10 First Day of School Traditions


It’s that time of year again! Time to start getting ready for the new school year. How do you make going back to school fun? Do you have any first day of school traditions? Here is a list of 10 first day of school traditions for you to enjoy.

1. All About Me

first day of school traditions

Download and print this lovely ‘All About Me‘ memory keeper for your child to fill out on their first day of school. Compile them together for your kids to enjoy looking back at and seeing what they were like and how they have changed (or not!).

2. First Day of School Photos

first day of school

Remember their first day of school with a sign that shows their age/year, and what they would like to be when they grow up. You can also use a chalkboard to write this info or quickly type it up on a computer and print it out.

3. School Ready Books

first day of school

Leading up to the first day of school, especially if your child is going into Kindergarten or Year 1, read some books that might help them get ready for that big day.

4. Friendship Game

first day of school

The Friendship Game is a cute idea to try on shy kids. Use a pill box to fill with some treats and the incentive to get those treats. When they come home, they can tell you what they achieved that day, whether it was smiling at someone or saying hello to someone they didn’t know. They can then choose their reward from the treat box.

5. Secret Banana Message

first day of school

Using a toothpick or something sharp, write a secret message on your child’s banana. By the time they go to eat it, the secret message will appear. Finding a surprise in their lunchbox might make going back to school easier.

6. Mini Schultüte

first day of school

This is a German tradition where kids get a cone filled with treats and back to school items on their first day of school. If your school provides you with a list of items needed for the school year, why not buy what’s needed and present to your child in this fun and festive way!

7. Lunch Box Printable Notes

Lunch box printable notes

Download and print these cute lunch box printable notes to add some fun and extra love into your child’s lunchbox. Those fruit faces are adorable aren’t they?!

8. Set up a Homework Station

back to school homework desk

Spend part of the school holidays planning and setting up an area where your kids can do their homework. Or surprise them by setting a homework station up while they are at school on the first day. Having a nice space might encourage them to want to sit down and do their homework (maybe?!).

9. Make a Fun & Healthy Breakfast

back to school

Get your kids ready for their first day of school with a healthy yet fun breakfast like this Oatmeal Owl.

10. Back to School Celebration Cake

back to school

Surprise your kids when they come back from school with a first day of school party! You can download and print these cute cake toppers to put on top of your cake or cupcakes and celebrate finishing the first day of school.

Do you have a first day of school tradition not listed here? We would love to hear about it – share it in the comments below!