Seven Back to School Hacks for Busy Parents


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We compiled seven back to school hacks to help your family transition back to the school groove. No need to feel stressed and overwhelmed, busy mama! We have got you covered. 

1. Freeze sandwiches in advance.

Freezing sandwiches is an absolute life-saver when you’re a busy parent. There’s nothing worse than racing around in the morning trying to get everyone ready & you’ve still got to pack lunches. 
By prepping sandwiches in advance, you can save money & avoid sending the kids to school with a lunch-order. But how do you make a freezable sandwich? It sounds really straight forward, but there are some hints & tips that will help you avoid soggy or stale sandwiches. 

Busy Parent Hack: Buy your bread on the same day you plan to freeze it, this will ensure your sandwich has the best chance of thawing to perfection. It is also important to note that brown bread & wholegrain breads freeze best. Wraps are not a great option for freezing, so save those for the days you’re planning on making lunches the night before.

Avoid fillings that are heavily water-based. Things like cucumber, lettuce & tomato don’t thaw very well & will likely make your sandwiches a bit soggy. You need to wrap them tight. Cling wrap is definitely the best option as you should avoid any possibility that air can get into your sandwich & make it dry & stale.

When you remove your sandwich from the freezer, remove your plastic wrap & place the sandwich in your kid’s lunch box as pictured below. For those who want to help the environment, you can save your plastic wrap & use it for your next lot of sandwich prep. When you pop your sandwiches in the freezer, be sure to put them in a place where they can sit flat to maintain their shape.

Finally… Removing the sandwiches from the freezer the night before guarantees the sandwiches will be thawed in time for them to be eaten at school or work. For more information about freezing sandwiches, click here for a guide on what works & what to avoid. Click on the image below to see these incredible wrap-free lunch boxes & bags for school & daycare.

how to freeze sandwiches

2. Prep dinners ahead of time.

We don’t know about you, but frantically deciding what your kids’ dinner will be every single night is not our idea of a good time. Since you’re going to be deciding what to make for lunch every single day, why not plan ahead by doing some meal prep?

Busy Parent Hack: Take this tip one step further by using a meal planner. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also save money too by making sure none of the food that you’re buying goes to waste because you have planned for your meals ahead of time. back to school hacks

3. Order online.

If you are particularly pressed for time and you still need to get some back to school shopping done asap, then you should make online shopping your new best friend.

Online shopping has been such a revelation to Susan of Working Moms Against Guilt. With just a few clicks, she is able to purchase all her back to school essentials and have them delivered right to her door. No more traffic and long lines! Most of the items are cheaper compared to the store, too! Talk about a win-win situation for everybody.

Busy Parent Hack: Buy all your personalised school supplies online at Bright Star Kids. The kids will have fun choosing their own designs!

back to school hacks

4. Label your kid’s belongings.

Don’t you hate it when your kid loses their stuff at school? Not only is it such a waste of money, but it also disrupts their learning schedule especially if they lose something vital for homework or a project.

But this can be easily avoided! A lot of kids mistakenly grab their classmates things since they sometimes have the same things. You can help prevent this confusion by labelling everything your kids own.

Busy Parent Hack: Did you know that you can label your child’s clothing as well? These iron on clothing labels are the best. They are so easy to use, waterproof, washer and dryer safe! You can even match your kids’ personality with different cute designs and colours.

back to school hacks

Labels for Kids

5. Create a fun homework station.

We like to keep our workstations fun and organised because it motivates us to do awesome work. Same goes for the kiddies! Nothing helps to get that homework done like a quiet, clutter-free area that is all their own.

And no, you don’t need to remodel an entire room to get this done. It can be as simple as putting a desk filled with all the school supplies he needs in the corner of his room. Do this, and watch him ace those assignments and tests!

Busy Parent Hack: Essential oils can help them focus on their schoolwork. In a 10 ml roller bottle, mix 2 teaspoons of fractionated coconut oil with 1 drop each of lemon and rosemary essential oil. Insert the roller cap and lid. Shake well to use.

back to school hacks

6. Establish open communication with your kids’ teachers.

We know that things can get really hectic once school starts, but it is always good practice to get to know your child’s teachers. Starting the year with open communication will give you the ability to get their perspective on your kids’ progress.

According to Jerusha Conner, assistant professors of education and counselling at Villanova University, “Frequent communication helps teachers gain insight into students’ interests and strengths. It also can help ensure that students receive consistent messages and seamless support from classroom to home.”

Busy Parent Hack: Show the teachers how much you and your child appreciate what they do by giving them personalised teacher gifts. That will make their day!

back to school hacks

7. Show your kids love and support.

This is the most important tip that we can give you. Going back to school can be stressful for kids, so make sure that you remind them that everything will be okay and that they can count on you being there for them no matter what. Knowing that they are loved and supported will keep all the back to school jitters away. Best of luck in the coming school year!

back to school hacks

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