10 Baby Announcement Ideas: Father’s Day Surprise


Surprise Your Husband With Cute Baby Announcement Ideas

Thinking of how you can surprise your husband with baby announcement ideas on Father’s Day? Here are some cute baby announcement ideas that soon-to-be Dads would absolutely be in awe with tears of joy. Definitely a Father’s Day to remember.

1. The Proposal

Baby Announcement Ideas

Write him cute baby announcement cards and pop the question while you hand him your pregnancy test. Give him a kiss and say, “Happy Father’s Day! Will you be my Baby Daddy?” 

2. Candid Couple Photo Shoot

 Baby Announcement Ideas

Here’s one of the surprise baby announcement photoshoot ideas that you can do. While doing one of your couple poses, grab your chalkboard frame with your sweet surprise message! The best part? His reaction caught on camera! Priceless!

3. Scratch To Win

Baby Announcement Ideas

baby number 2 announcement through a scratch card is definitely going to surprise him. You’re a winner, Dad! Congratulations! 

4. Onesie & Booties

Baby Announcement Ideas

Arrange a surprise gift box with a cute baby announcement onesie and a pair of baby booties. All clues point to you, Dad! 

5. Bearer of Good News

Baby Announcement Ideas

Let your baby dog reveal your surprise with a baby announcement board. Want to do it a little subtle? Have your fur baby wear a dog bandana with a custom baby announcement message for Dad. Make him walk around the house until Dad notices it. 

6. Wine and Dine

Baby Announcement Ideas

While having a casual dinner at home, hand him a customised wine bottle with baby announcement wording to clue him into your surprise. 

7. Tiny Foodie

Baby Announcement Ideas

Cook up a feast for a dinner date at home. Incorporate the “baby theme” using baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby corn in your menu. You can play a guessing game over dinner or you can simply give him a baby announcement calendar if still hasn’t got a clue. 

8. Drinking Buddies

Baby Announcement Ideas

Organise a game night with his friends and give out these custom labelled beers as your way of celebrating with your baby arrival announcement. Cheers Dad! 

9. News Wall

Baby Announcement Ideas

Get him excited with awesome news about your baby boy announcement, or baby girl by creating a news wall. If you don’t like paint, a wall sticker or panel chalkboard sticker on your wall is a great and practical idea to break the news!

10. Spill The Beans

Baby Announcement Ideas

Make his favourite breakfast and serve him a cup of coffee in this customised mug upon waking up in the morning. It’s one of those heart-warming baby announcement gifts you can give to make him Dad official. 

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