Creative Ways to Capture Your Baby’s Milestones


Nothing is more exciting than the arrival of a new member of the family, so here is our list of adorable keepsake ideas and creative ways to document and celebrate the milestones of your little one’s first year of life!

1. Monthly Flower Photoshoot


What an amazing way to share pictures of your little one with these beautiful monthly flower photoshoots

 2. Picture Frame Boxes


Have a go at making one of these beautiful keepsake picture frames to hang proudly on your wall!

3. Milestone Height Chart 


Watch and track your little one as they grow taller and taller with this gorgeous personalised milestone height chart. 

Fill in all the personal details as your little one grows and develops! 

4. Hands and Feet


Frame your baby’s adorable hand and footprints to proudly hang up. They will never be this little again!

5. Favourite Toys Baby Photoshoot


Have a cute playtime photoshoot with your little one’s favourite toys! 

6. Birth Announcement Cushions 


Display your newborn baby’s weight, birth date, height and time of birth with these adorable personalised birth announcement cushion covers

7. Re-writable Chalkboard Charts


Keep track of your baby’s progress with this simple re-writable chalkboard chart!

Take pictures with this next to your little one and watch them grow.

8. Baby Clothes Quilt


Make a beautiful keepsake patchwork quilt out of your baby’s outgrown clothing material.

9. Birth Announcement Photo Shoot


These birth announcement photoshoots are such cute and creative way to let everyone know all the details of your new family members arrival.

10. Milestone cards 


Celebrate your baby’s growth and major moments with these beautiful personalised milestone cards

We hope you’ve been inspired by our list of creative ways to capture your baby’s milestones. 

Feel free to share any cute pictures with us if you try out one of these great ideas!