Easter Desserts: 10 Easy Easter Desserts 

10 Cute Easy Easter Desserts For Kids

Easter Desserts make kids super eager for Easter! Here’s a list of easy Easter dessert recipes to sweeten your mood for any Easter party.

1. Carrot Cupcakes

Easter Desserts

It’s one of those easy easter cakes  that you can make with your kids. These carrot cupcakes can be decorated with tiny carrot candies and sprinkles to make them look cute and taste extra yummy!

2. Bunny Cones

Easter Desserts

Are your little bunnies screaming for an Easter dessert?  This is definitely one of those cute easy Easter dessert recipes you should surprise your kids with! So yummy they’ll be screaming for more!

3. Rainbow Easter Kebabs

Easter Desserts

Dessert kebabs? You had me at dessert! Such a unique way of displaying your delicious Easter desserts! Your kids can enjoy all their favourite mini Easter treats on one stick.

4. Easter Egg Fudge

Easter Desserts

Here’s one of those no bake Easter cake ideas for kids that you’ll love eating once they’ve made it. Turn a classic fudge brownie into an Easter treat by laying chocolate eggs and candy sprinkles in them. It’s an easy yummy dessert to make and it will be gone in seconds!

5. Bird Nests

Easter Desserts

Looking  for Easter recipes for kids that you can make with your little ones? These look super awesome yet they’re so easy to make with the help of their cute little hands. 

6. Bunny Dirt Cups

Easter Desserts

Let your kids make an Easter bunny cake in a cup? This no bake cake is so easy to make even your kids will love to make them! Excuse the dirt, moms… we promise it’s chocolate!

7. Easter Egg Macarons

Easter Desserts

Make the prettiest and yummiest Easter egg shaped desserts with these macarons. The dainty Easter details make them perfect as desserts but they also make awesome Easter gifts too!

8. Krispy Bunny Treats

Easter Desserts

Get an instant snack and dessert from this rice krispy treat.  It’s one of those easy easter desserts that you can make at home with your little ones. They will absolutely love it!

9. Springtime Celebration Popcorn

Easter Desserts

Isn’t this one of the loveliest Easter dessert ideas that you’ve ever seen? It’s easy to make too! Pop them in mini jars or cute colourful cups so everyone gets a fair share of this super yummy treat.

Easter Desserts

These cute Easter themed cake pops are sure to grab some attention! Your kids will go crazy with how yummy they are. They’re definitely super easy to make too!

Love These Easter Desserts? 

Hope the list gave you some sweet inspirations for your Easter desserts. Want to make your own Easter eggs? Check our blog article on DIY Easter Eggs to help you get ready for your Easter Egg Hunt.

Want to Personalise Your Easter Treats And Gifts?

It’s always a treat when you can create Easter desserts that can double as your Easter gifts too. Put them in those DIY treat bags, mini jars or baskets.  We’ve got some personalised small gift labels that you can stick on those  paper bags or small glass jars too. If you are making DIY Easter eggs as gifts, we’ve got Easter Egg stickers too. Put them all in a bucket and have your kids decorate their own baskets with our Easter Basket stickers. These are all made in Australia and shipped super fast. You’re going to want to label everything for Easter!