Under the Sea Kid’s Party Ideas


Planning an under the sea party for your little one? Get inspired with our list of decorations and food ideas that will help make your party a hit. Here are some great ideas for an under the sea themed kids birthday party!

1. Party Invitations

under the sea

These gorgeous personalised party invitations are a great way to kick off your little one’s under the sea party. Matching party favour labels and thank you cards will really complete the look!

2. Window Decorations

under the sea

With some blue crepe streamers, you can transform the windows in your room into an underwater dreamworld! Cut out some fish and string together some green paper cones to get the effect of seaweed. 

2. Room Decorations

under the sea

You can get creative with the way you decorate your walls too, twisting green and blue crepe streamers are easy to set up and look fabulous. Pick up some red paper plates and you can create some fun crab themes plates by adding googly eyes, paper claws and legs. 

3. Chocolate Treasure Chests

Under the Sea

Any golden wrapped chocolates or chocolate coins suit perfectly to create these adorable little treasure chests. Top the pirate’s chest off with some plastic jewellery to give this cute display the final touch. 

4. Food Display

under the sea

With a net and some paper and plushie fish toys, your food display can be a lovely feature piece for your party. You can use fish bowls and punch bowls and get creative with your sea-themed party snacks. 

5. Fishing Boat Jelly Cups

under the sea

Jelly cups are always a hit with the kids, add a clever twist with these simple mandarin sailboats! You can create the sail with a toothpick with folded paper. 

6. Fish Pinata

under the sea

Switch out the normal donkey pinata for a big bright colourful fish! You can paper mache around a balloon for the body, then add the cardboard fins and tail and paper mache them to the body. Once you’re happy with the shape, break out the glue and start decorating with crepe paper! You can use smaller circles of crepe paper or paper to create the effect of the scales.

7. Oyster Cookies 

under the sea

Cookie Oysters are simple to create and look wonderful! All you need is cookies, frosting and candy pearls to create the right effect. To finish it off, you can place finished cookies on a tray of brown sugar to mimic sand!

8. Octopus Cupcakes

under the sea

These adorable octopus cupcakes are easy to make and super cute! Use sour gummy worms for the legs and edible chocolates for they eyes, you can pick whichever colours you think will suit your party! 

9. Coral Reef Cake

under the sea

Have a go at creating a coral reef cake, or ask a friend who loves to bake whether they are able to help you make this bright and colourful cake. 

10. Party Favour Bags

under the sea

Break out the craft supplies and have a go at making these adorable ocean party favour bags! Fill up the bag with all sorts of goodies and send your guests off with a smile. 

We hope you got some inspiration from this list! We love receiving pictures so please feel free to send them if you try any of these out!

under the sea