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Large Name Labels

For 20 Labels
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Large labels are super durable and are ideal for your child's larger belongings including lunch boxes, iPhone, toys and school books.

Easily personalise these Large Name Labels with your child's details, favourite colour and icon design (optional)

Quantity Options Available:
20 or 40 Labels

Stick On Labels are 100% waterproof & safe to use in:
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • Sterilisers

These stick on labels are super durable as they are made from high quality vinyl making them 100% waterproof and will stay on through dishwashers, microwaves, freezers and sterilisers.

Label Size: 9cm (3.5") wide x 3cm (1.2") high

You can also find this label in a range of Label Value Kits.


Delivery Information.

Will Stick On Labels work in the dishwasher?

Yes, Stick On Labels will stay stuck to most containers in the dishwasher. Please refer to the video tutorial on this product page to see how to apply your labels correctly.

What can Stick On Labels be used on?

Stick On Labels can be easily stuck to most of your kid’s things, such as plastic bottles and containers. Being 100% waterproof they’re safe to use on most containers in dishwashers, sterilisers, microwaves and freezers.

Surface Notes: Some Tupperware plastics or plastics with bumps, ridges or frosted surfaces may not be compatible especially if you need them to be cleaned in your dishwasher. Although frosted surfaces may appear smooth, they actually have lots of little bumps that allow air and water to get under the label and may peel off.

What material are Stick On Labels made from?

Stick On Labels are made from the best quality permanent vinyl that is printed with a durable ink, to make them withstand the toughest conditions. They're designed with rounded edges that make them stay stuck without peeling for years.

Personalise your Labels with our funrange of fonts, colours & icon designs x 16 Clear Round (Shoe) Covers x 16 Round Stick On Labels x 40 Tiny Pencil Labels x 30 Tag Clothing Labels Apply ClearCovers on top ofRound Labelsto use asShoe Labels x 20 Large Stick On Labels x 30 Small Stick On Labels x 40 Tiny Pencil Labels choose from 30, 60 or 120 labels Label Size: 3cm X 6cm The Lee Family To: From: