Bright Star Kids: What To Pack In Your Kids’ Backpack

Things You Can Fit Inside A Bright Star Kids Backpack 

Excited to pack your kids’ backpack with brandnew school supplies? Us, too! But before you can get to it, it all starts with the right choice of backpack. So if you’re looking for the cutest and the toughest, get your kids a Bright Star Kids backpack! 

Here’s why it’s awesome:

Personalised Kids Backpack
  • Machine-washable
  • Designed to last all year
  • Comfy to wear and the straps adjust to suit little kids and adults
  • The durable crocodile zips make it easy for kids to open and close
  • With 3 compartments, it’s easy to keep lunches, books, and small items separate
  • The handy mesh-side pocket makes it easy to access their Personalised Drink Bottle
  • It has a super sturdy carry handle on top which makes it easy to grab their backpack in a hurry
  • There’s a section in the rear compartment to store a device or folder
  • Kids love it because they can personalise it with their name and a fun design

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And if you’re wondering what you can actually fit into a Bright Star Kids Backpack, here are heaps:

Kids obviously love their Personalised Kids Backpacks! 

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Because you can personalise them and coordinate all their school supplies in a super cute and fun design they’ll absolutely love!

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Choose from a fun range of designs for girls and boys!

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With cute personalised kids backpacks and other school essentials, your kids will definitely be excited to pack for school this season! 

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Want To Coordinate and Personalise Your Kids’ School Supplies?

Go all out! Personalise and coordinate all of their school stuff with our super cute School Name Labels. No matter how big or small, we’ve got every kind of label you’ll ever need. You can even match their name labels with their backpack, lunch bag, and drink bottle! The best part? These are all made in Australia and shipped super fast! Mums and kids love them!