10 Clever Baby Hacks


Life with a little one can be hard & tricky at times. Let us help you with our list of clever baby hacks!

1. Inflatable Pool Safe Play Area

Convert an inflatable pool into an amazing safe baby play area. This would also make a great ball pit!

2. Baby Proofing Cupboards with Pet Collars

Save money on baby-proofing your cupboards by using dollar store pet collars.

This hack also prevents cupboard door damage by not having to stick anything onto the door.

3. Sun-safe Shaded Sand Pit Tent

Stay sun safe by pouring sand into a small tent and making a shaded tent sand pit

4. Race Car Track Shirt

Playtime can be anywhere with this awesome race-car massage track t-shirt

5. Beach Baby Basket

Bring a laundry basket and a blanket to the beach to make a cute portable beach baby bed

6. Recycled Bottle Tap Water Extender 

Convert an old plastic bottle into a tap extension for the little ones who can’t quite reach yet!

7. Converted a Shoe Hanger into an Organiser 

Convert hanging shoe storage into a handy baby gear organiser. A great way to also store toys!

8. Egg Carton Paint & Brush holder

Re-use an empty egg carton to make painting time a whole lot less messy.

9. Bath-time Shower Cap

Make bath-time baby safe with this adorable no-tears bath cap. No more soapy eyes or hard bath times!

10. Popsicle Drip Catching Cupcake Wrapper 

Stop the messy popsicle drips by putting the stick through a cupcake wrapper. What a great idea! 

We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 clever baby hacks – do you have a baby hack you can share with us? Let us know!