20 Fun Toddler Activities

20 Activities For Toddlers At Home

Rainy days have you looking for indoor activities for toddlers? Here are 20 fun toddler activities to keep your little one entertained. Enjoy!

1. Squirt Painting

Toddler Activities

If you’re looking for toddler painting ideas, you can’t go past this messy & fun squirt painting project.

2. Line Tape City

Toddler Activities

If your toddler loves driving cars around & pretend play, build an easy line tape city using removable tape which won’t damage your walls or floor. Hours of fun!

3. Sensory Bag

Toddler Activities

There are so many sensory activities for toddlers, but this ocean sensory bag is one of our favourites! It’s super easy to make, and will keep little hands entertained for ages.

4. Paint Splat Art

Toddler Activities

Painting for kids is always so much fun, and this activity is no exception. Put blobs of paint on a sheet of paper, cover with cotton rounds & let them enjoy splatting the paint out with their toy hammer. 

5. Sight Word Building

Toddler Activities

If your toddler shows signs of recognising letters, sight word games like these educational building bricks are perfect for helping them to learn some basic words.

6. Colour Sorter

Toddler Activities

A great way to learn colours & use those fine motor skills. Simply recycle cardboard tubes, paint them the appropriate colour and buy a bag of pom poms to make an easy colour sorter. 

7. Cloud Paper Pillow

Toddler Activities

Another one of our favourite fine motor skills activities, these adorable clouds teach kids how to thread and make a great decoration for their play area or bedroom. 

8. Sticky Collage

Toddler Activities

Looking for art activities for kids to help them create their next masterpiece? Don’t look past this contact collage activity!

9. Busy Board

Toddler Activities

What little boy or girl wouldn’t love a homemade busy board full of buttons, flaps & dials?

10. Pasta Threading

Toddler Activities

A list of toddler activities wouldn’t be complete without pasta threading. A cheap and easy activity, stick some paper straws into play dough & let your toddler thread uncooked pasta on it.

11. Hammer Tees

Toddler Activities

Do you have a budding Bob the Builder? Fine motor activities where they can get stuck into their tool kit will be sure to be a hit.

12. Counting Activity

Toddler Activities

Does your toddler love counting games? We love this simple counting activity using cupcake patties, pom poms & tongs.

13. Alphabet Monster

Toddler Activities

I love how you can recycle things to make new toys! Use a wipes container & bottle lids to create an alphabet learning game for your toddler.

14. Cotton Ball Painting

Toddler Activities

Great for little hands & exploring texture & colour, painting for toddlers is heaps of fun with cotton balls.

15. Pool Noodle Mix N Match

Toddler Activities

Looking for fun things to do at home? This pool noodle mix ‘n’ match can provide hours of entertainment. 

16. Alphabet Puzzles

Toddler Activities

We love puzzles for kids, and this downloadable alphabet puzzle is just perfect for helping your little one learn their ABC’s.

17. Science Experiment

Toddler Activities

Science experiments for toddlers can be so much fun! Put white daisies in jars of coloured water & they’ll love watching the flowers change colour over the days. 

18. Reading Corner

Toddler Activities

Cubbies & nooks are fantastic for imaginative play as well as quiet corners. How beautiful is this reading corner? You could even add an extra special personalised touch with one of our personalised cushion covers

19. Grow A Plant

Toddler Activities

It’s amazing to watch things grow, and garden activities for kids offer a great learning experience. Using wet cotton balls, plant a bean seed in a jar & let your kids watch it grow over the coming days & weeks.

20. Marbleized Paper

This is one of the prettiest crafts for toddlers that we’ve seen! Finished artworks can be put on display, or used to make greeting cards or wrapping paper.

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