10 Fun Ikea Bunk Bed Hacks and Easy Room Makeover Tips

10 Awesome Ikea Bunk Bed Hacks 

You’ll love these clever and fun, space-saving Ikea Bunk Bed hacks that will rock your kids’ world! Whether you’re doing an upgrade for your little one or making space for another sibling to share a room, these Ikea Kura and Mydal bunk bed hacks are so much fun to build. Your kids will absolutely go crazy over their own space!

1. Tickled in Pink

Here’s a cute and clever Ikea bunk bed hack that utilises the lower bunk as a stylish play area. Install bunk bed curtains below for a little privacy. 

2. Paint It Blue

One of the simplest bunk bed designs you can make is painting it with a nice pop of colour. This Ikea Mydal bunk bed got a fresh duck egg blue colour to coordinate with the rest of the bedroom furniture, and linens too!

3. Toddler Bunk

Toddler proof your little one’s bunk bed with this little DIY Ikea Hack. All you need is a sheet of plywood to cut and attach to the sides of the Ikea Kura bunk bed. Keep it neutral or paint it in a bright and fun colour.

4. Sleep, Read, Play, Repeat

The most fun toddler bunk beds are the ones where they can both sleep and play. Adding storage to keep their things organised is definitely a plus! Having all of these features in one space is the absolute dream!

5. Cozy House

Trying to convince your little one to have their own bed or room? Here is another one of those hacks for Ikea bunk beds that’s simple but makes an impact on kids. Tell them they’ll have their own house bunk bed. You can add drapes or hang toys to make it more fun and inviting!

6. Family Camp

This is the ultimate bunk bed! A family of 7 sleeps in this amazingly comfy family bed. They’ve combined 2 Ikea Kura bunk beds with a king-size bed to make it into these amazing camping bunk beds at home.

7. Ballin’ Bunk

Image Credits: Rusta Upp

Spice up the Ikea Kura bunk bed and make a ball pit at the bottom bunk. It’s the perfect Ikea kids bunk bed turned into a fun playground!

8. Sleep and Slide

Want to be the coolest mum and dad? Recreate this bunk bed with slide using the Ikea Kura bunk bed and Ikea storage boxes and shelf. Kids wouldn’t mind staying in their room with this super fun bed. It’s genius!

9. Hide Away

Looking for bunk beds with storage? If you have the Ikea Mydal bunk bed, you can make use of the under bed as a storage for their clothes or toys. Easily tuck away everything out of sight in one go!

10. Sweet Dreams

A super simple hack for this Ikea bunk beds, is to turn this Ikea Kura into a bed tent. It’s a fun way to create a nice sleeping space that doubles as a play area.


Here are some easy bunk bed hacks for your kids’ mini room makeover. Little additions such as wall letters and wall signs will make their room look more fun. 

Image Credits: Instagram @natashaschmarr

Wall Letters from Bright Star Kids used for kids mini-workshop stall.

Image Credits: L –  Polka Dot wall decals | R – Teepee Cushion Cover 

You can also decorate their walls with fun wall decals and have personalised cushion covers to brighten up their space! 

Looking For More Organising Hacks?

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Need Personalised Labels To Organise Your Kids Room?

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