10 Creative & Clever Christmas Tree Ideas


Do you have kids that love pulling ornaments off the Christmas tree? Or maybe you are short on space to have a Christmas tree in your living area. Here are some very clever, creative and alternate ways to display a Christmas tree!

1. Cardboard Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ideas

What a great idea! Instead of storing those large cardboard boxes, make a kid-friendly Cardboard Christmas Tree that everyone can help decorate. Write on the tree with metallic pens, stick dots & other paper decorations including christmas cards you have received. Easy!

2. Triangle Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ideas

This triangle Christmas tree was easy to make using Triangle Wall Decals from Bright Star Kids. Make a large tree or a few smaller trees for your home or office space. The great thing about wall decals is that you can put them on windows, glass, mirror or any surface that is smooth and clean.

3. String Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ideas

This idea uses tape & string in a red & white theme that is simple, easy & festive. This String Christmas Tree can be put above the reach of  toddlers to avoid tempting fingers!

4. Christmas Tree Shelf

Christmas Tree Ideas

Are you handy or know someone handy that could whip this up for you? I love the understated simplicity of this Christmas Tree Shelf that you can decorate with a few items of your choice.

5. Fairy Light Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ideas

Who doesn’t love fairy lights… they make everything magical! A Fairy Light Christmas Tree is a simple space saving idea that keeps the sparkle of Christmas alive!


6. Star Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ideas

What does Christmas mean to you? Use Bright Star Kid’s Custom Wall Letters and create your favourite Christmas quote along with our range of Star Wall Decals to make this sweet Christmas tree.

7. Branch Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ideas

Combine some metallic ornaments with straight wood branches to make this Branch Christmas Tree. Perfect for small spaces and beach inspired homes.

8. Sentimental Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ideas

Do you have ornaments with sentimental value? Arrange your pieces on the wall with temporary clear hooks to create this stunning Sentimental Christmas Tree. For a more permanent solution, you could hang them on a piece of wood or foam board so that you can put it away with ease and bring it out the following year.

9. Chalkwall Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ideas

Do you have a chalkwall in your house? How inviting is this little space they have created with a drawn fireplace with red lights, mantle and chalk Christmas Tree with sparkling lights! Is it time for a hot chocolate on the rug?

10. Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Christmas Tree Ideas

Love Christmas and want more than one tree? How about a wall of trees? Get this amazing wall paper look with Bright Star Kid’s Christmas Tree Wall Decals and use leftover Christmas Trees to make cards or decorate wrapping paper.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at these 10 different creative and clever Christmas Tree Ideas. If you use any of these ideas, we would love to see what you have done. Please post a picture and share it with us. Merry Christmas!