22 Egg-cellent Egg Carton Crafts


It’s amazing what you can create out of the humble egg carton. Here is a list of 22 egg-cellent egg carton craft ideas to try with your children.

1. Whale

egg carton craft

How cute is this whale!

2. Train

egg carton craft

Combine with the humble toilet roll, and you can recreate this lovely train. Your child will love to put their toys in the train seats.

3. Cute Animals

egg carton craft

How clever are these cute animals. What other animals can you create?

4. Jelly Fish

egg carton craft

Kids will love hanging and playing with these jelly fishes.

5. Frog

egg carton craft

With a few added items around the house like pipe cleaners, buttons, googly eyes & a styrofoam cup, you too can make this frog.

6. Flower Hair Bands

egg carton craft

Little girls might love to have one of these flower hair bands in their dress up box.

7. Lady Bug

egg carton craft

Does your little one love ladybugs? This one is adorable.

8. Bumble Bee

egg carton craft

Keep your kids busy making this bumble bee.

9. Penguin

egg carton craft

Great for a rainy day activity, make a group of penguins.

10. Butterfly Garland

egg carton craft

This sweet butterfly garland could be hanging in your home!

11. Flower Wreath

egg carton craft

Follow this easy tutorial to make your own flower wreath.

12. Reindeer

egg carton craft

This reindeer would make a great craft to do at Christmas time.

13. Snake

egg carton craft

This snake is so clever and interactive. Hours of fun!

14. Dragonfly

egg carton craft

What a lovely craft activity this dragonfly would make.

15. Turtle

egg carton craft

Is your child crazy for turtles? This one is so sweet!

16. Crocodile

egg carton craft

Make your own chomping crocodile out of toilet rolls, boxes and egg cartons.

17. Tulips

egg carton crafts

This bunch of tulips are so colourful & bright & will cheer up any room!

18. Cherry Blossoms

egg carton craft

These amazing cherry blossoms look like the real thing!

19. Space Ship

egg carton craft

Little ones will love taking their spaceship on intergalactic adventures.

20. Animal Noses

egg carton craft

Great for dress ups and learning about animals, make a variety of animal noses for your child to have fun with.

21. Funny Faces

egg carton craft

Using various parts of the egg carton & cutting them up, see what funny faces your kids can come up with.

22. Tea Cup Card

egg carton craft

How clever are these tea cup cards made from egg cartons!

We hope you enjoyed these 22 egg carton craft ideas. Don’t forget to share yours with us!

Egg Carton Craft