10 Fun Spongebob Squarepants Craft Activities


Are your kids obsessed with Spongebob too? Your Bikini Bottom loving little ones will have a ball making these fun Spongebob Squarepants craft activities that we’ve discovered!

1. Pine-Cone Spongebob Home 

Your kids will find it easy to make this cool pine-cone spongebob house. All you need is glue, a pine-cone, coloured markers and coloured paper.

 2. Plankton Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls

Kids will love playing around with using recycled toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners to create these plankton figurines!

3. Cut Out Spongebob Box Craft

Check out this super easy cut-out Spongebob paper craft! To put it together you only needs scissors and glue.

4. Character Colouring in Page

This classic colouring in page has all of the main characters that your kids love from the show!

5. Painted Spongebob Rocks

How adorable are these painted Spongebob rocks?

Pick up some rocks with the kids from the backyard. Once they’re painted and detailed you can also varnish them with clear nail polish.

6. Clay Character Figures 

Sit down with the kids and have a go at making these super cute clay character figurines. This activity seems like it might be a little hard for smaller kids, so you will probably have to help with this one a little!

7. Painted Name Letters

This simple Spongebob painted name letter would also look great on your kid’s bedroom wall and they will be super proud that they helped make it!

8. Kitchen Sponge Spongebob

Get the kids to grab a sponge from the cupboard, add some googly-eyes and also some felt and help make these kitchen sponge Spongebobs

9. Bikini Bottom Lifesaver Door Hanger

Looking for a new bedroom door hanger? Your kids will love this Bikini Bottom lifesaver ring on their door. This activity needs thick red and white card board, a blue marker and most of all your kids to help put it all together! 

10. Felt Finger Puppets

Kids love finger puppets. Let them break out the felt and have a go at making some of these adorable Spongebob and Patrick finger puppets.

We hope that you and your kids have lots of fun having a go at making these fun spongebob squarepants craft activities! In addition, please feel welcomed to share any pictures with us of you trying out any of these out at home.