design & quality. Highly recommend over other companies- have tried others & these labels are the best.

    Nada Di Sario
  485. 16/10/2014
    Excellent product & speedy delivery

    Excellent product, love the colours, my girls were very excited to receive their labels. Delivery was very fast - I ordered on a Sunday and had them by the following Thursday, even though I live outside of a major metro area! I will definitely order again. Thank you

    Rowena Watson
  486. 16/10/2014
    Day Care Labels Pack

    I am very happy with the labels I purchased. There's lots to suit many purposes. I bought this pack for my daughter who is starting school this year. She's happy and I'm happy. Plenty left for future uses.

    Glenda Morris
  487. 16/10/2014

    This is the perfect pack for my daughter to start Kindy this year, I highly recommend it.

    Joanne Bonham
  488. 16/10/2014
    Great value

    Have just had my order delivered and was very happy with what I received. Plenty of labels in this pack which I'm sure will last me some time.

    Julie Perkins
  489. 16/10/2014
    Great labels - Son loves them

    Ordered the preschool package for my son and found it to be the best value around. Have used the labels for three months now and they have proven to be durable. Just ordered a second set for my other son.

    Bonnie Lau
  490. 16/10/2014
    Value pack

    Great value for what you get. They look great and stick on really well.

    Blair Hart
  491. 16/10/2014
    Great Variety

    I purchased two of these packs for my twins to label their stuff for daycare. They are great and I love the variety of different labels I got for the price!

    Lisa Thorneycroft
  492. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    Fantastic value! Everything I needed for my son starting at Prep. Excellent quality and look great. Arrived super fast. Will be shopping again, thank you.

    Amanda Nicholls
  493. 16/10/2014
    Great pack

    I first purchased this pack for my son so all his little things were clearly labeled. Now that I have a girl, I am loving all the girly designs. A great way to make sure that their things aren't mixed up, so no tantrums from my two little monkeys

    Connie Bugeja
  494. 16/10/2014
    Daycare Value Pack

    I got these for my son when he started creche, and I'm still using them 2 years later as he starts kinder. They really are great value and enough to cover all our items that would probably have been lost by now. Now that my daughter is starting creche, I've come back for more, I love all the different little icons that you can choose from.

    Sally Wolnizer
  495. 16/10/2014
    Bought it and ordering it again

    I have bought this set for my elder Daugther and now I will get it for the baby.

    Corinne Foo
  496. 16/10/2014
    Great Pack

    I first bought them for my daughter to label everything for Kindy. They were exactly what I needed and at a great price. I am going to purchase another pack for my son.

    Carly Walters
  497. 16/10/2014
    Great Value

    I love this package. I first purchased it for my Daughter when she started Kinder and I am now ordering another one for my Son who will be starting kinder this year. It has everything you need for your little one starting kinder and there are so many labels in this package that it will do you for a few years.

    Rebecca Baade
  498. 16/10/2014
    They last, and last, and last!

    I purchased the pre-school pack for my son when he started 3 years ago. The labels on his drink bottles outlast the drink bottles! The pack is exactly what I needed and has enough labels to last a few years. I have decided to get a new set for big school, he has outgrown the teddy bear icon! Highly recommend this pack.

    Amy Epple
  499. 16/10/2014
    Great value!

    This pack had everything we needed for our girl to start day care and it has lasted us nearly the whole way through. This was the best value for money. :)

    Tanya Klerkx
  500. 16/10/2014
    All purpose labels

    This is the second year in a row I have bought these labels for my kids and they are fantastic. The shoe stickers last longer then the shoes, the clothes labels haven't moved or lifted up at all. I recommend these labels to everyone with school or preschool kids.

    Rebecca McCredie
  501. 16/10/2014
    Great Efficiency!

    Ordered my labels at night. Got mailed out the next day. Had a problem with the postage as well but got refunded immediately without hesitation. Very prompt and efficient service!

    Adele Gordon
  502. 16/10/2014
    What a great range of labels

    Loads of different size labels for everything! I have been sticking the little pencil stickers on everything. My son loves his truck icon!

    Amy Ireland
  503. 16/10/2014
    Good Products!

    Good products with a good range of Bag Tags. I am happy with the purchase.

    carol york
  504. 16/10/2014
    what took you so long? hubby said

    This is a great pack, I can't believe I didn't try it sooner. My little girl has been at daycare for 2 years now but we only ordered these labels in the last month and I am kicking myself that we didn't order sooner. My princess & I think they're very cute and there is no mistaking which items belong to her at daycare now. Everything comes home, without any confusion. Plus it's all really easy to use. Loving it : )

    Caroline Scerri
  505. 16/10/2014

    I Love these. They stick to anything and my child recognises his own things from his picture on the label and colour.

    Katrina McGrath
  506. 16/10/2014
    Big fan of these labels

    I'm a great fan of these great quality labels. I ordered a "preschool & daycare labels kit" for my son, then as a gift for a friend and at least half a dozen of my friends have ordered them after seeing ours. I first didn't think I'd needed the tiny pencil labels for daycare but they are really handy to stick on toys (mostly cars and trains !) my son takes to daycare for "show and tell" / "news". They also help avoid confusion and upset when playing with friends with similar toys.

    Kikuko Hashimoto
  507. 16/10/2014
    excellent value

    This is a great deal and has certainly set my little boy up for starting day care. I love the feet stickers- very cute!

    rachael honeywood
  508. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic Service and product!!!

    Just had to write in and say what a great company, providing a great product and fantastic customer service and quick delivery times!! I will be recommending your site to all and will be placing another order very soon!!! Keep up the good work Bright Star Kids!!!!

    Natasha Rowe
  509. 16/10/2014
    Preschool and day care labels

    My two year old daughter loves showing her friends her labels on her shoes and other belongs "See Tilly Egarr, I'm Tilly Egarr" :)

    Donna Jones
  510. 16/10/2014
    Fastest Postage Ever!

    I ordered these labels on a Sunday night and they were in my letterbox on Tuesday. That has to be the fastest turn around ever! I bought the day care pack even though my daughter is about to start school. It had everything I needed all in one pack! She loves the colour (pink) and the icon (butterfly) and I can't wait to label everything! Perfect service and product - I would recommend you to anyone!

    Jennifer Swart
  511. 16/10/2014
    Great Labels

    Love these labels. Can't wait to go label crazy and stick them on all my daughter's belongings ready for daycare.

    Kylie Hoare
  512. 16/10/2014
    Happy Little Vegemite

    We surprised our son with ordering labels for his belongings and he was so excited when they arrived. The products are durable, look great, easy to use and most of all loved by the little one. Thanks!!

    Kate Tunny
  513. 16/10/2014
    Great Value

    These labels are fantastic and so adorable. I was hesitant at first, but they really stay on and are durable.

    Jennifer Jankowski
  514. 16/10/2014
    Great Product

    Thank you for the awesome labels. I received them so quickly (I paid for fast track) and they look great. I have now gone label mad and labelled all my sons things for him to start day care.

    Michael Hutson
  515. 16/10/2014
    Great labels

    Love these labels for kinder and day care, i've labelled everything that goes with my daughter and nothing has been lost all year. And my daughter loves the panda on her labels, they are her favorite :)

    mel moyle
  516. 16/10/2014
    Greate value for money and it's pretty as well!

    I googled to find the best value and decided to order from bright star kids. Name label looks pretty and it's great for value as well. I ordered for my little girl who started preschool this Monday. It arrived within 2 days!

    Gayoung Kim
  517. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic product and Service!

    I received the items very fast and was thrilled with the outcome of the items. They are brilliant and this was a brilliant idea. I have referred my entire mother's group to the site.

    Jennifer Carey
  518. 16/10/2014

    this product is awesome. and very cheap for how many labels you get. I have suggested these for friends with kids.

    Carolyn Smith
  519. 16/10/2014

    I work in Child Care and these labels are FANTASTIC as we are able to clearly see what belongs to who!! I am now buying them for my new baby!

    Chantelle Wyld
  520. 16/10/2014
    Daycare Labels Kit

    Fantastic service. We ordered these labels late on the Thursday evening, and received them on the Monday morning! Brightly coloured, hard wearing labels are perfect for daycare, and take away the hard task of trying to keep permanent marker stuck to lunch boxes and drink bottles.

    Megan Blake
  521. 16/10/2014
    Susan Land

    Labels received very quick. Was great for labeling all the items for daycare. So much easier than trying to write on each item. The kids know their items by the picture.

    Susan Land
  522. 16/10/2014
    Daycare Labels

    I recieved the labels 2 days after ordering and they are excellent! Thank you :)

    Simon Dunlop
  523. 16/10/2014
    Daycare Labels Kit

    Wonderful product! Great value! It's a little overwhelming organising daycare for the first time but this kit makes it so much easier. Would be great to have some mini clothing labels included for the tiny items.

    Voula Partsas
  524. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    so excited to get my daughter's name labels in the mail they are so cute especially the little feet for the shoes :) have got everything labeled & still heaps left plus they arrived right on time!!

    Rebekah Rowe
  525. 16/10/2014
    Pre School / Day Care Pack

    Love it, love it, love it!!! Tags has stayed firmly on in the dishwasher, sterilizer, washing machine and dryer. Now the other Mother Mum's are getting them too!

    Carly Lanigan
  526. 16/10/2014
    Kindy Labels

    LOVE these labels, have assisted with getting all the containers and drink bottles sent home from kindy

    Kristy McGeechan
  527. 16/10/2014
    daycare pack

    Awesome pack after a few months of washing they still look as good as the day i stuck them on. Ive now come back to buy some labels for my daughter as with the pack i brought for my son i have tons of labels still left to use.

    Jodi Collins
  528. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic product!

    Love the fact it's so durable!! Great as presents!

    Gerri Woods
  529. 16/10/2014
    Bright and long lasting!

    I bought this pack 5 months ago and not only have I still not run out of labels, but I sterilise the old fashioned way - boiling. Not one of the labels have peeled, cracked, shrunk or discoloured, despite being boiled several times a week! That's what I call value for money!

    Mirella Zulli
  530. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Label Set

    My eldest little boy started preschool this year so when I was getting his things organised at the end of last year I was a little overwhelmed on what to get. I did a google search and found Bright Star Kids and I really loved that they made it so much easier by having this Preschool Label Kit. I have used every kind of label in the kit in many ways. I have heaps left over for extra things that pop up during the year. I love the bright colours, sizes and fun logos for my little boy to choose from. Highly recommended.

    Michelle Bowlay
  531. 16/10/2014
    More please Aunty

    I bought the preschool value label kit for my nephew when he started day care. Since then my sister-in-law has had another baby and yesterday she said to me, "You know the labels you got for Brad? Can you get a set for Matt?" I don't think you can get a better testimonial than that! Of course the boys have different colours and icons so they can tell the difference even though they can't read yet. Brad got a red rocket and Matt, who is a Thomas fan, got a blue train.

    Tj Middleton
  532. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    I have found these labels to be excellent. The labels are certainly dishwasher proof and still look brand new after repeated washing. My son recognises which items are his at kinder because the labels are so distinctive. Highly recommended!!

    Kristen Peters
  533. 16/10/2014
    Great product!

    The iron-on labels are easy, and there are just enough of everything else. My only complaint is I need more! Some mini labels in this pack would be even better, and I prefer the smallest size name labels - her clothes are still so tiny. Thank you Bright Star Kids.

    Nicole Biggelaar
  534. 16/10/2014
    Awesome Day Care Value Pack

    As a mother of 4 boys including 2 year old twins, these value packs have been a life saver especially for the twins at day care. The day care staff love them as the boys know which is theirs; coloured label blue for one and green the other.

    Samantha Oake
  535. 16/10/2014
    Groovy, practical and great value

    I bought the day care pack and what a fabulous idea these stickers are. After being tired of my daughter "losing" bottles, hats and shoes (of course usually only one, and from her best pair) i am hoping now that if someone finds a stray piece of Georgie's clothes that they will give me a call to collect (it is great that there is enough room on the sticker to include a phone number). I will now throw my black marker pen away for good!

  536. 16/10/2014

    These Labels are excellent, helps our girls tell who's drink bottle is who's & Fantastic for Kindy there stuff is cleary labelled & nothing gets lost anymore :)

    Kylie Brouwer
  537. 16/10/2014

    This pack is brilliant! It has absolutely everything you need for your child for preschool/day care. I highly recommend!

    Lisa Lawrence
  538. 16/10/2014
    Preschool pack

    These stickers are delightful. I bought some for my daughter and soon after bought a pack for my niece as a gift. The iron on ones are easy to use and the shoe ones are so cute (and they last!)

    amy curlis
  539. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Value Kit

    What great value this kit offers - I have not found a cheaper one anywhere. The product is also of amazing quality.

    Nicole Mahy
  540. 16/10/2014
    Useful anywhere in the home

    I bought labels with just my son's surnames on them so they have come in useful for everything in my house that needs labelling even my things and my partners. I now get every dish back from that function that requires you to take a plate to share!

    Jodie Bower
  541. 16/10/2014
    Exactly what you need!

    I have purchased these kits for both of my sons and they contain everything you need to keep their belongings safe while at Day Care or Pre-School! Fantastic quality and excellent value for money! Especially when you consider how much money I am saving by not having any lost property!!!

    Rachael Grogan
  542. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Labels Kit

    I have found them very useful - used them on lunchboxes, drink bottles, bags etc. None of my iron-on ones have come off and they are so easy to apply! Great for child care!

    Jacinta Stone
  543. 16/10/2014

    I bought some of these labels for my niece for school and she loved them! So did her Mum. This pack is great because there is a label type for all the different things that need labelling for school. And at a great price. Highly recommended and will be ordering more soon.

    Catrina Lam
  544. 16/10/2014
    Perfect combination!

    The pre school / daycare pack has the perfect combination of labels to get your little one ready for pre school. Having both large and small name labels means everything can be labelled easily. The iron on labels are easy to apply and they haven't come off in the wash! The shoe labels are great and overall we love the bright colours and icons that help little ones identify their belongings.

    Lauren MacGee
  545. 16/10/2014
    Pre-school & Day care labels kit

    We bought these for DS when he started day care. Absoulute saving grace as everything has to be labeled. One of the best buys we made. Excellent value for $$. We have done the same for DD before she starts daycare. Thanks Bright Star Kids!

    Denise Brookes
  546. 16/10/2014
    Daycare Label Kit

    Parents!!! I bought this kit when my daughter was 3 months old... I've used them for everything... bottles, pencils, clothes, shoes. The quality of vinyl stands up to outdoor play and the adhesive has been great through the dishwasher. I couldn't recommend Brightstar Kids labels to enough friends, they are great!

    Vanessa Hirjee
  547. 16/10/2014
    Preschool 7 Daycare Label Kit

    I love this product. It provided me with all of the different sized labels I needed for all of my sons personal items that he took to childcare. I also think they look great.

    Megan Macdonald
  548. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Labels Kit

    This kit is well and truly worth it! The stick-on name labels are fantastic and incredibly hard-wearing, and the range of sizes means I can label everything from Lunchboxes to Asthma Puffers properly. My little girl loves the bright colours and the beautiful icons, she's so proud of 'Livvi's Fairy Names!' The clothing labels are so easy to use and stay so well on little clothes, and the shoe labels are fantastic. Definitely a must-have set to stop those 'Daycare Disappearances'!

    Tara Trewhella
  549. 16/10/2014
    Childcare label pack

    Great label pack. Labels don't peel off from constant washing and sterilizing.

    Tamara Bundy
  550. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic Set

    The variety and quality of the pictures is what attracted me to this pack, there are more than enough labels for everyday use and I found that they stayed on the drink bottle even in the dishwasher. The pencil labels are great to have on hand for those little tupperware containers of yogurt and they ensure that everything comes home with my son from daycare.

    Emily Fidge
  551. 16/10/2014
    Labels Rating A+++++

    Fantastic value for money great for littlies just starting at daycare or preschool - everything you need!!!!

    Jodie Dyer
  552. 16/10/2014
    Highly Recommended

    This is the best value for money and the labels are long lasting. As a teacher I always recommend these labels to parents on enrollment at Kindy.

    Allison McCartney
  553. 16/10/2014
    Fantastic Labels

    I did a lot of searching for labels & these were the best value with the greatest choice of icons. The labels arrived quickly & look great. Love the fact that they don't fade or peel after washing. Bottles are now clearly labeled and haven't lost one since. Highly recommend these to everyone.

    Alex Durrant
  554. 16/10/2014
    What a great and afordable product!!!

    I ordered this set for my son who recently started day care and am rapt with them... I have gone a bit crazy labeling all of his items now so they are sure never to get lost.... I have sterilised his bottles in the microwave numerous times since adding a label to them and they have remained intact everytime. They are great!!!

    Bonny Skupin
  555. 16/10/2014
    Great value!

    This kit is great value and gives you the option of trying out lots of different label types for a good price. We have used the tiny pencil labels on heaps of things. Iron-on labels are great too. I think having a logo on the labels is a great idea to help children recognise their things.

    Heather Sheldon
  556. 16/10/2014
    Great little set!

    I looked at lots of websites and BSK had the best logo and colour options and the great value kits. Like others have said, the sticky labels just don't come off or even start to get rough around the edges, still look as good as new almost 2 years on!

    Amanda Grant
  557. 16/10/2014
    Great Value for $$$

    I recently purchased this Daycare Labels Kit and I love it! The iron on labels are such a great idea, and so easy to apply. The labels on my daughters drink bottle even stay on in the dishwasher :o)

    Crystal Smith
  558. 16/10/2014
    Great Value!

    The pre-school/ daycare label kit is such good value for money. It included all the labels I needed at a very reasonable price. The vinyl labels are fantastic as they are dishwasher safe and the iron-on labels are so easy to use - so much easier than trying to write a name on the clothing tag! I would recommend this pack to everyone with children in daycare!

    Natalie Copeland
  559. 16/10/2014
    Great little Pack

    I recently purchased one of these packs for my little girl's childcare clothes, bottles and bags. I have been amazed by the quality and durability. The stickers even stay on when boiling/sterilizing the bottles! I love the color selection and the little icons and am very happy with my purchase. Thanks!

    Angela Pamic
  560. 16/10/2014
    Great value for money

    The PreSchool value set is great value for money. It has everything my son needs for daycare. I keep the stickers in his room next to his bag so when he takes a new bottle, shoes or dummy I can just throw a sticker on it and I know the daycare teachers will make sure they go back in his bag at the end of the day. The stickers are also great quality and have been through the dishwasher, microwave, washer and dyer without any problems.

    Sharon Loney
  561. 16/10/2014
    Label Kit

    These labels are well worth their money. The iron labels actually stick - unlike others I have tried. And the shoe labels help my son see which foot goes in which shoe!

    Kate Cutts
  562. 16/10/2014
    Preschool Value Kit

    Wonderful Set that has a bit of everything perfect for my Daughter at Day Care for her drink bottle,hats, dolls, shoes and jumpers.Certainly saves searching the lost property box! Added a Bag Tag to help find her bag easily and we're all set.

    Michele Riddle
  563. 16/10/2014
    Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit

    found these labels easy to use and really do stick in all situations and onto all surfaces. the labels have not come off my son's lunch boxes or waterbottle that goes in the freezer every night. i'll be replacing the containers before having to replace the labels.

    Callie Lindsay
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How can I only have a surname printed on the labels?

Simply enter the Surname into Line 1. 'First Name' and leave Line 2. 'Last Name' blank.

Have your Value Kits changed?

Yes, our Value Kits have changed in size and quantity to better accommodate our customers needs. Please see the product's full description for the quantities.

Can I choose more than one name or icon?

Sorry this isn't available. However with our smaller sized kits, it's easy to buy more than one kit, which you can then personalise with different name and icons.

With the multi-colour options, will each label be in a different colour?

We've added in some great multi-colour options where you'll receive a multitude of colours in each label type that is included within the value kits.

Will Stick On Labels work in the dishwasher?

Yes, Stick On Labels will stay stuck to most smooth containers in the dishwasher.

What can Stick On Labels be used on?

They can be easily stuck to most of your kid’s things, such as plastic bottles and containers. Being 100% waterproof they’re safe to use on most containers in dishwashers, sterilisers, microwaves and freezers. For further information, please see our FAQ Page

Will Clothing Labels work in the washing machine and tumble dryer? 

Yes, once they’re applied correctly, they can be put through even the toughest washing machines and tumble dryers without peeling off, even industrial style machines that are used in boarding schools and nursing homes. You can watch a video tutorial if you’d like to see how quick and easy it is to apply them.

What materials can the Clothing Labels be used on?

You can use these Iron On Labels on the majority of fabrics, including most cotton, linen and even polyester. You will have to adjust your timing for each type of fabric, with longer pressing and hotter temperatures being required for thicker fabrics such as cotton, and very little heat and pressing times for more delicate fabrics such as polyester.

Why can’t I add extra details to the Mini Name Labels?

Due to the small size of these labels, unfortunately we’re unable to add the extra line. However, you'll be able to enter the extra details on the rest of the labels in this value kit.

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