19 Fun Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas Party Food Inspiration

It’s nearly Christmas time which means lots of end-of-the-year Christmas parties at playgroups, preschool, and school. Will you need to bring a plate of food to share? Or maybe you just love surprising your kids with a special breakfast or lunch box item. Thrill the kids with these fun and fabulous Christmas food ideas.

1. Strawberry Santas

christmas food

I’m always so happy when there are healthy food options, especially at kids’ parties. These strawberry Santas are so cute, you might find it hard to eat them!

2. Banana Santas

christmas food

Here is another healthy food option – banana Santas!

3. Santa Toast

christmas food

How exciting to wake up to this Santa toast on Christmas morning?!

4. Reindeer Cupcake

christmas food

These reindeers cupcakes with pretzel antlers are so easy to make and so cute!

5. Reindeer Biscuit

christmas food

The kids will have fun putting the icing and details on the face of these reindeer biscuits. A great craft activity that you can eat afterwards!

6. Reindeer Porridge

christmas food

Does your little one love porridge? Surprise them with this reindeer shaped with porridge. How creative!

7. Reindeer Bottle

christmas food

This reindeer bottle would make a great kid’s craft item that they can fill with chocolate treats or use as a drink bottle.

8. Marshmallow Candy Cane

christmas food

Simple and filled with sugary goodness, make marshmallow candy canes to bring to your next Christmas party or make them to gift as a present.

9. Candy Cane Pops

christmas food

By combining two candy canes with melted white chocolate, you can make this candy cane lollypop. Your kids might enjoy making these for each of their classmates.

10. String Cheese Snowman

christmas food

Will your little one love opening up their lunchbox to find some snowmen string cheese?

11. Gingerbread House

christmas food

I think every kid loves decorating gingerbread houses. To reduce the amount of sugar and lollies or to cater to kids with food colouring allergies, decorate with white icing. A series of gingerbread houses would also make a great centrepiece for your next Christmas festivities.

12. Gingerbread Men Bunting

christmas food

Making Christmas decorations is always a fun activity to do with your kids. Imagine how good this gingerbread men bunting would smell!

13. Christmas Pudding Cake Pops

christmas food

How yummy do these Christmas pudding cake pops look?

14. Meringue Christmas Trees

christmas food

Make this meringue Christmas tree by baking piped green coloured meringue topped with a candy star.

15. Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

christmas food

This is a very simple craft the kids will love to do. Put green icing on an ice cream cone and decorate with lollies of your choice. I wonder how long these Christmas Trees will last after they are made!

16. Strawberry Christmas Trees

christmas food

These strawberry covered Christmas trees sit nicely on top of an oreo biscuit. Simple and very festive.

17. Christmas Trees Cupcakes

christmas food

To make this Christmas tree cupcake, pipe green coloured chocolate onto a pretzel stick laid on some baking paper. You can make the Christmas trees as a treat by itself or insert on top of a cupcake.

18. Watermelon Christmas Trees

christmas food

With just a little bit of effort and cutting skills, a wedge of watermelon can be transformed into watermelon Christmas Trees! Fantastic!

19. Fruit Christmas Trees

christmas food

Make this healthy fruit platter to bring to your next Christmas event. It cleverly uses the Kiwi fruit skin as the trunk and strawberries as the star and decoration.

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