Picnic Food Ideas For Kids: 10 Easy Picnic Recipes

Easy and Yummy Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

The best food ideas that you can easily make are picnic food ideas for kids! These aren’t just for summer picnics. You can use these ideas even for their packed lunches or snacks! We’ve even got some summer drinks perfect to match with these easy yummy recipes! 

1. Birthday Picnic Box

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

Picnics are one of the easiest birthday party ideas you can make for your kids. From food to decor and these boxed treats as easy picnic food ideas for toddlers, it’s a no-fuss straight-up fun way of celebrating their birthdays. 

2. Star Of The Picnic

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

This smores recipe just made it to star value! Isn’t this the cutest smores ever? The kids will definitely love these!

3. Summer Fizz

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

Perfect summer drinks should always be on your list of easy picnic food ideas. 

4. Eat A Monster

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

Turn your regular wraps into these monster picnic wraps that are so cute and super healthy for kids! They’ll have fun eating them! 

5. Apple Bites

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

These apples are easy healthy picnic food ideas that kids will go crazy for! 

6. Shake ’em up!

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

Aside from coolers, shakes are great picnic drinks too! Perfect with some light picnic snacks on a hot summer day! 

7. Get Cheesy With It

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

Cheese and crackers are easy picnic finger food ideas that you can make at the last minute! Add the sesame seeds and salami to make it look like a cute mouse! 

8. Fruity Fresh

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

Fresh, a new take on your go-to outdoor picnic food ideas! Make them look fruity! Perfect for summer!

9. Kiddie Katsu

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

Sandwiches are always the easiest to make for any picnic! It’s one of those simple picnic food ideas for everyone to enjoy! This katsu-sando is the ultimate picnic meal that’s so yummy and filling too! 

10. Summer Tray 

Picnic Food Ideas For Kids

Want fast and easy picnic food ideas? Here’s the quickest one of them all! Just throw in fruits, crackers, cheese, and dip! And you’ve got a tray of yummy finger food that’s great for sharing!

Love These Picnic Food Ideas For Kids?

We’ve got more easy and fun food for kids that you can make at home and even for picnics too! Try our Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids! We’ve also got a list of Cute Food and Lunch Box Ideas that you can pack for school and fun family picnics!

Want To Make Prepping For Picnic Fun, Easy and Organised?

Labelling is the answer! While prepping your food for the picnic, pack them in labelled bags or containers. We’ve got dry erase labels or chalkboard stickers you can label your brown bags or sandwich wraps with. It makes all your picnic essentials easy to pack making sure you’ve got everything you need for a fun picnic! The best part? These are all made for you in Australia and shipped super fast! Your family’s going to love them!