Easter Cake: 10 Cute Easter Cake Recipes

10 Easter Cake Recipes To Make And Enjoy With The Family

Make Easter Cake a part of your Easter party. It’s an Easter dessert that’s yummy for everyone to enjoy. We’ve made a list of these cute Easter Cake recipes you can try with your kids and the whole family. 

1. Speckled Malted Coconut Cake

Easter Cake

Want to make an impression for your Easter brunch? This is definitely one of those Easter desserts that you should make! This lovely cake isn’t just pretty but super yummy too!

2. Coco Lime Easter Cake

Easter Cake

Looking for a non-chocolate dessert? Try this Easter bunny cake that combines the refreshing flavours of coconut and lime. That cute chocolate Easter bunny topper will be eye candy and make its way to their tummies in no time!

3. Easter Ice Cream Cake

Easter Cake

Everybody loves ice cream! Make this Easter ice cream cake recipe as your Easter dessert and it will definitely be a hit! Everyone will want to have it even if it’s not Easter.

4. Easy Carrot Pound Cake

Easter Cake

Love a classic Easter carrot cake? This is a staple dessert for any holiday. For Easter, just add some chocolate eggs and toasted coconuts on top. Freshen up the vibes to make it spring-ready with colourful flowers. 

5. Mini Easter Cakes

Easter Cake

Aren’t these cakes the cutest? Why not make mini versions of these delectable fun Easter cake recipes? Perfect for your mini me’s to have this Easter.

6. Easy White Chocolate Easter Cake

Easter Cake

Make a fun Easter cake that’s done in no time! This is one of the cute easy to make Easter cake recipes where all you need is a ready-made cake, vanilla frosting, chocolate eggs, candy sprinkles, and bunny-shaped chocolate as a topper. And you’re done!

7. Easter Egg Layered Cake

Easter Cake

Show off your baking skills with one of these easy Easter cakes. Whip up this Easter Egg layered cake as a staple dessert any time. It’s a super simple and yummy dessert that’s so Instagram-worthy!

8. Easter Egg Cakes

Easter Cake

An Easter Egg cake that’s a cake inside of an egg, literally! Magic! Serve them in cute and colourful egg holders for your littles to enjoy all for themselves.

9. Surprise Inside Mini Easter Bundt Cake

Easter Cake

Surprise your kids with bundt cakes with yummy Easter treats inside. Fill it up with Easter candy and mini chocolates. Ain’t that the sweetest?!

10. No-Bake Mini White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

Easter Cake

How about making a mini cake for your little ones? With this no-bake cheesecake, make it Easter-ready by just decorating them with some pretzel nest and mini chocolate eggs! Tadaaa! Egg-cellent and yummy dessert choice that’s super effortless!

Love These Easter Cake Recipes?

Get extra creative by making fun Easter desserts that are not just cakes. We’ve got more Easter dessert ideas up on our blog here.

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