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About Iron On Clothing Labels

You can get our Iron On Clothing Labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. These labels don't feel sticky when they're peeled off of the clear backing sheet and will need heat to activate the adhesion. Once applied correctly they'll be permanently stuck to the fabric and won't come off in the washer or dryer.

How do I apply Iron On Clothing Labels?
Please see the instruction video in our Iron On product gallery pages or follow the instructions that come with each Iron On labels kit.
The text is looking smudged or faded.
This may be due to the iron being too hot and melting the label OR because the iron moving during application. Make sure to hold your iron 100% still, especially when you first put the iron over the label. If this doesn’t work, try turning the heat of the iron down and/or hold the iron over the label for a shorter time giving only short bursts of heat.
Labels have come off in the wash.
This may be due to the iron’s heat not penetrating through to activate the adhesion of the label. Make sure the iron is hot enough, that the piece of fabric isn’t too thick and that you’ve held the iron on for long enough. You can go over the same label numerous times as long as you use the transfer paper. But be careful as overheating the label may cause it to melt. Another suggestion is to apply the labels on a wooden chopping board, as it offers a solid surface to allow you to press more firmly on the iron. You will need to apply the heat for less time if you are using this method. Using the part of the iron that doesn't have any steam holes will allow more heat to be applied.
What are the sheets of paper I got with my order used for?
This is transfer (or baking) paper and it is to use when you iron the labels on to your clothing. If you run out or lose the treated paper, simply use good quality baking paper instead. As long as it’s got a good silky feel, this paper should work perfectly. We recommend using a good quality brand such as Glad or Multix.
How will I know if my iron is at the correct temperature?
The temperature and timing may differ depending on the type of fabric and make of iron, e.g. cottons will need a higher temperature with longer pressure and nylons will need a lower temperature with less pressure. We highly recommend that you test your clothing labels in an inconspicuous area before using all of your clothing labels.
Can Clothing Labels be used in my washing machine and clothes dryer?
Yes, as long as you've applied them correctly, they're so durable that they'll probably outlast the clothing itself. We recommend that you wait for at least 24 hours before putting the item into the washing machine or clothes dryer to allow the fabric to completely adhere to the clothing labels. They can be put through washing machines and tumble dryers without peeling off, even industrial style machines that are used in boarding schools and nursing homes.
What fabrics can Clothing Labels be used on?
These clothing labels work best on fabrics that allow for irons, such as 100% cotton. We love to use them on school uniforms, hats, socks, underwear, towels and even some swimwear (although this last one can be a little tricky to get right).


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