Smores Recipes: Fun Smores Ideas

Gotta Love These Fun Smores Recipes

Set up a Smores Bar Station for your kids’ indoor camping activity or weekend backyard party and have these super yummy and fun Smores recipes! Combine these sweet treats with some camping games and activities for a summer to remember! 

1. Cotton Candy Smores

Smores Recipes

Here’s how to make homemade Smores in the microwave more fun! Make them with cotton candy! It’s a delightful rainbow dessert!

2. Smores Pies

Smores Recipes

Pop your Smores in the oven for this quick 5-minute Smores recipe that you and the kids can make together. Say goodbye to sticky fingers! Just take a spoon to eat your Smores pies! Mmmm!

3. DIY Mini Firepit

Smores Recipes

Want to make camping Smores at home? Create the whole Smores experience with a DIY Firepit. It’s a mini campfire you can make so your kids can still roast their own marshmallows. Now that’s a camping activity that kids will enjoy!

4. Smores Popsicles

Smores Recipes

How about frozen Smores bars in a form of popsicles? It’s a great dessert idea for a summer party that kids will love. Even adults too! 

5. Smores On A Stick

Smores Recipes

This Smores recipe is one of the easiest ways to teach your kids how to make Smores without roasting. Perfect for indoor camping activity that’s fun for your kids. Plus, they’ll enjoy eating them too!

6. Smores Sundae

Smores Recipes

Doing a Smores Bar Station for an indoor party at home? This is the perfect way for guests to enjoy their marshmallow smores. Add the perfect topping of vanilla ice cream to make it a sundae! Yum!

7. Campfire Cone

Smores Recipes

Despite the name, a campfire is only an option to make this Smores in the oven recipe. Just bake or grill your peanut butter lined cone that’s filled with marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies and your favourite Smores fixings. 

8. DIY Smores Bar

Smores Recipes

Make your toasted Smores from this DIY Smores Bar for your next summer family get together. With a simple set up of Smores ingredients laid out or in jars, have all of your guests come and create their own Smores. 

9. Bucket of Smores

Smores Recipes

A fun and easy camping activity for kids is to make their own Smores. Create a Smores kit for each of your kids so they can grab their buckets of Smores and gather in the campfire or your DIY firepit.

10. Smores Basket

Smores Recipes

Camping at home? You can have campfire Smores even without the campfire! It’s just as fun and super yummy as the roasted ones! Much safer too!

11. Outdoor Mini Smores Station

Smores Recipes

Make your own perfect Smores with your DIY Smores bar for your barbeque backyard party. Prepare some fruits, dips, chocolates, biscuits and cookies for your self-serve Smores!

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Want To Make Your Own DIY Smores Bar Station?

You’ll definitely need to be organised so you can have all the party essentials ready for an awesome Smores party! Put up a DIY Smores Menu using chalkboard stickers for your different Smores recipes that guests can try. Wrap some Smores in gift bags or mini boxes for guests to take home. Personalise them with our super cute gift labels. The best part? These are all made for you in Australia and shipped super fast! You’re going to love them!