Easter Eggs: 10 DIY Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

10 DIY Easter Eggs to Make With Your Kids

Are you ready to have an egg-straordinary Easter this year? If you are looking for some Easter eggs inspirations, we’ve got a list of Easter Egg designs that are so easy and super affordable to make. Make your kids eggs-cited for their Easter egg hunt with these super cute DIY Easter eggs.

1. Paper Flower Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Planning to make some Easter crafts for kids with your little ones?  Use plastic Easter eggs and just glue some paper flower cutouts. Voila! You got yourself ready for some eggs-citing Easter egg hunt that they will sure love.

2.  Neon Dots Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

This is one of those easy DIY Easter crafts that makes mommies happy! Not only are they super easy but there is no mess involved too! Just stick on those neon dot stickers to create fun patterns and your eggs are Easter ready!

3. Color Blocked Dip Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Aren’t these to dye for? Get playful with your Easter colors  by doing this DIY color blocking egg designs are a must-try. They surely look good whether you are dyeing white or brown eggs. 

4.  DIY Gradient Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Make your kids’ Easter fun and eggs-iting! Do some Easter egg coloring together. All you need is some paint and sponges to create this super easy Easter egg design. 

5. Baby Chick Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

Have your kids use their favourite markers to create Easter drawings with baby chick designs on the eggs. They will surely enjoy this Easter craft activity with you.

6. Gold Leaf Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

Hit 2 birds with an egg! This is a golden idea for an Easter Egg craft that can both be used for Easter egg hunt and perfect for your Easter Decorations too!

7. Colorful Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

How cute are these colorful dyed eggs? These will look so good on your kids’ Easter baskets! Make your kids eager for Easter with this fun Easter activity that you can do with your little ones. 

8. Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

One of the Easter craft ideas you should definitely try is this Easter Egg in ice cream cone design. Your kids will want to have them as toys. This makes for great Easter giveaways too!  

9. Easter Egg Surprise

Easter Eggs

Surprise your kids with yummy treats for their Easter baskets? This is perfect for their Easter egg hunt and even as Easter gifts for kids!

10.  Otomi-Print Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Want some fun and festive look at home for the Easter holidays? Let your kids help you with your Easter decorations by having their Easter bunny drawings in Otomi style prints! 

Looking for more inspiration for Easter eggs crafts?

We hope you liked our list of easy to make Easter eggs. Get inspired with more egg-sellent Easter Crafts here on our blog.

Looking for more ways to decorate your Easter eggs and baskets?

Let us help you with your last minute Easter gifts, we’ve got some Easter Egg Stickers to decorate your Easter Eggs. Want a super easy DIY Easter basket? Stick our Easter Basket Stickers on your kids’ Easter Basket! They’re all made in Australia and shipped super fast. You’re absolutely going to enjoy decorating your eggs and baskets!