Upcycling Clothes: 10 DIY Upcycle Clothing Ideas

10 Styles To DIY Kids Clothes: Upcycling Clothes Ideas

Upcycling clothes is an awesome way to refashion your kids’ old clothes into new styles! Kids grow up so fast and before you know it, you’ve got a ton of clothes they’ve outgrown.

Here’s one super simple idea from Susan of BrightStar Kids

“What do you do when your kid grows too tall for their tracksuit pants? Cut them into shorts. No hemming required, super simple for anyone to do.” :raised_hands:

Upcycling Clothes

We’ve got more cute and cool upcycling clothes ideas that will make use of their old clothes and even yours into something they can wear too. Awesome, right? Not only do you get to save up on money, but you’ve also saved up on wardrobe space! 

1. Harem Shake

Upcycling Clothes

Turn a tank top into harem pants is just one of the styles you can make when you upcycle old clothes

2. Tiers Of Joy

Upcycling Clothes

Don’t worry if they’re starting to outgrow the length of their shirts! Here’s one of those ways to upcycle their clothes. You can make use of their old ones or even grab some of your old shirts and turn them into a shirt dress!

3. No Sweat!

Upcycling Clothes

Got an old sweater that some of your older kids may have outgrown? You can make these toddler pants out of them as one of those cute upcycled clothes for the little ones.

4. Flip It

Upcycling Clothes

Does your little one love skirts? Making a reversible skirt is super practical and easy! It’s one of those DIY upcycled clothing ideas that are definitely super handy.

5. Sleeping Beauty

Upcycling Clothes

If you’ve got a lot of extra shirts at home that you no longer wear, turn them into cute nightgowns. A perfect example of how to upcycle clothes that’s super easy to make! 

6. Daddy’s Girl

Upcycling Clothes

Does Daddy have a lot of old office shirts that he no longer needs? Making them into super cute dresses is a great DIY project on how to upcycle old clothes.

7. Two in One

Upcycling Clothes

Got any more extra Dad long sleeve shirts? Your kids can share them if you turn them into 2 separate pants! With this practical tip, it’s always good to upcycle your clothes and make them more useful by creating something new and purposeful. 

8. Wave Got It

Upcycling Clothes

Don’t think that it’s only shirts and pants that you can refashion! Your old swimsuits and swim shorts can be handed down to your little ones too by just doing a bit of sewing. Tada! Isn’t it easy to upcycle your clothes?

9. Quirky Skirt

Upcycling Clothes

Wondering what to do with that extra fabric from all your upcycled childrens clothes? Cut them into strips and make this super cute tutu skirt! 

10. Cutting Edge

Upcycling Clothes

When your kids have gotten taller and their denim pants just got shorter, this is a cute and clever way to Upcycle Kids Clothes. Cut them into shorts and sew on cute printed fabric on the hem to make them super stylish!

Want More DIY Upcycling Clothes Projects?

If you and your kids love dressing up and making DIY Kids clothes, we’ve got some Cute And Easy Halloween Costumes you can make. Have them wear the stylish clothes you made for Amazing Kids Photobooth Ideas too!

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