Kids Camping Tent: 10 Cute DIY Tents for Indoor Camping

Kids Camping Tent: 10 Cute DIY Tents for Camping At Home

Spending more time at home with your kids call for some indoor camping fun in DIY kids camping tent! Make playtime super fun with these 10 Cute DIY Kids Tent Ideas. Use different materials that are already found at home to create stylish tents, forts, and teepees. Add lights, pillows, and toys to make great camping at home experience. Not only is this an awesome bonding moment, but also a cool way to teach them some life skills.

1. Cardboard Camp

Kids Camping Tent

A minivan for indoor camping-themed party at home is a great DIY kids play tent idea! Don’t mind that’s cardboard because look at how pretty it is! It’s levelled up indoor camping at its finest!

2. Midday Campfire

Kids Camping Tent

Who says you can only have a campfire at night and outdoors?  Recreate a camping scene at home with this DIY kids indoor tent. Add some crafting activity to make a faux campfire with your littles. 

3. Tiny Teepee

Kids Camping Tent

Even small spaces can have the perfect corner for a kids teepee play tent. Make it cozy with some pillows and a folded blanket as a cushion and you got a little reading nook that’s also perfect for some camping stories.

4. Boho Dreams

Kids Camping Tent

How to get close to the outdoors but still being indoors for a kids camping experience at home? Build this kids teepee tent on your porch. Fill it up with lots of pillows and a nice blanket, gather some books and hang some colourful buntings. It’s a DIY comfy playhouse for your kids that they can spend the whole day in with loads of activities to do.

5. Couch Campin’

Kids Camping Tent

Make use of those unnoticed spaces in between your couches. Create a secret camping spot with this DIY Indoor Tent For Kids. Super simple and easy! The best part? It doesn’t eat up any space in your living room! And everyone can enjoy being together in one area at home too! Perfect for movie nights!

6. Sew Me Not

Kids Camping Tent

How about a no-sew tent for a kids indoor play tent? This tablecloth tent is a super easy DIY kids tent that you can create for your littles. Also super easy to pack away too!

7. Blanket Fort

Kids Camping Tent

We all love blanket forts! Even the tiniest of spaces like underneath a small table is perfect for a small camping hideout! This DIY small tent for kids a cozy spot for your littles to read a book and cuddle their soft toys! 

8. Camp Canopy 

Kids Camping Tent

Make this DIY kids canopy tent in their bed to create a super comfy and fun play space for your kids. All you need to keep them busy indoors is this with lots of activities, games and books! 

9. Cardboard Playhouse

Kids Camping Tent

How about this kids play tent house that’s made out of cardboard? It’s perfect for pretend play at home. If it’s big enough, you can even squeeze in for some cuddle time while reading them a book or just a quick afternoon nap. 

10. Teepee Frame

Kids Camping Tent

If you’ve got two kids or more, you can make them each a separate kids A frame tent so they can have their own little space to play. Or make a bigger version so they can all share the space and play their favourite toys and games.

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