10 Easy Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

Cute And Easy DIY Halloween Costumes At The Last Minute

Trick or Treat! Looking for DIY Halloween Costumes for kids that you can make last-minute? Here are 10 easy Halloween costumes for your kids and your family that you can make together! Keep calm and carry a wand!

1. The Sky Is The Limit

Easy Halloween Costumes

Whatever happened to Amelia Earheart? Someday we’ll know! Dress up your little ones as they fly high like a Pilot this Halloween. Grab your aviators for your easy last-minute Halloween costumes!

2. To The Future

Easy Halloween Costumes

Ever wondered what the future is like? There’s nothing cuter than dressing up as Robots as one of your family Halloween costume ideas! Do the robot dance with your kids and you’ll definitely be #SquadGoals! Beep boop beep! 

3. I Scream For Ice Cream

Easy Halloween Costumes

Everybody loves ice cream! Dress up your sweet little one as an Ice Cream Lady that’s worth melting for! This is one of those easy DIY Halloween costumes that’s cool as ice cream.

4. Say Cheese!

Easy Halloween Costumes

These easy Halloween costumes for kids might be cheesy but we think it’s grate! Have your kids wear a DIY Cheese Grater + Cheese Dress this year and they’ll surely have a gouda time. Brie it on!

5. Get That Dough

Easy Halloween Costumes

Craving for something sweet? If so, this DIY Donut costume is perfect for your little one! This is definitely one of those quick and easy Halloween costumes that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth! Yum!

6. Family Toast

Easy Halloween Costumes

Yes, Avocado Toast is a thing. It’s not one of those avo-rage DIY Halloween costumes. Here’s a toast to this clever costume idea!

7. Green Thumb

Easy Halloween Costumes

Are you a plant Mum? Dress up your little one as your favourite House Plant! It’s perfect for your DIY Halloween costume ideas inspired by nature. Your kids will be rooting for you!

8. Happy Llama

Easy Halloween Costumes

How cute is this Llama Costume? If your kids love animals but are tired of the same old costumes, then it’s time for unique and easy Halloween costume ideas! Giddy-up and turn heads this trick or treat season!

9. Dill WIth It

Easy Halloween Costumes

Make Halloween costumes inspired by your kids’ favourite snacks! Dressing up as a Halloween Pickle Jar + A Little Pickle? It’s kind of a big dill! 

10. Mummy Of The Year

Easy Halloween Costumes

This has got to be one of the easiest cute sibling Halloween costumes for your kids. You can never go wrong by creating the classic Mummy Costumes from scratch. Grab some gauze and you’re good to go! That’s a wrap!

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