Easter Cookies: 10 Fun and Easy Easter Cookie Recipes

Easter Cookies are easy-to-make snacks that everyone loves. You’ll love our list of Easter Cookie recipes that kids and adults will enjoy. They’re super yummy and make great Easter gifts and treats for Easter. 

1. Sugar Cookies Bunnies and Lambs

Easter Cookies

Aren’t these sugar cookies super adorable? Shaped like cute little bunnies and lambs, they make eggcellent Easter treats for your Easter party.

2. Candy Cottontail Cookies

Easter Cookies

How cute are these bunny tail homemade cookies? They’re super yummy that you will want to make a huge batch for everyone to have this Easter. 

3. Lemon Easter Cookies

Easter Cookies

Here’s a sweet cookie recipe that combines lemon and coconut goodness. Shape those lemon cookies into Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and even butterflies to make it a fun Easter treat.

4. Oreo Sheep Cookies

Easter Cookies

Want to make no-bake cookies for your Easter dessert? Dip your Oreo cookies in white chocolate and top with lots of tiny marshmallows. Your kids are going to want them not just for Easter but all year round!

Easter Cookies

This Easter Egg Basket cookie is such a sweet Easter treat that your kids will love. Just look at how pretty these cookies are! You definitely want to have them on your Easter table for your lovely guests to enjoy. 

6. Italian Love Knot Cookies

Easter Cookies

Who loves a good soft cookie recipe? Make your soft cookies super pretty with sweet glaze and top with fun, colourful sprinkles. Yummy-looking cookies that are always good enough to share. 

7. Bunny Tail Cookies

Easter Cookies

Easter bunny cookies dressed in cream cheese frosting and topped with marshmallow and coconut will make you crave for more. Have loads of these ready for your kids to enjoy!

Easter cookies

Want a yummy dessert and snack in one? This cookies and ice cream combo will have kids and adults absolutely crazy for more. A must-have Easter dessert for your Easter party. 

9. Flower Crown Easter Bunny Cookies

Easter Cookies

Wondering how to decorate bunny cookies? Make them extra special with these cute flower crown designs on those Easter sugar cookies. They’re not only pretty but also extra yummy too!

10. Egg Sprinkle Cookies

Easter Cookies

These Easter egg cookies bring out the fun Easter vibe with those colourful candy sprinkles. They are super yummy and mega easy to make too!

If you want more Easter-themed food and snacks, we’ve got  Easter dessert ideas that you will love here in this blog. And if you want to have those Easter cookies in Easter baskets, we’ve also got DIY Easter Basket ideas you can check out for inspo.

Want To Personalise Your Easter Gifts and Treats?

It’s always nice to give gifts that are personalised and labelled with names and a short sweet message. We’ve got Easter Gift Labels to stick on those wrapped up yummy treats. And if you want to decorate and personalise your kids’ DIY Easter Baskets, we’ve got you covered with our Easter Basket Stickers! You’re going to love them! The best part? They’re made in Australia and shipped super fast too!