About Bright Star Kids

About Bright Star Kids

Nestled between the bush & the white sandy beaches of the NSW South Coast, Bright Star Kids is a family-owned business that designs and produces top quality personalised products. Our on-trend designs, affordable prices and incredible customer service are some of the reasons why families keep coming back year after year since 2005.

With a bunch of Mums on our team, we’re able to test our creations on our kids in real-life situations. This allows us to see if they love the look of them and most importantly if they’ll stand up to the rough and tumble of life with busy active kids (we’ve got 7 between us). These budding product testers really push our range to the limits and that’s how we know they’re perfect for your kids.

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Hi, it’s Susan Cooper here, co-founder and CEO of Bright Star Kids.

Back in 2005, my husband Nigel and I had a vision of creating name labels that would help stop lost property by staying stuck for years and looking super cute at the same time. With my design skills and Nigel’s printing background, we were able to join forces and grow a tiny seed of an idea into what it is today, working side by side along the way.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve gone from just the two of us to having a wonderful team of people who share our passion and thankfully our workload. Producing thousands of orders every day in our crazy back to school season definitely requires a lot of extra hands! Selling to families outside of Australia has meant that we’re now busy no matter what time of year it is. It’s incredible to reflect on how much the team has grown over these 15 years and how much busier our lives are too.

About Us.

Becoming parents to our son in 2013, brought us a whole new perspective on what parents really needed. Without a doubt, we had underestimated what a life-changing experience it would be bringing a new life into the world. His arrival inspired us to find the perfect balance between home and work life and we’ll always be grateful to our son for giving us this gift. He’s the most wonderful achievement we’ve had together as husband and wife, and our business is something we hope he will be a part of building even further in the future.

In search of our perfect work-life balance, we came to realise that a new level of organisation was needed now that we were parents; We had to plan things more than ever before.

It was this experience that helped our business to expand into creating products that help families to calm the chaos in their busy lives. We started with creating things to use in our own lives & improved on them until we felt they were perfect for sharing with other busy families. Since then we’ve helped thousands of families iron out the kinks in their organisation, and we love hearing about how our experience has turned into something that now positively impacts other families.

Everyone at Bright Star Kids shares a vision of bringing joy to families all around the world. Hearing how excited and happy kids are heading off on their first day of school with their personalised goodies is priceless. Add to that the adorable pics people share with us on Instagram & reading their beautiful reviews… It’s pretty incredible to see that something that started as a small idea 15 years ago, has grown into this business that continues to bring so much joy year after year.

We’re constantly looking for ways that we can positively impact the lives of every family that joins us on our journey. I know this passion will continue to drive our business well into the future and I’m so looking forward to seeing where our customers take us next.

Thanks so much for getting to know us and please be in touch if you have any questions or suggestions for our wonderful team.

Stay organised,

Susan Cooper

Co-Founder & CEO

Bright Star Kids

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