Easter Bread: 5 Easy Bread Recipes for Easter

5 Easy Bread Recipes For Your Easter Feast

Easter bread is one of the yummy Easter food ideas you can make with your kids. Here are 5 Easter Bread recipes from bread rolls, buns, and special Easter bread to make a memorable Easter holiday celebration with the family. These Easter bread recipes are an explosion of flavours that will surely hit the spot and are super fuss-free to whip up.

1. Easter Bread Rolls

 Easter Bread

Want your kids to give you a hand in the kitchen while you prep for Easter lunch? Make these easy Italian bread rolls. They’ll be happy to colour the eggs and add sprinkles to your bread to make it look more fun and yummy! 

2. Miffy Buns

Easter Bread

Kids would love to eat bread especially when they see this cute Miffy-shaped Easter Bun. You can even add these to their Easter goodies. It will keep their Easter baskets full and their tummies, too!

3. Ricotta Easter Bread

Easter Bread

Give the usual traditional easy bread recipe for Easter a more fun twist. Make the same yummy Easter bread but load it up with ricotta and almonds. Top with sprinkles onto your sweet glazed bread. Enjoy!

4. Easter Bunny Bread

Easter Bread

Display a baking masterpiece with this Easter bunny bread recipe at the centre of your Easter table. Make some veggies and dip and have your kids eat healthy food and not just sweets for Easter.

5. Paska 

Easter Bread

An easy Paska recipe is a sure yummy winner when served at any Easter lunch.  A slightly sweet, moist and flaky bread that everyone will love. Make sure to have extra to put in Easter baskets for your guests to take home. 

Love These Easter Bread Recipes?

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Want Personalised Easter Baskets and Gifts?

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