Bunny Cake: 10 Cute Easter Cake Ideas

10 Cute and Yummy Bunny Cake Ideas For Your Easter Party

Bunny Cake at an Easter table is always a delight to see and eat. We’ve got a list of 10 Bunny Cake ideas you can make with your kids. They’re super cute so don’t forget to take lots of photos before your kids eat them! 

1. Easter Bunny Cake

Bunny Cake

This is one of those Easter cake ideas that you should make with your kids. It’s so easy! Have your bunny cake placed in a pan after making it then scatter those jelly beans to add fun colours to your masterpiece.

2. Bunny Butt Cake

Bunny Cake

When you have this super cute easter cake for kids, your little ones will want to dig right in!  Your kids will love it so much that’ll be gone so quick! 

3. Bunny Egg Hunt Cake

Bunny Cake

Make the prettiest Easter Cake decorations out of pastel candy eggs, white fondant, and buttercream frosting to add to your simple cake. Create flowers and bunnies to make your Easter cake look extra yummy!

4. Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Bunny Cake

Easter bunny cupcakes are easy Easter desserts that are always a hit with the kids. They’re mega cute and super yummy. The little ones will want them in their tummies!

5. Coconut Bunny Cake

Bunny Cake

coconut cake for Easter is always a classic recipe that’s easy to make. Have your cake in a bunny rabbit shape. Lay it on some moss and put some eggs around it. Now you’ve got a lovely centrepiece for your organic-themed Easter party!

6. Bunny Cake Pops

Bunny Cake

Cake pops are super yummy and simple to make for your Easter desserts for kids. They love them and make great Easter gifts and treats too! Just wrap some of these to put on their Easter baskets. It’s a sweet addition to their Easter eggs. 

7. Easter Bunny Sponge Cake Hack

Bunny Cake

No time to bake but want to impress your guests with showstopper cake for your Easter party? You will love this super cute and yummy Easter cake recipe made out of store-bought goodies. Ssshh! It’s our little secret cake hack! 

8. Bunny Mini Cakes

Bunny Cake

Have these easy Easter cakes ready for your little ones to keep them bouncing and hopping for Easter. Super cute and colourful mini bunny cakes for them to enjoy with their tiny little hands. 

9. Easter Bunny Dirt Cake

Bunny Cake

Looking for an Easter dirt cake recipe? This is a classic dessert for kids with an Easter twist. Don’t worry about the yummy mess, mums! The kids will take care of every bit of it. 

10. Easter Bunny Sheet Cake

Bunny Cake

There is no such thing as a plain dessert when it comes to creative moms. It can be as simple as a sheet cake but you can make it more fun and playful with a cute Easter bunny design.  Instant happiness just like what Easter brings.

Love These Bunny Cake Ideas?

We hope that you got some sweet inspiration from our list of Easter Bunny Cakes. For more easy and yummy Easter dessert ideas, check it out here.

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