9 Sets of Printable Lunch Box Notes

Lunch Box Notes To Show Your Little One How Loved They Are

The holidays will be over we know it, and it’s time to start thinking about packing those lunch boxes again. The joy of every parent, I’m sure!

To make packing and receiving lunches a little bit more fun, why not insert a note for them to read? Here are 9 sets of printable lunch box notes that might make your child’s day! 

1. Fruity Fun Notes

Lunch Box Notes

How cute are these printables! Even includes cute faces to stick on your fruit.

2. Sweet Notes

Lunch Box Notes

Encourage your kids to be their best at school with these sweet notes.

3. Fun Jokes

Lunch Box Notes

Make them laugh by inserting some fun jokes to brighten their day.

4. Superhero Notes

Lunch Box Notes

Make your little superhero smile with these cute printable notes.

5. Be… Notes

Lunch Box Notes

These colourful printable wall quotes will look great on your child’s wall or you can reduce them on your home printer and insert them into your child’s lunch bag.

6. Lovely Notes

Lunch Box Notes

These lovely illustrations and notes can make anyone’s day.

7. Random Acts of Kindness Notes

Lunch Box Notes

I love this idea! Teaching your kids to do random acts of kindness from a young age is a great idea!

8. Notes for Everyone!

Lunch Box Notes

Whether you have a little boy, girl, or partner, these are notes you should download and stick onto every lunch you’ll be making!

9. Handwritten Notes

Lunch Box Notes

Not a printable, but by using markers with ink that is edible, you can write love notes on their fruit. You can also draw funny faces on their fruit or write jokes for them!

How awesome is it to have access to these great free printables! Download and print these lunch box notes today and send some extra love in their lunch boxes!

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