20 DIY Toilet Roll Crafts


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One thing there is plenty of in our house is empty rolls, whether it’s from paper hand towels, empty glad wrap rolls or toilet paper rolls. Instead of throwing them into the recycling bin, why not have some fun with your little one and make some of these DIY toilet roll crafts. 

1. Cats

Toilet Roll Crafts

How cute is this pair of cats – I love how glasses and clothes give them so much character!

2. Fox & Badger

Toilet Roll Crafts

It’s amazing what other animals you can make out of paper rolls like this badger and fox.

3. Dinosaur

Toilet Roll Crafts

Take your little boy on a prehistoric journey by creating a dinosaur playscape and include these fun dinosaurs

4. Owl

Toilet Roll Crafts

This family of owls was drawn with a sharpie. I love the different expressions on them – do you have a favourite one?

5. Jungle Animals

Toilet Roll Crafts

One of the first things you might teach your toddler is animal noises. Make a game out of making animal noise and getting them to match it with the right jungle animal.

6. Rabbit

Toilet Roll Crafts

This rabbit is a great example to show that you don’t need to paint all of the toilet paper roll. By painting the face on the front of the roll you can make lots of different types of animals.

7. Dogs

Toilet Roll Crafts

These dogs are made by adding legs and a head to the paper roll. Are there other animals you can think of that you can make by adding legs and a head or a tail too?

8. Octopus

Toilet Roll Crafts

Go on an under water adventure and make some octopuses and other various sea creatures. 

9. Easter Egg Basket

Toilet Roll Crafts

Here are 3 great ideas for making a mini easter egg basket. Even better if it comes filled with a chocolate egg!

10. Bats

Toilet Roll Crafts

Bats are not usually adorable but these bats are the exception! Would be a great decorative piece to make for Halloween.

11. Japanese Fish

Toilet Roll Crafts

Kids will have fun making this traditional Japanese fish wind sock using different coloured tissue paper. I’m sure your child will have fun testing it out.

12. Pirate & Parrot

Toilet Roll Crafts

This pirate and parrot set is perfect for a pirate-loving child. Have some great adventures with them and make a ship out of an old shoe box or cardboard box.

13. Ballerina

Toilet Roll Crafts

If your little girl loves ballet or dressing up as a ballerina, make this ballerina together so she can have a dancing partner.

14. Hula Girl & Mermaid

Toilet Roll Crafts

Go on an island getaway with this hula girl and mermaid. I wonder what adventures they will get up to in your child’s imagination.

15. Star Wars

Toilet Roll Crafts

Does your kid loves Star Wars? Make some Star Wars figures they can play and re-enact scenes with. You can also make a light saber with a longer paper roll.

16. Superman

Toilet Roll Crafts

Do you have a favourite superhero? Superman was definitely one of mine – he has super strength, the ability to fly and also x-ray vision. I wonder what other superheros you can make out of the humble toilet roll?

17. Sesame Street

Toilet Roll Crafts

All my children have loved watching Sesame Street. Why not invite Cookie Monster and Elmo to come and live in your home!

18. Monsters

Toilet Roll Crafts

These monsters have so much character in their faces and features! They look too lovable to be scary.

19. Plants

Toilet Roll Crafts

These assorted flowers and cacti are so fun and colourful! Does it make you want to make a mini indoor garden today?

20. Racing Cars

Toilet Roll Crafts

Ready, get set & go! Let your little child drive their first racing car around your home safely. You can even put a toy character in the drivers seat and personalise the car however you would like it. Make several and race them around to see which one is faster.

Looking for some other fun craft activities  to do with your little ones using recyclables? We’ve compiled a list of shoe box craft ideas to help you out!

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