Iron On Clothing Labels

Stop your kids clothing from getting lost or mixed up with our durable Iron On Clothing Labels. These clothing tags are easy to apply and will stay on even through the toughest washing machine or clothes drier cycle.

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Labelling children's clothing is a great way to keep things in order and prevent accidental mix-ups at school or extracurricular activities. But instead of writing initials on the tag with a marker, why not choose a more attractive and long-lasting option? Our iron on name labels are the perfect choice for your child's clothing. Schools and sports are busy places, which means it's easy for belongings to get misplaced. Clothing labels help avoid this problem, in addition to adding a decorative, personalised element. Choose from our wide assortment of iron on labels to find the fun or classic style you're looking for. These labels are so durable they can withstand washing machines and clothes dryers!

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