Craft Room Ideas: 3 Best Ikea Hacks For Your Craft Room

Craft Room Ideas: 3 Best Ikea Hacks on How To Organise A Craft Room

Looking for some Craft Room Ideas? We’ve got these awesome Ikea hacks from Lisa Allen that she’s shared with Mums and Bright Star Kids

With arts & crafts supplies scattered all over the house, these Ikea hacks are sure to make Craft-Mum life much easier and super organised! 

1. Ikea PegBoard

This Ikea Skadis pegboard is a dream! With so many things you can hook up in there, you’re going to save so much space on your craft table. The best part though… you’ll actually be able to find everything you need without pulling the house apart. 

2. Ikea PegBoard Attachments

Lisa got some clever pegboard attachments to hold all of her supplies like craft paper, tissue roll, colour palettes and more from the wall! Genius! We’re also loving those paper roll holders. Her brushes, sketch pads and palettes were kept on Skadis containers and shelves that are hooked up on the pegboard too! Ahhh-mazing!!!

3. Ikea Boxes

Her other craft supplies are in the open craft shelving making it quick easy to grab things as you need them! Those boxes with lids are perfect for hiding miscellaneous or miss-matched items. They’re awesome for keeping your space looking super-organised. These Ikea Sockerbit and Kuggis boxes are a must if you want to keep your craft supplies dust free too!

For the finishing touch on these clever Ikea hacks, label all of your craft storage boxes and containers so that you can always find what you need at a glance! Our chalkboard labels are perfect! Use our white chalk marker on them so that you can easily erase and then rewrite on them when you’re reorganising your supplies. You’ll be an organised crafter in no time.

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