Chores For Kids By Age

Chores For Kids By Age: Free Printable Infographic

Thinking of new activities to keep the kids entertained? Here’s one that’s both fun and helpful: Learning chores! 

Getting into new routines can be hard to get going, so check out this fun infographic of Chores for Kids By Age with a list of chores they can start learning and doing.

It is so important for kids to learn chores at an early age. With your help and guidance, they’ll be learning about responsibility in no time. It also helps them build confidence as they learn to be independent in achieving their tasks and goals. 

Below is our quick guide on what chores you can teach your kids. With the right tools, learning can always be a fun-tastic experience for everyone. Scroll down below to download and print this for free!

Chores for Kids By Age

Create an achievable routine, so they know what chores they’re meant to be doing throughout the day. The easy visuals on our personalised toddler Chore Chart make it perfect for kids of all ages to follow.

Set their tasks with them at the start of the week, so they can easily get through everything. Encourage them to do their chores and reward them! A cute and fun way to do this is with a Rewards Chart and Reward Stickers. For every task they finish, give them a cute reward sticker that they can stick on their chart.

Seeing what they have to do and what reward they’ll get gives them the motivation to finish their tasks and achieve their goals. 

Got Your Own List of Chores For Kids By Age?

Share them with us. We’d love to know what chores your kids have been doing growing up. If you’ve got clever hacks and tips on how you got them to achieve this, post and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. Who knows? We might just feature your ideas on our blog!

Want To Teach Your Kids About Chores and Routines?

Read our article on Chores Made Easy Using Chore Charts and How to Use Rewards Charts. Chores and routines play a huge role in a child’s development. Make it easy and fun, so your kids will learn and enjoy it at the same time. 

Looking for Personalised Chores and Routine Charts?

You’ll love our Chores and Routine Charts that you can personalise with your kids’ names. There are heaps of super cute designs that they’ll love, too! Use our magnetic dry erase markers for your charts, and don’t forget to include some extra Reward Stickers. They’re perfect for our regular and dry erase charts. The best part? These are all made in Australia and shipped super fast! You’re going to love them!